Health Update: I was closer to death than I realized

Hello my great friends,

I am still at the hospital and the mystery infection has been solved.  First they thought I had meningitis so they did a spinal tap.  Then they thought I had a tick-borne infection but were waiting for results of many tests.  Then they checked my kidneys via an ultrasound.

After massive headaches, back pain and fevers, they have determined that a bacterial infection made it to my blood stream and was going septic.  Had I not come to the emergency room when I did, the doctor said I would have died, particularly because I have no spleen.

Wow, how do you process that kind of information?

She told me how glad she was that I came in when I did.

So am I.

Maybe they will release me tomorrow if all blood work comes back ok.  The good news is that my fever is gone.

BTW, I did enjoy my vacation immensely and luckily didn’t get sick until this Friday.

Off to sleep off more of my morphine and to feel grateful that I am alive.

xo Brickhouse





50 thoughts on “Health Update: I was closer to death than I realized

  1. I know this is late, but I send you good thoughts for recovery. Sepsis is no laughing matter. It kills, and it kills quickly. I am so glad that you had the foresight to go to the ER!! I ‘m glad the whole episode is now fodder for humor. It’s great the way you always find the funny in even the toughest places.


  2. What the hell?! Dying would not be cool. Don’t do it. Like ever. I am so glad you’re okay Maybe when you’re better you can tell us about the spinal tap. I’ve always wondered what they’re like.


    1. You know too well what it’s like to be ill and close to “the other side”. It’s been a rough couple of days but I am fortunate to have dodged the bullet. Now I just need to rest and get stronger. 🙂


  3. Oh my goodness, Maria. I’m so glad they finally realised what was wrong. I hope you are back to normal real soon. I had mystery headaches and they found ecoli and a bit later discovered I had low iron. You don’t find out things about yourself until you just have to get checked. *hugs*

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    1. Wow, Catherine that must have been scary for you. I was getting sicker by the minute with a blood infection but went in just in time. It was a rough couple of days but I am home recovering and hopefully regaining my strength. Thanks for the hugs. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Joe! At least I enjoyed most of the week. Of course, we were stuck in that awful bridge traffic on Saturday on the way home while I was in pain and feverish. Our usual 3.5 hours turned to 5.5 to get home. Craziness. I am recovering at home and feeling blessed. 🙂


  4. Holy Crap! I didn’t click like because it felt kind of weird seeing how you almost died and all, so I thought I would leave you a message and let you know how glad I am that you DID go to the hospital and that they figured out what was going on with you. I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery 🙂 Sending you some good vibes 🙂

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  5. Goodness, Maria, how did this happen? I know someone who had MRSA and it was a close call for them, too. She took a long time to recover. I’m so glad you had some good doctors on hand, and that you are safe! Please take care and rest easy. Sending you lots of healing vibes! xox

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    1. So grateful I didn’t go into septic shock. Craziness. I am being taking care of minus the nurses forgetting about me, and will hopefully be released today. Thanks for your good wishes. xo


  6. WTF??? Why aren’t I getting notifications of you posts as I am following you???? A day late and a dollar short, but so glad to hear you’ll be with us for a while longer! YIKES!!!

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  7. I clicked like because I’m so glad you’re alive! How did I miss that you’d been direly ill? So grateful you’re still with us. This world would lose beautiful color and vibrancy if we were to lose you. You are a person I cherish despite the fact we’ve never actually “met.”

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    1. Hi Kit, pardon me if I sound cranky because… I AM! Still at hospital, headache won’t go away, hoping to be released today. You know how when you’ve ‘had it’ little things bother you? The nurses keep forgetting to change my sheets, there is no shower just bath wipes, my arms look like a bruised war zone, my johnny has a hole right on my breast, blah blah blah. Ok. Thanks for letting me vent. I am grateful that I didn’t go into septic shock and that I am alive. xo


  8. I clicked Like because you’re on the mend, not because of the rest of it. EEK!! What a nightmare. I’m so grateful you went to the doctor when you did. Please let me know if I can send you anything that will make your recovery easier.

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  9. Wow! That’s kinda what they told me when I was in the hospital in May. Shoot, if I’d known it was that serious I guess I would have gone back in December the first time I passed out. Hindsight. I’m glad you are getting treatment though. Sepsis is nothing to mess with.

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  10. So glad to hear you’re on the mend!! I unfortunately am on my way to the hospital, as I have some how contracted MRSA and it has gone septic. I’ve spent the day on Web MD and am scared shitless to be honest. The fatality rate for septic MRSA is a lot higher than the mortality rate, and I’m a single mom to the most amazing 11 year old boy. What will become of him if my number is called? It will kill him. He has an advancement test in karate in a few weeks, and something tells me I’m not going to be able to make it. That alone breaks my heart. We have been working so hard on this promotion from white to blue belt. So much info thrown at me so fast, I can’t even process it all. Do I have time to make a living will? Do I get a say as to who gets my son? I don’t want him going with his biological father and my brother has agreed to take him. Just when I figure out what life is truly about… doing good, going out of your way to make someone else’s life a little easier, smiling at a stranger… this has to happen. Well, my wish for you is a speedy recovery so you can get back on here and add some humor to this serious bunch! 😉 Best of luck!



    1. Oh my goodness, Kate. I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope you make it to the hospital ASAP and get the treatment you need. How very scary.

      Your son sounds wonderful! Let him be your little guardian angel through this. Think of him and how much joy he brings you.

      My 18 year old brought me to the hospital and I told her today that she saved my life. She was my guardian angel.

      Please keep me posted on how you are doing. Prayers going out your way.


      1. Thank you… very much. But I did some research today. Most people who go into the hospital with this in their bloodstream don’t come get the chance to leave. I’m SO glad that your life was spared and that you had your Guardian Angel.

        As much as I’d love to rant about this on a blog, I recently found out that my ex husband AND my ex boyfriend are both following me. I don’t want either of them to know, so my only “updates” will be the fact that I’m still blogging. If the blogs stop, odds are, I have too.

        Feel better and get the hell out of the hospital!! Us fellow bloggers need you!!

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        1. No. Getting things in order… last will and testament, custody arrangements, that kind of stuff. I don’t want to leave behind a mess for my family to have to clean up. Tomorrow I go to the hospital. And I’m not going down without a fight. I’ve got too much to live for!!


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