Besame, Besame Mucho

Rather than refer to Puerto Rico as The Island of Enchantment, it really should be called, The Island of The Kiss.  Isla Del Beso.  I grew up kissing, so it should not have come as a surprise during my recent visit, when I got kissed a total of 555 times (approximately).

My mom and her husband kissed me. So did my aunts, cousins, neighbors, the cleaning woman, the hairdresser, the manicurist, a chef, a wedding groom I barely knew, strangers and even a dog.  Multiple times.  Every time I saw them.  Again and again.  Muchos Besos.

I had somehow forgotten how much one gets kissed in Puerto Rico.  It is a lovely tradition in spite of the germs it spreads.  You feel instantly connected to the person and affectionately greeted.  I am back from my two and a half week visit, so if you see me and I kiss you, please do not take it the wrong way.   MMMUUUUUA!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Mi Casa Es Su Casa, I went to visit my mother in Puerto Rico, fleeing the record cold February from Hell of 2015 (Welcome March, I think I love you!)  Not only did my aching arthritic joints thank me profusely and my taste buds kissed me passionately for giving them such savory and sweet delights to taste, but my heart burst with immense love and gratitude from the abundance of kindness my mother showered me with, the entire time.

IMG_3053 IMG_3085 IMG_3100 IMG_3181 IMG_3348 IMG_3352 IMG_3354 IMG_3363 IMG_3380 IMG_3198

Mucha comida above

She made sure every single minute of my stay was comfortable, loving and fun.  I awoke every morning to a table set with linens and a healthy delicious breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice.  The questions during our breakfasts consisted of what activity I wanted to do that day, what Puerto Rican food I wanted to eat and did I want white wine, red wine or both.

She hosted a family dinner where I got to see relatives that live in Puerto Rico that I don’t get to visit with often.  She made sure to serve my favorite rice and bean dish with steak and sweet plantain.  This is when at least half of those 555 besos took place.

As the days passed, my mother and her wonderful husband included me in all of their activities with their friends, to introduce me to those I had not yet met and to visit with the friends I knew.  We went out to lunch and dinner for several days in a row. And got mas besos.

I was dropped off at the beach resort anytime I wanted and picked up when I was ready to go home, always with a smile, kindness, love and wine.

My mother insisted on buying me an extra pair of the special shoes I wear that fit my arthritic non-matching feet, just because.  She also arranged for her hair dresser to cut my hair and give me a Keratin treatment ( sans the  formaldehyde) to tame my curls (jumping up and down with glee with my new softer hair.)  Do you see what I mean about her spoiling me?

Her love for her children has always been this strong (I have 3 siblings) and has never wavered.  What has changed, is the quality of life she is able to have now at the age of 78 with her husband of four years who adores her and is able to provide a financially secure future for them both.  My father passed away 17 years ago at the age of 62 and my mother had the struggles many widows have when they find themselves alone.  Her joy comes from her wish and ability to provide the special extras to her children and by spoiling them rotten.  And muchos besos.

After my diagnosis of ITP  in 1989, when I became gravely ill and had my spleen removed and the diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1992, my mother became my number one caretaker (well, neck and neck with my husband.)  She worries about me and hates to see me in pain.  That she can spoil me and make me feel better if just for a short time, is priceless.

Although I won’t see my mother again until November when she visits for Thanksgiving, I have a high reserve of love from her that will carry me through until then.

Besame Mucho!

49 thoughts on “Besame, Besame Mucho

  1. Oye chica! Glad you got your platanos on girl! So glad you had a good time and that your bones and body were loving the warm weather and awesome beaches. So glad to hear that your mom filled up your reserve. It’s nice when you have a good relationship with your parents. I can totally picture all the love you guys got and that food! Oyeme. Making me hungry for something savory. Glad to know you’re back and glad you got muchos besos for all that mucho, mucho amor.


  2. Beautiful, just beautiful! Oh Maria, your mother is amazing. As I read your words about her wanting to spoil her kids and being able to do so financially, I cried out, “Yes, I want to do the same for my kids!” It is life’s greatest pleasure. My mum is the same with us and reading your post reminds me of how blessed I am to have her in my life as you are to have yours. I am so happy she found happines with her husband after she lost your dad. My mother has just celebrated her 79th birthday and is full of energy and verve and vigour, but she has been on her own for many years. She would love a ‘companion’ but the man I wrote about a while ago, who was like a dad to me, John, was the man I think who would have been the one for her. But she didn’t want to marry him!!!! Still…’tis life. So happy you had such a blessed and happy time…and now all those kisses can carry you through March and through to November when you will be smothered in another 555 😀 ❤ xoxo


  3. Besame Mucho, Mrs. B! Mmmmmwwwwwwwuuuaaaaa! You and your mom are two beautiful women in the last photo, Maria. 😉 Puerto Rico has been very, very good to you, my friend. Your mother and her loving ways was just what you needed this winter. Now back to reality. No wonder you can say it’s March 1 with a smile on your face.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your lovely compliment. I shall pass this compliment over to Mrs. B’s mother (Mami). Daylight saving is this Sunday – YIPEE!!!!! That will help tremendously. 🙂


  4. This is why I love going to Montreal and anywhere in Europe – the hello kisses. Love them!

    Your post warmed my stressed out heart, Chica. I’m so, so, so happy for you and this magical time you got to spend with your mom. I’m sure it was equal parts physically and psychologically healing!

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  5. Instead of making me feel sad that I shall not experience such a mothers love I shall instead choose to be encouraged to become that love for my own…thank you Maria, God bless you both.

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  6. That was really nice….it made me vaklempt. So glad you got pampered and came back feeling SO loved…we never stop being our parent’s kids.

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    1. So glad to hear that you experience this unbelievable love from your mama as well. It’s incredible, isn’t it? So selfless and giving. I hope I can carry that on to my kids in the years to come! xoxo


    1. Thank you kindly, John! Based on what you’ve told me, there is a lot of love being spread in your household as well. 🙂 How can I not feel blessed with the family I have? Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

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    1. Yes, Nancy. Do you now understand why it is so difficult for me to leave that love fest – and fabulous weather? I refuse to get down about being back and am riding on the greatness of my visit. 🙂


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