After 16 days in “hiding”, I decided to come up for a little air and to say hello.  I have missed all of you wonderful silly amigos of mine.  Hope you are all doing well.

I have learned a few things while on my blogging hiatus.  Some good and some not great, but I am determined to crawl back into my generally happy and positive funkiness, pronto (crosses arthritic fingers and toes – ouch….)

What I have learned:

1.  That it is okay to take a break and allow yourself to just be.  When you are known by your friends and loved ones as a strong, positive fighter who never gives up, the pressure to maintain that elevated level of being and coping gets to be too much.  Even if the expectation to be all that, is self-induced.

2.  That my recent brush with death affected me more than I wanted to believe and admit.    It has left me feeling prickly and highly sensitive to all types of external stimuli.  I am not unlike an ostrich burying her head in the sand at the first sign of anything uncomfortable, risky, sad or dangerous.  I find myself craving being in a continuous state of blissful and utter ignorance.   If I don’t need to know, I don’t want to know (la,la,la – cupping my ears and closing my eyes right now.)

3.  That watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show daily, is a MUST!  She truly is the best!

4.  That my life-long love affair with food is going to have to be altered significantly, after getting back cholesterol and triglycerides results that are less than favorable. AY, Damn!  Yet, I must continue to take a medication that leaves me feeling ravenous.   Wish me luck with that one.

5.  That according to my friend, Greg the bartender, Vodka & Soda as well as Gin & Tonics are the least glycemic alcoholic beverages and favorites among the younger crowd.  I’ll have what they’re having.

6.  That I can have and survive another infection without getting sepsis.  Phew!

7.  That there are endless amounts of Jewish words for the word, Penis.  i.e.  Shmuck, Petseleh (a little one), Shlang, Shvantz, Zayin, etc.  I learned this most pertinent information from my good friend, Mama who let me borrow her coveted “Jewish Bible”, Every Goy’s Guide To Common Jewish Expressions, by Arthru Naiman.

I  will check in again soon.

Besos & Abrazos!