The brickhouse Award

The Brick House Award

The brickhouse Award

Are you worthy of this prestigious award?

I like to present the award to other brickasses out there who keep on fighting

no matter what comes their way.  

Never Give Up!

5 thoughts on “The brickhouse Award

  1. I first saw you and fell in love with your blog when it was posted on Susie Landau’s page and while dancing to Brick House! You are really an inspiration. And your humor is icing on the cake.
    I have a daughter, Kellie Acosta, who graduated Georgia State while fighting breast cancer …and she graduated Suma Cum Laude. She wrote a book “text you” while riding the train from her radiation treatments to school every morning. Oh, and she was 48 at the time. Then in her birthday week of her 50th birthday she got the news that she was stage 4 rectal cancer. It’s been a rough 2 years, being radiated to the point where, as a mother, it was intolerable! But she has been pronounced cancer free and her port was removed just last week. Her son Marcus and a friend started a charity called Wander to Nourish Atlanta and all through her treatments, in the last year she has taken her grandson, Camlo, to march to feed the hungry and learn ever so many life lessons. I would like to nominate her to you for a Brickhouse Birthday Award. Her 53rd birthday will be July 10th.

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