Summer Spotlight: Maria aka Brickhousechick

The Wonderful Jill@Pursuing a Passion for Writing invited me to be a guest on her blog today. Check it out and make sure to check out her blog as well! Besos, Jill! πŸ™‚

Jill Weatherholt

 71546_771273103591576898_oMoochas Gracias Jill, for letting me take part in this fun Summer Spotlight Series. Although summer is officially and sadly over, I am happy to be featured during this most delightful autumn month. You have yourself some fascinating and talented followers, SeΓ±orita Jill! I have enjoyed reading their bios and learning about their accomplishments and hobbies.

I call myself brickhousechick, not only because of my mighty proportions and dimensions (ahem), but mostly because I have weathered several devastating storms throughout my life and I am still alive and kicking (and kicking some more).

Some of these storms have nearly crushed me to pieces and pulverized me to the ground. Yet somehow, my brick exterior and stubborn demeanor have managed to protect me, thus far. For this, I am quite grateful.

I am the happiest when I am laughing, eating, dancing and drinking Sangria. My favorite song to dance to…

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20 thoughts on “Summer Spotlight: Maria aka Brickhousechick

  1. Hi Maria. I commented over on Jill’s blog, and it’s a long one. Heh. Great to meet you. Love your sense of humor. TMI. That’s for sure. Ha! (I read that post of yours too)


        1. Did you know that Spam is considered a delicacy in Hawaii? Spam and eggs instead of ham and eggs? I didn’t get it, but they seem to love it. But I do digress, huh, Mrs. B. Oh, that kind of SPAM!


  2. I always love learning more about my bloggy friends. I used to eat cheese whiz on toast and put it in the oven until it would turn slightly brown. What a treat. And I loved those silly steak umms. Maybe in your honor, I will introduce them to my kids next week πŸ˜‰

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    1. You go girl! I wonder what your or my kids would think of Cheez Whiz and steak-ums. I think mine would say they were gross. I used to toast pieces of bread and spread them with cheez whiz and tell my younger siblings that I had made them a grilled cheese sandwich. They didn’t buy it! πŸ™‚


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