My 2015 Brick-olutions!

1.  Get over the fact that I hate odd numbers (2015 = UGH!)

2.  FAKE IT with Mr. Brickhouse and continue to pretend that I am asleep when he comes to bed…so I don’t have to give him a back rub (really) every single night (for the love of God.)

3.  Stop watching CNN…or any other ’round the clock sensational verbal diarrhea, disguised as a news station.

4.  Hope that this is the year that the hair on my mustache will stop growing.

5.  Prepare this killer body of mine for bikini season. (Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha)

6.  Be more present and mindful with my misery  actions by listening to my bitching  breathing intently, while taking in the chaos  beauty around me and spreading loath love to the people I care about, as well as the ones that annoy the hell out of me  have yet to love themselves. Only I Matter Namaste.

7.  Decide which of the books I want to write will alienate my family the least, reveal only some of the dysfunctional and dark skeletons and ensure that I still receive my inheritance. 

8.  Continue to kick RA’s big ass and pulverize it once and of all.

9.  Master the art of kegel-ing so that I can control my bladder and avoid urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor problems…like ruining my wood floors.  Oh, and possibly improving my sexual performance while I’m at it.

10.  Plan my new year’s eve activities better so that I am not stuck at home (like tonight) watching Ryan Seacrest NOT coming out of the closet.

Love you all!