My Husband Loves Owls & As It Turns Out, He Married One


When I started dating Mr. B, I learned that he was an avid birder.  A what, I asked?  I found out that not only did he enjoy this daytime hobby, but that he also enjoyed an occasional “owling” session in the middle the night.  Que, que?

I was convinced that once married, he would choose staying in the warm bed with his new bride over going owling at nights.  Lucky for me, he was too exhausted most of the time and stayed in bed.   At first I didn’t give a hoot about owls but then I learned more about them and happily supported Mr. B’s love for birds and all wildlife.

Did you know that you can actually go out and call the owls and they will return the call?  Mr. B is highly proficient at owl calling and can imitate them perfectly.  Click here if you want to listen…

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6 thoughts on “My Husband Loves Owls & As It Turns Out, He Married One

  1. Here in Manhattan where I live we actually have an owl that hoots in the courtyard by our back windows. I actually like hearing it on the weekends, and he hoots early morning when were having coffee.


  2. I hear the Eastern Screech Owl around here. I didn’t know that until I listened to the link, but now I can impress all my friends and neighbors with this knowledge! Won’t that make me popular? 😉

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    1. Oh, Ally! You will be able to impress them all with your owl talk! Actually, people appreciate this kind of thing more than they admit to. There are a lot of “closet birders” out there and we must out them! Your secret is not safe with me! 🙂

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