Where Is The Brick House?

“Where is the brick house?” asked fellow blogger,  Mark Bialczak, as he approached my home yesterday afternoon.  How can brickhousechick not live in a brick house, right?  I guess my symbolic brick exterior (which protects me from harm most of the time), will have to do.

Mark, who many of you know (and if not, get over to his blog now), his DWK (dear wife Karen) and their beloved dog, Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle stopped by for a visit on their way home from their lovely vacation at the Happy Cottage in Cape Cod.  We had originally hoped to meet at the Cape but our vacation schedules did not coincide.

Mr. B meets Mr. B –

As my readers know, I refer to my husband as Mr. B (brickhouse) when I divulge his dark secrets talk about him but I also refer to Mark as Mr. B.  The other Mr. B.  So it was fun to introduce the B’s to each other for the first time.

After letting Ellie B explore our yard a bit, we headed inside to our back porch to enjoy some snacks and beverages.  I made sure to get the other Mr. B shrimp with a lot of cocktail sauce since he was short-changed on the good stuff earlier in the week.  You can read about his disappointing cocktail sauce story, here.

We sat on our porch chatting away and watching Ellie B explore the interior of our home and then settle into a rather… comfortable pose.


Please do not disturb…

Mark’s lovely wife, Karen was exactly that. Lovely!  She kept Ellie B (and Mark) in check and enjoyed a glass of wine, knowing her husband would be driving the 3 hours home.   That she was a good sport in agreeing to meet not one but two bloggers during her much anticipated vacation, tells you what kind of person she is.  (Great meeting you, Karen!)


Mmm…dogs love shrimp too

As for Mark aka the the other Mr. B, I can tell you with all certainty that he is just as sweet, caring and charming in person as he is on his blog.  You can see by the sparkle in his eyes how much he appreciates and enjoys all aspects of his life and how much he looks forward to new adventures. He referred to many of the details I have written about on my blog and could make the connection to my stories after meeting Mr. B and I.  I love that he remembered the time Mr. B had a delivery of manure compost delivered to our driveway the day before guests arrived for my daughter’s graduation party.  Something I have not let my Mr. B ever forget!


No need to show the other half of this picture…:)


A little blurry, but worth posting

Thank you, the other Mr. B, for taking a bit of a detour from your trip back to the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, to come meet Mr. B and I.  It was our pleasure to welcome you into our humble brick-less house.

Have you met a fellow blogger lately?

Pain, Flowers & Adult Children Back Home

healthylifestyle website

healthylifestyle website

Las month was a busy one.  It has been 20 days since my last post when I told you all about my dilemma with medicinal marijuana.  I have since been approved as a patient and will be receiving my official medical id in the mail soon.  Then, it is a matter of waiting for dispensaries to open up in the area.  Sigh.

I have not felt this bad in years.  Because one of the medications I have taken for the past couple of years comes with too many risks, I had to stop taking it.  I did not realize how much it was helping me until I had to stop.  Sigh again.

Walking in excruciating pain has become the norm, never mind trying to exercise.  My joints are fiery red and angry and are behaving like total @@@holes (sighs again and swears a lot in Spanish).

All I can do in the meantime is thank the heavens above for wine.

One thing that has brought joy to my life has been the flowers in our gardens. My son has always told my husband and I that the day he sees us sitting inside looking out the window watching the birds and flowers, is the day we have officially become old.  I am afraid that day has come.  I just love it when the flowers are in full bloom and hey, look at that birdie outside...  Yea.  Who knew peonies could be so…orgasmic.

IMG_3940 IMG_3941

The other pastime I enjoyed this past month was spending time with my babies (ages 21 & 19) while they were home from college.  They have since left the nest once again for their summer jobs away.  My son is enjoying being a Community Service Officer on an island near the coast.  He is living in an old coast guard barracks with the other CSOs with no TV and no WiFi.  I think I would die.  He has to shine his shoes, press his uniform and shave every morning before reporting to duty – bike duty.  He is looking forward to this new experience which should help him decide if a career in law enforcement is for him.


Brickhouse-daughter is at a location which, as I write this, is under a tornado watch.  Like her brother, she does not have WiFi so I am not able to check in on her to make sure she is still alive.  She is up in the mountains training to be a swim instructor and camp counselor at a very nice 6-week sleep-away camp.  She gets to share a cabin with fifteen 11 year-olds.  Bless their souls.  She is excited about this experience which will help her decide if a career with children is for her.



I have to say that while they were home, I learned a few new things about the life of empty nesters and got a glance at what a relationship with adult children can look like.

I learned that:

  •   It is now somewhat safe to fess-up to my adult children about all the wild and crazy things I did in my youth, without fearing that they will do what I did.  I do not know what inspired me to do so but they found some of my tales amusing and may have even thought of their mom as “cool” (I’m projecting here).
  •   They are now capable of offering real actual sound advice!  For real.  It is thrilling to see this kind of role-reversal where they respectfully (yes, I said respectfully) offer their views and wisdom to situations Mr. B and I may be facing.  It is almost freaky, I have to admit.

  •   As mature as they now are, listening to me hum show tunes all day long, still annoys the hell out of them.

More importantly, I learned that:

  •    Intimacy and love-making are non existent, when the kids are home from college (it is way easier when they are little and have no idea what is going on.)  I did not realize how quickly a woman’s brain can switch from thinking she is a wild, uninhibited sexy (gotta have it) goddess, to being a prudish, asexual (stay away from me) Mother Superior of a convent, Mama.

Who knew?