‘All’s Right With The World’- Now

My life is now complete.

I have waited for this very moment.

Nothing else matters.

Nothing can get me now.

I am safe.

I am whole.

I am one…

with my, COCK SOUP!


Thank you, my lovely friend Nancy Teixeira from myyearofsweat  

for sending me my winning and may I add, huge prize;

For filling my empty hole 

For saving me deeply

For throwing me a bone

For keeping me erect when I wanted to go limp

For thrusting me out of my funk

For being there during my hard times

For helping me ride it out

For encouraging me to juggle the many balls in my life

For making me realize that life does not always suck





*I can only hope that John from A Napper’s Companion is just as satisfied with his prize.

60 thoughts on “‘All’s Right With The World’- Now

  1. Haha…oh Maria, I can only apologise for taking so long to visit you, it’s been one thing after another and then my email server has been giving me merry hell lately so I get email notifications so late. But what did I miss? This! Thanks for giving me such a great laugh this cold, wet November day…just the kind of prick..oops, sorry, meant to say..pick me up I needed 😉 😀

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    1. Ha,ha! I hope things have settled down a bit for you, Sherri. I am way behind in my reading as well! Glad you took…pleasure in reading this post and that it picked you UP! It’s the BIG things in life that matter. xoxoxo

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  2. What a find! I hope you enjoy it? I know with the weather turning cold a good hot soup would feel so good going down and warm you up deep inside. You like it hot, don’t you? Or let it cool down a bit and savor it and last a good long time. Enjoy!

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      1. I never did find my sachet of HORNIMAN’s tea. That would have been another most excellent giveaway.

        Hmm, come to think of it, I do have an AWESOME menu/booklet from the Chicken Ranch. Do not ask me how I got it. Just trust that I do have it. I treasure that little bad boy, but maybe, just maybe, one of these days, I might consider giving it away in another contest.

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        1. These contests would be epic, Nancy! Sorry for hijacking this, Brickhousechick! It’s just that the soup and tea are stuff of legend. 😀

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