It’s The Most Magical Time Of The Year



The music, the cooking, the decorating, the planning, the giving and the gathering together with loved ones.  This time of the year makes us all want to give and do for others, more than we do any other time.  I guess that is where the magical part comes in.

A great time to reflect.

I am feeling at peace these days and incredibly grateful for what I have around me.  My health may not be the best as I get ready to try a new weekly injection to combat my growing and much inflamed knuckles and hands, but I am alive and more fortunate than many who are battling R.A. or any other chronic medical condition.

I am also enjoying the time I am spending with my adult-behaving kids while they are home from college. Seeing them as they have matured only confirms what I have suspected all along.  That they are caring and giving individuals who will not only succeed in their chosen careers, but who will scatter kindness around them, as Mr. B and I have taught them to do since they were little.  That is the best Christmas present ever.

Yet, with all these blessings around me, my heart is aching.  Aching for friends and relatives who are going through difficult times at this very moment.  Wether it is my dear friend who is facing some medical issues as well as a family crisis, another friend who lost her mother two days ago, an elderly family friend who sits in a nursing home feeling alone and abandoned or family members having to spend the holidays in a hotel room because their home is no longer safe.

How is it that we are capable of feeling real physical and emotional pain for others?  Even for strangers who are suffering.    It can hurt almost as bad as if it were happening to us.  We have this amazing ability to empathize and feel for others, be it happiness or sadness and that right there, is magical as well.

What has nothing to do with magic, however, is our ability to cope with the situations and obstacles we face on a daily basis.  This takes work, practice, patience, love, hope, faith and inner peace.

This ability to cope does not come easy and is a work in progress, but I thank my incredible mother for teaching me how to be strong and accept what comes my way, as well as teaching me to move on with grace, faith and confidence.

 I also thank my brother Rafael, for showing me what – kind, loving, giving, disciplined, unpretentious and grateful truly look like, as he is the example I strive to live by.  The real deal.

I wish you all a peaceful, magical and happy holiday season.

Your friend,

Maria aka brickhousechick

42 thoughts on “It’s The Most Magical Time Of The Year

  1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Maria, with your family. I’m sorry for those you know who are suffering at this time. I also have dear friends who are going through a rough time. I ache for them.

    I hope 2015 is wonderful for you.


  2. Hey, in the blog template my face is in the center of a flower!

    You put it about right – a time to be grateful, a time to celebrate, a time to ache for loved ones struggling.. May 2015 bring you better health and no scary trips to the hospital. Raising a glass to happy healthy adult children. Best wishes for the holidays.


  3. La mágica se acabó. The innocence and wonder that was there in childhood was decimated. But in my journey, I have come to the At-One-Ment with the Father stage. I have counseled with both my earthly and celestial fathers what we should do concerning our families, both immediate and extended. I have only revealed a small portion of the pain and suffering we have faced; the Parent Cops have threatened placement for Boy if this intensive program fails, and there is much, much, more. More besides recovering New Year’s from a surgery the previous day… four days from now.


  4. It is my very favorite time of year with the sights and smells and warm feelings. .. except for we put our tree up Thanksgiving weekend and now is dropping the needles by the pound daily (Sigh) Its the only thing losing weight is time of year. I hope you a re doing great now practically mid-stream in your fifties young lady i wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! (take pictures)

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  5. Your attitude is a gift to me this Christmas, Maria. Thanks for being you, Mrs. B.

    Here’s to the new shots making your RA more tolerable, your friends and family finding more peace in the current bumps in their lives, and the love in your family spreading to all corners of the world.

    Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Love to you, Mr. B and the adult-behaving children from Karen and I.

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  6. Beautiful, Maria. I’m glad you sent me the link.
    You have gone through so much in your life. It’s what gives you so much compassion for other.
    Love you, lady. by the way, it’s snowing on your blog!! hahaha

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  7. What a lovely post, Maria. I wonder about the widowers I visited with friends a couple of years ago. Their church isn’t doing visits anymore and I hope those ladies have someone to look in on them. I also can’t stop thinking about the kurdish women. I think we should swoop in and rescue them.

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    1. Thank you so much, Peace. I still like to call you that even if your name has changed. 🙂 I am hoping the injections help as well so I can continue to blog! A wonderful new year ahead for you and your loved ones! 🙂


  8. This is such a timely post, Maria. Just yesterday morning I learned that my coworker’s wife pass away unexpectedly early on Sunday morning. She wasn’t ill and she was only in her mid 50’s. My heart is breaking for my coworker and his children.
    I hope the new injections provide you with relief from your pain, my friend. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family! xo


  9. Hope your holidays are Merry and Bright . . . filled with Peace, Love, Joy, Hope and Light! Because I KNOW you’ll shine that light around to brighten the days of those around you.

    Have a Cool Yule!

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  10. Happy holidays, Maria! Thanks for sharing a wonderful and timely post. This is indeed a great time to reflect, be appreciative and acknowledge others not quite as fortunate.

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