I Was Awakened/ Order of Seven Blog Tour

I like hearts

When Beth Telihos book, Order of Seven came out, I was so excited for her that on my Facebook page, I made it Beth Teliho Day and took the liberty of changing her cover into a heart-shape.  Because love.

When Starr Bryson from Starry Knight Word Slayers ,posted a sign-up sheet to host Beth on her blog tour, apparently I must have been drinking dozing because I missed it.  After sobering up panicking and begging,  I was able to sign up to do a review of Order of Seven or as the cool people refer to it, 0o7.

So I begin my review with part of a quote from the book;

“…those of us who weren’t aware, had to be awakened…”

This quote is in reference to a critical point in the story where the main character, Devi, finally realizes what her mission is and can make sense of the twists and turns her life has taken and why she is the way she is.  It is at that moment when she understands her true purpose.

That is precisely what this captivating book does.  It takes you on a transcendental journey along with the well-formed and intriguing characters, as they search for the meaning of their existence and the answers to their many questions.  Throughout this pilgrimage, they learn of their individual superpowers and how those powers interact with the powers of others as well as how they relate to the earth’s energy.

OrderofSeven_FC_BNG (1)

As the reader, you are awakened along with the characters, in that you appreciate the importance of being balanced with your surroundings and better understand how your actions and thoughts can affect others.  In this age where life quickly passes by via a text or tweet, you are reminded to take pause and be mindful of your own energy against the beauty of earth’s natural resources.

Beth takes her reader on a full curriculum of educational experiences as she weaves her knowledge on many subjects including history, anthropology, earth sciences and geophysics, into a beautiful love story defined by trust, strength and collaboration.  She succeeds in blending it all together thus producing a riveting and suspenseful read.

In other words, this book rocks!  

I applaud Beth for her process (4 years of research into fruition) and accomplishments {I am clapping a lot right now} and look forward to reading her future projects (hurry up and get writing, girl!)

ps. I may have your husband beat in that I, am the slowest reader in the world. HA!

Please head on over to amazon to order Order of Seven, ahora, not mañana.

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...and she's beautiful too

…and she’s beautiful too

BETH TELIHO is a writer, artist and tree hugger who lives in Texas with her husband and two adventurous sons. Restless in the mundane, she writes about the abnormal, paranormal and otherwise fantastical because that’s what quickens her heartbeat. She laughs at inappropriate jokes, and prefers spicy food and margaritas to almost anything. One day, she hopes to live in a treehouse, where she can be an eccentric introvert with at least seven cats.

Blog: www.bethteliho.me

Facebook: www.facebook.com/writerbisme

Twitterverse: @beth_teliho

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/bethteliho 


39 thoughts on “I Was Awakened/ Order of Seven Blog Tour

  1. You had me at psychic and energy healing. That is my life these days, for real. Will most definitely get this book, and I’ll have to tell my metaphysical teacher about it. She loves books like this. In fact, just met a guy who is going to help me learn how to develop my intuitive abilities further.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ohhhhhh I love that you’re into psychic stuff and healing energy! There’s so much of that in my book – I’m kind of obsessed with it too! I’m not intuitive at all (dammit) but I love talking to people who are! I see from the other comment that you got the kindle version and have started reading! YAY! love to hear that! Enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Honeybee this is a SWEET review – I really like that you took the engagement principle and ran with it – that we can spend so much time frittering our lives away and closed down without ever really being awake to the world around us 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes – I’m saving it up to read again soon, and I’ll be looking for all the delicious bits which have been brought to my attention in reviews (seeing as the first time I read it, it was rather a gluttonly read, with me cramming as much in as I could because it was SO SO SO delicious). Beth did a MARVELLOUS job 😀

        (whole other note – package going in the post for you tonight *squeeee*)

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  3. Maria, you sexy momma, thank you for reading a piece of my soul. Thank you for being a part of this journey by giving your time and energy to read and promote. And thank you for this incredible review. My heart overflows today. 🙂 *big giant hugs*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I seriously am the slowest reader. Ask Lisa Kramer, it took me for ever to finish POWER, not because of anything to do with the book but just because my ADD and guilt don’t allow me to sit still and read for very long because I always feel like I should be doing all the things on my to do list. Anyway, it was my pleasure to read your fabulous book and to tell the world about it. You are one talented chica! xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. awww thanks, lovely. Means a ton coming from you. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. 🙂 and I know what you mean about time to read! I’m reading a book now that I think is brilliant and it’s taking me forever because NO TIME.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I must confess that I skimmed over your review for fear of spoilers (I’m on page 164 right now..) The book has drawn me in big time! Can’t wait to finish, but on the other hand, I’m trying to milk it, slowly, because I don’t want it to end too soon.

    p.s. Did I create a thing??? I used Oo7 in a comment to Beth a couple of weeks ago (because I was too lazy to type out the whole title). Please tell me that it became A THING, and that I am responsible for that thing!!! I’m jumpy-clapping ferociously, and peeing myself just a little.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I just grinnned so huge and LITERALLY clapped! So excited you’re reading, Nancy. 🙂
      *whispers* I think Oo7 has been around since March, but let’s just say you started it, mkay?


    2. I tried very hard not to spoil anything and I hope I succeeded. It is a general review that does not go into any detail. Glad you are enjoying it too. I was ready to give you full credit for 0o7 but then read Beth’s reply below. Let’s just pretend! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Jill! I hope you read it! I promise you’ll love it. There’s something for everyone. Love, lust, mystery, suspense, adventure, accidental-learning, paranormal, fantasy….I put everything I adore in this book! 🙂

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