Photos of A Swallowtail Butterfly Taken For Blogger, Linda Washington

IMG_1558 IMG_1567 IMG_1568

Blogger, Linda Washington at El Space – The Blog of L. Marie is a very talented and compassionate woman.  She has sent me numerous packages filled with colorful crocheted flowers and shoes she just whips up.  When she read that I was ill, she sent me another package with more flowers and a heart.  Her kindness is humbling.

She has written two posts about missing out on opportunities to capture monarch butterflies she sees fluttering, with her camera.  It seems she keeps missing out due to the quick fluttering movements of these gentle flying wonders.   They keep getting away!

Today, as I was getting ready to leave my home, I noticed this Swallowtail butterfly, fluttering around my hanging plant.  Her coloring so bright and beautiful.  I immediately thought of Linda.  I had to get a picture of it.  Click, click, click.  There it remained.

Linda, although it is not a monarch, I wanted to capture this photo and dedicate it to you.  I thank you for your generosity and kindness,


21 thoughts on “Photos of A Swallowtail Butterfly Taken For Blogger, Linda Washington

  1. Hi Maria: You’re going to find us all over your blog! Thanks to our time off we have some catching up to do. lol 😉 These pictures are beautiful! I love the first one, because the butterfly appears to be hovering or moving snail slow so as to give you time to snap the shot!! Glorious! Linda sounds phenomenal!! Sharing these beauties now. And sending our love & prayers to you in hopes that you are feeling better!!! 😉 xoxoxo ❤


  2. Oh Maria, your post made me cry. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos! Perhaps that’s why I was unable to get a good picture. You needed to be the one to do it. That’s the great thing about the blogging community (and community in general). This post made my day (which started off bad with the Internet being down).

    I hope you’re feeling better. I still think of the blessing of the word “negative.”
    Big hugs!!

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    1. Linda, as soon as I saw the butterfly I quietly but quickly searched my humongous purse for my iPhone! It took a while to get it and my hands were shaking I was so excited. I kept telling myself, “I HAVE to get this for Linda, I have to get this for Linda”. 🙂 I am so glad the butterfly cooperated and I think she heard me when I told her to stay still. Thanks again for your kindness, Linda. xo


  3. Oh that Linda…she’s got a heart of gold…love her! I’ve been the lucky recipient of her beautiful crocheted flowers and shoes. I have the flowers at my day job so when I get stress, I just look at them. 🙂
    Beautiful photos, Maria! I hope you’re feeling better. xo

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    1. Isn’t she so full of love?? She reminds me of someone else I know who is always there for me. Ahem! 🙂 I can actually say that I am feeling better! Woot, woot!! I am grateful for people like you, Jill. 🙂


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