Dear Children, I Apologize For The Behavior Of My Fellow Adults


Dear Children,

I am so very sorry that many of us have let you down.  I am sorry that we disappoint you on a daily basis by engaging in the very behavior we urge you not to engage in.

From a very early age, we adults encourage you to share your toys, say please and thank you, mind your manners, be kind and respectful to others and to never to be a bully. We take you to church, socialize you and expose you to people who are different.  We teach you tolerance and acceptance and hope that you will grow up to be a kind and happy adult.

But in reality, we fail.  We ourselves don’t share.  We are demanding of others, we do not take accountability for our actions, we blame others, we are not kind or respectful to others and we do the bullying.  We model the exact opposite of what we want you to become, and for that, I truly apologize.

I apologize for the times we yell at your coach during your sporting event.  I apologize for giving the finger to a driver that forgot to turn on his signal.  I apologize for saying bad things about your friend Tommy’s mother.  I apologize for calling your teacher stupid.  I apologize for judging our foreign neighbors and the gay waiter at the cafe.  I apologize for encouraging you to always fight to get your way and to question all authority.  I apologize for making you think that you are entitled and owed the things you want.

I am sorry that you saw the mean things we wrote on another person’s Facebook page and for the heartless tweet we retweeted.  I am sorry you witnessed us threaten to sue someone because we didn’t get our way.  I am sorry that we are not the adults we are supposed to be.

I am forever embarrassed and appalled that you have to witness adults engage in insulting rhetoric toward one another.  Everywhere you turn, there is an adult not behaving like an adult should.  An adult with no respect for others and absolutely no civility.

I apologize with all my heart that you have to hear our elected officials, the very people who are supposed to serve us, engage in preposterous rhetoric and behavior.  I am sorry that they have made a mockery of a diplomatic and respectful process our founding fathers worked hard to develop.   I am sorry that even at the highest level, there is bullying.  I am sorry that you are being held to the highest standards at school and punished if you bully someone, yet the adults around you get away with it day after day.

I am truly sorry.

I can only hope that you see how the behavior we are engaging in, does not work.  That the wisdom beyond your years helps you recognize how flawed we are and that in spite of it,  you choose to follow your little kind and growing heart to be the person you are meant to be.  That you let your pudgy little hand reach up to the sky and grab the opportunities that await you.  That your developing eyes see no colors, no borders and no walls.  That your innocent and caring soul knows without a doubt that spreading love and kindness is the ticket to a happy and fulfilling life.

I apologize on behalf of all adults.

A Healing Post

You are a shell of existence. You live in your own web of lies.  You are so trapped in the chaos, of your very own ill mind.

Not a curse you desired, but one that is here to stay. One that is kicking your ass but one only you can make go away.

You let everybody in but you let no one in.  Life to you has no maybes, it is either black or white.  One day feeling horrid the other, wanting to fly.

Gratification is all you desire, no matter what the price.   You want it, you simply do it,  you steal it – that is your vice.

Nobody understands you – you understand no one at all.  You want to be someone today, yet yesterday you thought you were gay.  Who will you be tomorrow?  No one can really say.

Loneliness consumes you, that beast is imbedded for good.  He will never leave you, loyal forever he’ll be.

You need the TODAY and the NOW.  Tomorrow just does not exist.

Lessons are never learned, no life skills to retrieve. Today is all you are after, only the here an now.  Mistakes continue to haunt you, repeated time after time.

Faulty connection to others, missing the one piece that counts.  Feeling betrayed and judged yet hurting those in your way.  A prisoner to your desires, unaware of the pain it will cause.

You know the key to thriving, but you choose to throw it away.  You know where the light comes from but continue to miss the switch.  You turn down the life boats that pass you and continue to swim at your own risk.

Nobody is able to reach you, you are hiding behind the wrong door.  Nobody is able to help you, no matter how hard they pry.   Nobody is able to save you, yet they continue to try.

Sadness engulfs your loved ones, despair and anguish mixed in.  You are loved by so many, yet love proves to not be enough.

I will not judge you any further, for who am I to say. You don’t have malice within you, only the works of the beast.

Sweetness and love hide inside you, wishing they could come right out.  Locked up deep down in your soul, they can’t find their desperate way out.  I remember that child inside you, that smile that brightened the room.

I can’t wait for that you to come knocking and will hold on to hope for dear life.  God has a way of teaching us, our faith being tested all day.

 I will forever love you, yet I need to care for myself.  I pray one day you awaken and dust off that book on the shelf.