What If He Says No?


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It was agonizingly frigid on this stormy December evening, twenty-six years ago.   The highway was deserted except for the sand trucks, snow plows and a handful of foolhardy drivers.

What is typically a two-hour trek, took three and a half hours of white knuckle driving while his father directed his every move from the passenger’s side.  His mother sat silently in the back seat trying desperately not to show the terror she was feeling.  They should have canceled and gone on another night but her son was in love and insistent on making this special night happen.  She was proud of the young man he had become and admired the respect he exhibited for his girlfriend’s cultural traditions and norms.  She did not know what caused her more angst, the treacherous drive or the mission they were about to undertake.

Meanwhile at her home, a twenty-five year old nervous woman sat restlessly waiting for her visitors to arrive.  She was worried about their drive in this storm but not worried enough to have canceled.  She had been waiting for this remarkable yet terrifying moment since she was a little girl.  She prayed that her father would go easy on the man she hoped to spend the rest of her life with.  As if having to wait for her father’s response was not bad enough, her grandfather had flown in from Puerto Rico for a visit and was to weigh in on this scheduled convocation.

He carefully parked the car in her driveway wondering if the unrelenting snow would block them in and make it impossible to go back home.  He was sweating now and felt his throat dry up.  He held on to his mother and helped her navigate the slippery steps to the front door.  He had rehearsed his speech over and over but could not remember one word of it at that moment.  What if he says no?

After hearing the sound of the door bell, her siblings and cousins who were visiting, assumed their positions in another room but still within ear shot of where the deliberations were to take place.

Once inside, she could not take her eyes off of him.  He looked so nervous and pale.  He must truly care for her.  After enduring years as the boyfriend who had to prove himself worthy of her, there he was with his parents in the midst of a blizzard, proclaiming his love for her and stating his intentions of marriage for her father and grandfather to consider.

He spoke, his voice cracking at times while describing in detail what he could offer his bride-to-be and why he deserved their blessing.  Then, as planned, his father spoke, collaborating his son’s story and assuring her family that he and his wife supported his son’s decision and plan.

Her grandfather, in spite of his labored speech as a result of a stroke he suffered many years before and a limited English vocabulary, spoke about the true meaning of marriage and what it entails.  He was a proud and stern man and took his elderly and wise role in the family very seriously.

At last, her father began speaking.  He described the difficulties that life brings and the importance of family and values.  He took his time.  This was his time and he would use is wisely.  He offered his guidance, counsel and experience before finally raising his glass and giving his new son his blessing.

Tears were shed, corks were popped and the celebration began.


Today, I wish my loving husband a Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!





53 thoughts on “What If He Says No?

  1. Que rico suave, Maria. Mucho más que puedes dar gracias el próximo jueves, verdad? Tantito más a celebrar Día de acción de dar gracias, en su casamiento.

    Cimmy and I are not far behind in such a celebration– this 12th of December marks our sweet 16th.


  2. Holy crap mujer! This was one of your best posts! I love that it was so personal and inviting. Took me into one of the most loving and nervous moments of anyone’s life. What a great story…what if he said no….dude great line and great place to put it I your story. Congratulations on 25 years! That is amazing mujer! Felicidades!


  3. What a heartwarming and beautifully written true story! Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary to you both dear Maria, and may your next 25 years together be as happy and as blessed as the last…and I’ll drink a toast to you both 🙂 ❤ xoxo


  4. Maria,
    En primer lugar, permítanme decir que de alguna manera yo sabía que la historia era acerca de usted. Es una historia maravillosa y me encanta la idea de las tradiciones observadas. Tenemos que preservar ese tipo de orden en este mundo sin orden ni concierto en el que vivimos hoy en día. Ahora a lo importante ….., ¡Felicidades por los 25 años de amor. Yo te admiro por ello y puede usted tener otro, más maravilloso 25 por venir. Abrazo grande !!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Paul aka Papa Bear, what a beautiful sentiment! Tienes toda la razon, ay que mantener las tradiciones en las familias porque ya no quedan muchas en este mundo. Me alegra que te haya gustado el cuento porque verdaderamente fue muy especial. Muchisimas gracias! 🙂 🙂


  5. This deserves a more poignant well-wish, which I shall send once I make my comment.

    Mr B has ruined this for me, because I cannot read anything about this moment without seeing your mother……in a boat………putting on her lipstick and telling him she is THROUGH with the trip he planned……..and reliving his terror at being possibly recognized as party to an environmental violation by people he cannot control. That was such a great story. He loves you very much. And you love him, too.

    We married the right men, Maria. They love us unconditionally, and I’m so thankful to celebrate your quarter-century (and more) with you and Mr B today. Saludos.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know what you mean, BHC, my Queen and I celebrated 20 years last month by going to Borneo…it seems like a long time when you talk about it and yet it feels like only a couple of weeks ago we were making plans. My parents celebrate 50 years in January…the next big goal hey.

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  6. Happy anniverary, No. 25, Mrs. B and Mr. B.

    Congratulations for sticking to traditions that snowy evening and showing how honorable life with you would be, Mr. B.

    Thank you for sharing this warming tale of love and faith and family on this mid-November day, Mrs. B. You wrote it well, for then, for now, forever. ❤ Long live your amor.

    Liked by 1 person

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