Cut The Carbs, They Say…

Eat Less, they say

Everything in moderation, they say


blah blah blah

Cut the carbs, they say

Stay active, they say


Watch your portions, they say

Cut all sugar,  they say


yada yada yada

Don’t drink, they say


I hate you, they.

I am trying, damn am I trying.

But, I can’t even…






I need THIS:












It has been over three weeks since I began doing what THEY say.

I lost 5 pounds and gained back 2.

I have eaten some carbs on weekends, then I go cold turkey during the week.

I still look like I am 12 months pregnant

and I am 12 months pregnant-hungry.


Go to hell, THEY!

57 thoughts on “Cut The Carbs, They Say…

  1. I firmly believe in ignoring “They”. What do they know about me? What makes them such experts? PhDs? How about just living? I know it seems so simple to eat right, but it just isn’t. I gained 30 lbs after I first retired nearly 4 years ago. I am only now down nearly to my ideal weight. I ignored “They” and their advice, and just did it my way with smaller portions, and still ate cookies and ice cream. It took 2 years to lose 20 pounds, but I wasn’t hungry or denying myself anything, I was working our (Zumba, Tai Chi). My advice is smaller portions, no seconds, and let yourself have limited snacks, and of course, move more.


  2. Lovely Maria- I do greatly empathize. Really, I do. I tried reducing carbs in the past, and it didn’t stick at first. But you know what cemented it for me?

    A type 2 diabetes diagnosis. I’m dead serious. Fortunately, my dietician explained the counting carbohydrates system in a way I could understand. (She also used the word “diabetic” when my physician said “borderline”.) Roughly speaking, if I have no more carbs than what fits loosely in each palm of my hand for each meal, with 3 meals a day– then I’m good.

    I test my blood sugars twice a day and those numbers will tell me when I’m slipping. I have lost weight– about 1 lb. a week, which is reasonable– and my last A1C was 6.0%. My physician would like to see that within normal levels (~100 mg/dL, “fasting”, or first thing in the morning).

    The last time I lost a bunch of weight, it was pretty unhealthy– I was losing 5 lbs. a week, and I was walking 3 hours most days and lifting weights 1 hour 3 times a week. But all that progress went cold if I’d have something as small as a DQ kiddie cone. Now I understand; my liver couldn’t process the sugar and would turn it to fat! People have said “sorry you were diagnosed diabetic”– but I’m not– I’m relieved.

    Plus I tell my healthcare providers that I’ve already got neuropathy because of my back problems. Following a diabetic eating plan is doubly important. Not meaning to marginalize your experience, but… well, I figured I HAD to be serious this time around.

    I have a collapsing L4/L5 disc and swelling on the fused L5/S1. So, y’know, I still have pain like Satanás me odio para siempre y voy a quemarme in fuego.

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    1. I am so impressed with your ability to really change your eating for the sake of your health! Many can’t do it even when faced with life-threatening conditions! I am finding that carbs cause me GI issues and pain so that is what inspired me to cut them. I have felt a bit better after cutting them but man am I hungry!! I just love food so damn much.
      I am sending you positive (non-burning) thoughts your way! #nomasfuego


  3. Not being able to move has got to be as frustrating as not being able to move weight off, especially since they’re related. Even when I cut carbs, I never really lose much weight unless I move. I’m on pretty much no booze/carbs right now, too. I wish I lived closer so we could hold hands through our mutual misery.

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    1. No booze???? I have cut back on my wine and only have about 2-3 drinks a week mostly gin & tonic or a low carb spiked cranberry seltzer I found. It’s way too hard to go cold turkey on the booze! My stomach is feeling better since I’ve cut carbs particularly bread which may point to a gluten insensitivity. The bottom line is that I’m starving 24/7. I’m extending my hand right now so you can hold it. xo


    1. Just reading the word spaghetti is giving me the shakes! 🙂 🙂 As it turns out, something is going on with my tummy because when I tried having a slice of bread last night, I got major cramps and bloating (Sorry, we don’t know each other and I am telling you way TMI!) oops! In any event, I miss pasta and everything else. We shall see how long this lasts. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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  4. I hear you!! The only way I was able to cut out grains, sugar, dairy, eggs, and most fruits, was because if I ate dairy or eggs I’d get very sick. And as for the others, I did some big time energy healing work to address and heal cravings. Over six months I lost close to 75 lbs, and the year after, I have gained back about 10 (due to insane stress). But I could NEVER have done it without addressing the cravings. That said, as much as I healed, there is still more work in that arena, as I’ve reached a point that I’m stopped in my progress, and still need to lose about 70+ lbs. It all just sucks at times. I hate grocery stores with sugar everywhere I look, the dairy section covering 1/4 of the store, and a big store bakery in my face with fresh baked bread and cakes. What about carrying three times the variety of vegetables?

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    1. Vegetables aren’t subsidized as heavily as grains are, more especially maize, although most people think of sweetcorn in particular as a vegetable.

      Plus… carbs are cheap. If you see my long, rambling comment here… well, I forgot to mention restricting carbs is hard for me, even though I do it to manage type 2 diabetes. Cimmy and I are on disability, and so I’m painfully aware of how much carbs are so cheap.

      Breakfast and lunch is usually protein shakes/meal replacement drinks, and that’s HARD to do cheap, if that.

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    2. Very smart to address the cravings because that really is the source. I just love the taste of food. I think I may have an hyper-sensitive tongue and taste buds that go into overdrive when food enters my mouth. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. LOL. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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      1. No way! Would be just the world’s luck that you would be too moody to be paying attention and accidentally hurt yourself. Then you’d have the gun control people using you for propaganda before the body’s cold. You deserve better. People love you. 🙂

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  5. They be crazy! Ahhhhh you crack me up mujer! They can be a serious pain in they ass and I’m sorry about that. They are everywhere…me? I can’t listen to they I just can’t! We eat pasta like four times a week and I can’t even tell you how much bread and how many tortillas make it to the Guat table:) I’ve just accepted that I’d rather have good food than a six pack….it a two pack 🙂 suerte mujer!

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    1. I’ve gained so much weight these past couple of years and my cholesterol is through the techo, Guat! I just want to see come progress to get me motivated. If I don’t kill someone in the meantime! No carbs= RAGE! 🙂


  6. My husband lost 10 pounds just cutting down on soda. I cut carbs and nothing happens. Well not nothing–I’ve gained 10 pounds this past year and I’ve no idea why. I would need to either starve or constantly exercise to lose a pound at this rate.

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  7. I can so relate to this! I went on a low-carb, high protein diet for a month…longest month of my life. I wasn’t exactly hungry, but very dissatisfied. Worse, I had trouble concentrating, and just didn’t feel like myself at all. I lost minimal weight and had a headache all the time. The heck with it! My doc told me to forget those diets, and just walk a hard 45 minutes 5-6 days a week. I’m much happier doing that!

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    1. Yikes, headaches and lack of concentration are nothing to fool around with. My husband and I did the South Beach several years ago and he lost weight by just looking at the food whereas it took me forever to lose any weight! It did work after a while and I saw some results. I turn into a BEAR and am capable of killing (or at least knocking over an old lady in the streets to get ahead). My mood can be horrendous while carb-less. This time, I’ve only wanted to kill my husband a couple of times. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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  8. This post is just… #ICantEven So effing amazing!! It epitomizes exactly what I’m feeling today. Joe and I have done a couple rounds of 21 Day Fix and he always loses like 10+ pounds, while I’ll drop like 3 and that’s it. So aggravating! And I go back and forth between “F&#k it, I have a muffin top!” and “I have a muffin top…F&#K!”

    Just thank you for explaining in gifs what goes on in my brain. You nailed it.

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    1. Hey there, adorable Jess! I couldn’t express my feelings and angst any better than the GIFs did. I am glad it captures how you are feeling as well – though I am sorry that you are feeling this way. Muffin top? My stomach is bloated from the very end of my breast bone to my lower lady parts. Even when I was pregnant I didn’t look this pregnant. Sigh. 🙂

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  9. They also say “You didn’t gain it overnight, so don’t expect to lose it overnight.” Do “they” think we’re stupid? Of course we know that – but I bet there is some scientific research out there proving that weight comes ON a much more quickly than it goes OFF.

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  10. I wouldn’t give up carbs without a fight . . . to the finish!
    I don’t care what THEY say!!!

    I try to keep “empty calories” to a minimum while filling up on fruits, veggies, grains, and beans.

    And, no, chocolate is NOT “empty calories.
    Neither is pizza. 😛

    Good luck finding the right balance between what you want to see on your plate and what you want to see when you step on the scale!

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    1. I am trying to get some results so it can motivate me to continue to eat healthier. When you get in that zone, it’s great. Getting to that zone is a killer. All I think about 24/7 are Oreos and Cheetos. I didn’t even eat those before my new program! You are so right, CHOCOLATE is MEDICINE and essential in our well being. Pizza is gold. Thanks for the good wishes, we shall see how long I last before binging on a room overflowing with bagels (the plain ones – emptiest of calories).

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    1. Yea, THEY are losers – and not the good losers as in pounds. I know I can’t sustain an unrealistic diet because that is just setting me up for failure but I just want to see some progress and then I will re-introduce the healthy carbs. Also, there is no question that physically, I have felt better w/o the carbs. My stomach (though still pregnant is not as bloated as before). My body won’t let me do more of the energy out stuff but I walk when I can. Gracias for the love, Honeybee. Mmmmm, honey.

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    1. Nancy, what I would do right now for a cheesy grilled cheese and avocado on french bread with a heaping side of curly fries overflowing from the plate washed down with a HUGE fruity sangria and topped with a double chocolate brownie sundae with mounds of hot fudge, whipped cream and reese’s pieces. Sigh.

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        1. I remember that awesome blog with the bagel!! Yup, that’s me. My husband is ready to suffocate me with dough just to shut me up. I am doing this just for a little bit until I see some results,, then I’ll hopefully keep with the healthy carbs. Because I can’t move my body the way I would like to, I need to take drastic measures to lose even 1 lb. 🙂

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