Earth To Trump Followers, Do You Copy?



Houston, we have a Y-UGE problem!

You-hoo,  I am talking to you. Right over here buddy, look at me. No, not over there look at me right here, babe. That’s right, yes. Don’t look away,  just stare right here at my eyes. Easy…that’s right.

Hi there. You are safe now, I got you. I know this is hard and scary but stay with me. Don’t let those big eyes of yours wonder. Come to mama, that’s right. Now, listen veeery carefully. It is going to be okay; you are safe now. I am not letting go of you, ever.

You were temporarily brainwashed by a very sick sick narcissist who has been promising you a rose garden surrounded by a tall wall of hate. I know that sounds crazy to you now but it’s true. He had a grip on you so tight that you became as frightening and delusional as he is. Yes, you. I know the truth hurts but I’ve got to be honest with you.

Look, if it makes you feel better you are not the only victim. There are thousands out there that have been swayed by his charm, his humor and his cojones.   He is a popular TV personality and is the lead in the most real reality show there has ever been. It’s called life; real life and he thinks he’s getting an Oscar.

Except that he’s starring next to real people. People who intuitively know that kindness, tolerance and integrity are what we all strive for but that have been brainwashed during a vulnerable and unstable time into believing that we must fear the different and that hate is the answer.

I don’t know you very well but you can’t possibly want that. We are all guilty of following the crowd at some point in our lives and wanting desperately to belong to a group and feel accepted and understood, even if we know deep down it is not a good group. The mob mentality kicks in and we do it because they are doing it and if they are doing it, it must be okay. It’s a fascinating and often devastating phenomenon that takes a life of its own and is incredibly hard to break.

Are you still with me, friend? I’m not letting go.  I am here with open arms to welcome you back to sanity. I won’t judge you, I promise. I will however, ask for your help in saving others that are still entranced and blindly swimming in a sea of lies and hate. They need us. They need you to help them see the light. To help them dig deep and find the compassion and love that exists in their hearts that they are temporarily blinded to because the are overcome with fear.

I don’t know what the answer is and can’t tell you which candidate is the best presidential candidate but I can tell you with certainty what can’t win. Hatred can’t win. Bigotry can’t win. Dictatorship can’t win. Greed can’t win.

You can’t possibly want that.

Now, open up that kind heart of yours and let it guide you, here on Earth.





31 thoughts on “Earth To Trump Followers, Do You Copy?

  1. Since last June when this all began, I have been wondering what is REALLY going on. Is he hired by the Democrats? (Perhaps I have watched too much Scandal and House of Cards) Can you imagine President Trump pushing Kim Jong-un’s buttons? He’d probably push the nuclear button in response.

    It is all so surreal and disappointing. The republican party is going to implode – not sure how/when religion became such an influence. I am struggling with my political identity – fiscally conservative and socially progressive.

    I don’t know whom to vote for. I am disgusted by the republicans and not a Hillary fan.

    I wish we could do away with the party system, bills that are crammed so full of unrelated issues, electoral college, etc.

    Donald says he has great respect for women, but his ugly behavior says otherwise! Hmmm…wonder what his relationship with his mother was like…


  2. History repeats itself: people were bamboozled by facism in America before; they are being bamboozled again. The man is corporate America personified, but somehow the followers are giving him a “nah, he’s one of us” passes because he’s playing a sweet sweet tune on their fiddle (voicing their right-wing authoritarian frustrations, for one).

    We’re living in Gilded Age 2.0.


  3. Hey there lovely lady, this is beautiful and I only wish it worked on the narcissist inclined! We are watching with disbelief from this side of the globe, at the same time knowing our political climate is pretty crazed itself. We are in the grip of white western male hysteria, globe wide, I fear. But what that fear means is that things ARE changing, and eventually, this will pass. Hang on there, and worst case, escape to Oz…although our refugee record ain’t great, I’ve got room here 😉 xo


    1. Gracias, Señor PapaBear! I just don’t understand. Why don’t his followers see the wrong in this?? I get it that people are frustrated but damn! All is okay here, haven’t been blogging as much because life is getting in the way. Hope you are well! 🙂


    1. It is terrifying, isn’t it? How can they be so blind? Or is there really this much hate in our country? We are all frustrated with the current system but we don’t have to go the other extreme and spread hate and supremacy!

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  4. Duuuuuuuuude I can’t tell you how much I agree with you over here and how much all my friends are in disbelief at what is going on and on the number of people, Latinos even for crying out loud, who actually think he is a good idea. Even his own party! After what he said about McCain, Mexicans, women in general, The Pope, and that chick from Fox TV even his own party is still out there supporting this!? It makes me sick. You’re right I don’t know which candidate people think will make a good President but I sure as hell know it’s not him. #DumpTrump Good post Chica!

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    1. Amiguita! What the heck is wrong with people???? It is terrifying what’s happening, isn’t it? I don’t care if there is a speck of truth among the sea of hatred he spews, you cannot discount his overt racism and narcissist blabber! When his supporters say, “He’s going to find us jobs and he doesn’t accept campaign funds therefore I am going to ignore the other things he says and support him”, it is absolutely insane! Que Dios nos bendiga!!! xoxo

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  5. Here in the UK, the thing we fear most is what will happen not only in America but in the rest of the world if Trump gets elected. Great post Maria, thank you for standing up for the real truth… ❤

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    1. You are so right, Sherri. It’s not just about America, the rest of the world will be affected! What are we all going to do besides wallow in a sea of sorrow??? How about wallowing in a sea of champagne?! That sounds better. 🙂

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  6. It always amazes me when Bible thumpers preach Hell & damnation causing people to fear & pass that judgment onto others. Jesus was all about love and mercy and companied with those that most would make outcasts or judge. Such is the way of politicians. The louder they scream their hatred campaign the more people fear and buy into their warped philosophy. Your post was the perfect example of what life should be about. Loving!! We vote for Brickhouse Chick for President!! Brilliant, beautiful and kind all rolled up into one fantastic Chick!! Great post, sharing it now. 😉 xoxo

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    1. Brickhouse Chick for President, I love it! It has a certain sound to it. 🙂 Although I started the post with humor, I’m not laughing anymore! Especially after today’s development with Chris Christie endorsing him. Sigh. It gets worse by the day. Let’s hope his supporters snap out of it pronto!!! xoxoxo Thanks for sharing, lovely!

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