Caca Happens: Wipe It Off

*Pardon me as I use a bathroom words (over and over again) to make my point.*


It does not matter what we look like, how old we are, how we are dressed, the color of our skin, how nice we are,  how much money we make or how anal we are, the fact is that CACA HAPPENS.  To all of us.  All the time.

I am not talking about the kind of CACA from the book,  Everyone Poops.  I am talking about the kind of CACA that happens to us.  Be it small, huge, hard, soft, annoying, painful, life altering, unjust or plain tragic.  The kind of CACA that comes at us whether we are expecting it or not.  

Now, how we feel about whatever CACA  has been smeared on us at any given time, is rightfully ours and valid.    No one can tell us how we should feel about something, we own those feelings and they are ours to have.    

What we do and how we respond to the CACA however, is a choice we make.  We can control what we decide to do about all the CACA in our lives (and boy is there a lot of that stinky stuff being thrown at us from every direction.)

Let’s take a look at some CACA-ish situations that we face day-to-day:

CACA Number 1:

 You are a woman.  You desperately look for an empty parking space in a crowded parking lot.    You spot one but you have to drive by it because you have someone on your tail.  You now have to go back around and make your way back to what you believe is rightfully your spot.  Once there, you see a very attractive biatch woman getting out of the car that is now in your spot.  She smiles as she walks by you.  

What should you do about this CACA bestowed upon you?  Should you strain to get your space back or should you wipe it off?


Go ahead and sulk for a moment, feel angry at her for not only taking your spot but for being prettier than you (Grrrr).  Then, consider that she had no idea that you had “claimed” the spot and did what you yourself would have done.  Then you:



CACA Number 2:

Your flight has been cancelled, after being delayed 3 times.  You are now stuck at the airport because there is no movement and no way to get to your destination.  Crap.

Do you become explosive and storm over to the gate attendant and tell him he is full of it and that you demand to be put on the next available flight?




Although this truly is bull-caca and you feel inflamed (understandably so) that airlines stink so much for not caring about their passengers and suck them dry with all the fees they charge, you acknowledge that it is not the fault of this attendant and ask politely about your options.  You make a note to yourself to express your grievance through the proper intestines channels.  Then you:



CACA Number 3:

You didn’t get the job.  You were so sure you had it in the bag.   You thought the interview had gone smoothly with no pressure or issues. Caca!  What are you going to do now?

You can either get thoroughly depressed telling yourself that you are the bowel of society and lock yourself in your room for months and call the company to tell them how foul their company is and that you would rather be a pooper-scooper than work for them, or  you could be sad that it didn’t go your way but strive to push harder next time and:



I  too struggle to wipe the CACA off.  It is not easy, especially when our reflexes tell us to react first and think second.  

But, if we can separate ourselves from the CACA when it is splattering itself all over us, and understand that oftentimes, we have no control of the situation or that this ‘too shall pass’, we will achieve our ultimate goal of becoming regular and content, no matter the CACA.

68 thoughts on “Caca Happens: Wipe It Off

    1. It is a work in progress isn’t it, Guapo? There is no end to the caca so all we can do is control how we handle it. Maybe if we don’t eat at all, our problems will be solved! 🙂


  1. I needed this reminder, Maria. I’ve had enough caca situations (including some of the examples you mentioned) in the last year to overflow a toilet bowl. Thanks for the reminder to wipe them off and keep going

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    1. Well, putting it in these simple yet messy terms makes it so we can all relate! No one is exempt from the Caca. 😦 I hope this year brings less of that yucky stuff your way and can keep your toilet sparkling clean! (Ok sorry, I’m getting so carried away with this.) 🙂 🙂


  2. Well said! I agree, caca has a way of finding us. Things have been good for me for a bit, and now the caca has hit. I’m being sued by our HOA for $3000! No phone calls for this, I’ve got to file papers with the court, etc., etc., Caca! Sure, it’s probably my own fault for not responding to the lawyer’s letter. But they already have a lien on the house, why sue? Except to bring caca into my life! Grrrrr. But I will handle this calmly.

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  3. Wipe it off is right Maria…otherwise it gets nasty 😛 Love this…you have such a great way of putting things, and getting it all out there. And you know what they say about that…better out than in, as you have so perfectly demonstrated with your excellent post. Life is too short…even when that bit..sorry…woman took your parking spot. Of course, I never get agitated about things like that….

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  4. Well, as you recall, Maria, I have been literally full of caca, and had to get things moving right along.

    I take from this that everyone can be full of caca. Whether they clean up that caca (for some just dump their caca on others), or not, is the telling part 😉

    You see why I live by the Serenity S**t Prayer. It is best to deal with caca as swiftly as possible– yes, Wipe It Up, and… Flush That Mess!

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    1. Yes, I do recall reading about your issue of an abundance of caca. So glad you cleared that one up and sent it packing. The Serenity Prayer is the best! Especially if we repeat it over and over and over and over again. It does sound nicer than, Wipe It Off. 🙂


  5. Great advice, Maria! I’ve witnessed number two, and it’s not a pretty sight. I was on a flight from Florida, returning to D.C. It was cancelled due to thunderstorms. I saw multiple individuals approach the ticket agent and go ballistic. I felt so sorry for the agent, as they certainly don’t get paid enough to deal with that caca. What made it worse, one man was screaming as his young child stood next to him. What a bunch of caca heads!

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    1. You have witnessed “number two”? Ha,ha,ha! That’s funny even without it being meant to be funny. 🙂 I know that you unfortunately deal with “CACA” more than the average person…and you persevere and make the best of it. You are a good example of wiping things off and moving on with your life. There is nothing we can do about the everyday situations we encounter, so all we can do is accept that it’s there and deal with it. I am having difficulty adjusting to being back from PR and am trying to beat the case of the blahs! This too shall pass. 🙂

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      1. Ha ha…I didn’t realize how that came out, Maria. 🙂 Thanks for your kinds words. I can say the same about you. xo I’m sure it’s tough readjusting after the life of leisure in PR. Hang in there. Perhaps some sunshine and warmer temps will pay you a visit soon. xo

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    1. Oh Nancy. I know I have no business being upset after being in PR for almost three weeks but I just am. I am feeling so blah and down. I am trying desperately to fight it and stay positive. It’s not even that a lot of caca is hitting me, it’s just blah. You’ll be happy to know that I went out into the world and tried to take a long walk yesterday. After stepping in deep puddles and slipping on ice, I gave up. I am sure Spring will spring me into action and help with the blahs. 🙂 🙂


      1. Winter SUCKS!!! It sucks so hard, Maria. I have literally been smiling from ear to ear since I arrived in Vegas Sunday night. My body is so confused by the sun and warmth it doesn’t quite know how to react.

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    1. Hee,hee. Glad you thought the post was The S**t! I meant it to be just that. I am working hard at letting the CACA pass smoothly and rapidly so that I can wipe it off and move on. Wait. That’s sounding pretty gross now. Sorry about that. Ew.

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