Please, Make It Stop.










I got a call tonight that my nephew is having emergency surgery for a compound fracture on his ankle.  The ankle he hurt before.  The same leg that endured intensive knee surgery two years ago.  He is 15.  The poor guy!

He is alive and his injuries are not life threatening yet, I was overcome with an overwhelming feeling of doom and gloom.  A tightening in my chest.  A sensation that the ceiling was caving in and that I along with all of humanity, was on the brink of death.  That the world was coming to an end, at last.  It was yet another piece of bad news I had heard throughout the day making it unbearable to take.  The accumulation of negativity got the best of me.

It gets to be paralyzing hearing about the senseless violence and crime happening all around us.  It’s on TV, on our phones, Facebook, Twitter.  You can’t escape it.  

Please, make it stop.

49 thoughts on “Please, Make It Stop.

  1. Unfortunately it will never stop. Life brings with it circumstances that are many times troubling. The Devil lives, and The Lord promised us trials and tribulations. We must continue to pray, and ask The Lord for guidance during these trying times. Don’t lose faith. You can escape it, don’t indulge in the media, keep your head out of Twitter, and don’t stop praying!! 😊


  2. I feel the same way! I am also tired of seeing pics of abused animals on my FB feed. Make it all stop! Hope your nephew is on the mend soon! I’m gonna go watch I love Lucy or Doris Day Movies….


  3. As others have said, mass media pumps out negative sensationalism, because that’s what grabs people’s attention, for the benefit of their advertisers. To my great chagrin, I see some bloggers recognize this and use it to generate more traffic. Present company is excluded, of course, my dear Maria– but you know what I mean.

    Que Dios les bendije tu y tu sobrino. Claro que voy a orar y suplicar que tu sobrino se va a mejorar muy pronto. I mean, I’m facing back surgery in about a month myself, so, why not? Any friend that asks, always, always will get prayers from Cimmy and I.


  4. I’ve been turning off the news lately—it sickens me and stresses me out. I’d rather just live in my happy little blogger bubble….


  5. Living is definitely not for the weak of heart…and the longer we live, the more things we see that break our hearts. What gives me hope is the thought that maybe… Just maybe… I can make a difference. Make someone feel better even if it’s just for a moment. So when the world around me feels like chaos, I try to counterbalance by doing something good for someone else. And somehow those little things make me feel better, too.

    *Hugs* Hang in there my friend. Some days you’re the reason someone like me smiled when I was having a rough day. 😀


  6. Dear Marie, I want it to stop too. I’m living in a swirl of negativity, one thing after another and I can’t stand anymore. I’m so sorry about your dear nephew, I hope and pray that his operation was a success and that he recovers as fast as possible. Good he has youth on his side but so sorry he has to experience this so young. My daughter is still not right. Since her hospital visit almost 2 weeks ago I have taken her to the doctor twice and now she has to go for yet another blood test for suspected glandular fever (known as mono in the states I think?) On top of so many other things I won’t bore you with and yes, all the horror in the world it can really get us down. I wish I could be more cheerful, but it’s good that we can hang out here isn’t it and share our problems with our blogging friends and hopefully lift one another up so that we can smile again…and I hope you are smiling today my friend ❤

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    1. It really is too much to handle at times! My nephew had surgery, it was a nasty break with bone going through his skin. Very painful. He is now home and has to be non weight bearing for 4 weeks. No school for a while.

      I do hope your daughter is feeling better. Did it end up being mono? Poor thing!


      1. Oh your poor nephew, that sounds horrible. My eldest son had a fracture in his arm as an 8 year old but it was what they call a green stick fracture where the bones break but not go through the skin. I’m glad that he’s had the surgery and can now recover, and fast hopefully. Ah..thanks Maria, my daughter had her blood test today so we’ll know by the end of the week. I’ll let you know. But,,,she had a lovely weekend with her brothers being home and seems to be on the upswing even if a long way to go. So we both take deep breaths… ❤


  7. Oh no! I’m sorry about your nephew. Prayers for fast healing!! I avoid the news as much as I can. Scott will sit and read about every little detail. I can’t do it. There are good people in the world – I promise you.

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  8. Yesterday morning, I was trapped in front of a public television. In less than 10 minutes, I confirmed – yet again – why I don’t have one. YUCK. I’d almost prefer standing under someone while they vomit on me to watching the tube.

    It’s hard to feel like I’m informed, because I don’t watch the news. I skim the NY Times on weekends, because I can tune out anything I want. If something happens, I can go online and find a story that tells me what happened (not what to think about it, not what may happen as a result of it, etc), and move on with my day. 24-hour news is the bane of the universe.

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    1. I know what you mean about preferring to have someone vomit on you to watching the sensationalism! It really wears you down. I enjoy many shows and sports games but I feel like “the news” is vomittng on us from all directions via all the available avenues. Barf!

      My nephew came out of surgery at 2:00 am this morning is in a lot of pain but surgery went well. The poor guy. 😦


    1. Thanks, Nancy. I just felt so bad for him and being in a state of doom already, didn’t help. He got out of surgery at 2:00 am and has a long recovery and pain to deal with but he’s young and will hopefully bounce back. 🙂


  9. I hear ya, Marie. When I reach the “Stop the World . . . I want to get OFF!” stage, I climb in bed and pull the covers over my head until peace resurfaces.

    Hope your nephew rebounds well from this setback.

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    1. That’s exactly what I wanted to do yesterday! Hide under my bed with my eyes closed and my ears covered. Crazy isn’t it?

      My nephew is recovering, surgery ended at 2:00 am and he’s in a lot of pain but will heal. Thanks, Nancy!


      1. Are you calling me CRAZY???!!! 😛

        I am NOT crazy. Hiding under the bed with my eyes closed while singing LA LA LA LA LA to block out noise is the only sane and rational response to impending doom.

        Glad your nephew is out of surgery and beginning the healing process ~ remind him that LAUGHTER is the BEST medicine (and it helps to alleviate pain and boredom and pain).

        My sister broke 4 bones in her foot 2 weeks ago ~ she got news this week that she will not need surgery to install pins. Yay.

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        1. No,no! I would never call you crazy, that’s the smartest idea I have heard in a long time. The craziness is what’s happening in society.

          Glad your sister can avoid surgery! 🙂


        2. Yup. The world is full of a whole lot of CRAZY. Of course, it always has been ~ it’s just more “in your face” now that we have news 24/7 from all corners of the globe. Sometimes the best thing to do is just Tune IT Out.


  10. I find it more and more difficult to stay informed these days. I want to know what’s going on in the world and my community, but the media has a way of making everything such doom and gloom. There are many websites out there that focus on the good news in the world, I prefer those and watch the news in small doses.
    Wishing the best for your nephew, Brick! xo

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    1. Small doses sounds like a smart idea. I like to stay informed but enough is enough. Why don’t they just come out and tell us to jump off a bridge??

      My nephew is recovering, surgery went well. He’s in a lot of pain and it was quite the break. 😦 Last night I just couldn’t take one more piece of bad news!


    1. It is too much for anyone to handle! It’s gotten crazy. It made me feel like I couldn’t handle yet one more piece of bad news when my sister called. Thanks for the well wishes for my nephew. The poor guy is in so much pain.


  11. That’s why I am very particular about what I let on my FB feed, and I don’t watch news. The powers that be that set the agenda for what they deem “news” definitely don’t have their viewers’ best interests at heart. All they’re interested in is $$$.

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  12. It’s not going to stop. The train has left the station.

    But… you don’t have to watch the TV, listen to bad news or read sensationalized accounts in mainstream publications. I have neither read newspapers nor watched TV in almost 15 years. I refuse to subject myself to what you and many of us want stopped.

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