From Mussels to Morphine

My weeklong vacation went something like this:

Beach chairs to back aches
Jugs of sangria to bags of saline

S’mores to sores
Crispy chips to numbing chills

Sandy dunes to swelling joints
Family time to fever spikes

Hermit crabs to headaches
Savory lobster rolls to spinal taps

Ultraviolet to ultrasound
Inventions to infections

Exotics to antibiotics
Enchanting room to Emergency room

And hospital rooms, where I write this from.

I am in good hands and feeling better. They want to keep me for one more night stay at which point I will run, far, far away.

56 thoughts on “From Mussels to Morphine

  1. That sounds horrible! If it’s tick born, have them check for Lyme Disease. It’s supposed to give you Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since you already have it, maybe it will cure you! Feel better Chica! The last Bachelorette is on tonight!

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    1. Hi Laura! It was great seeing you and your family too! 🙂 All was good with the world until Friday. Got massive back pains, chills and a fever. It was good I went to the ER on Sat. I feel lucky to be alive! Hoping to go home tomorrow. 🙂


  2. You’re having a way better sense of humour about it than I would! And here I was thinking you were living it up on the beach 😦 Hope you can ditch the hospital soon and get back to your chips and Sangria!

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    1. Gracias. Pepi’s mama. It’s been a rough couple of days. I did get to enjoy most of the week and in fact, read the Pepi books to my niece! She is entering first grade and I didn’t realize what a reader she was so she even read one herself! Very adorable. We loved Pepi.

      I am hoping to be released tomorrow but trying to process what the doc said today. I am lucky to be alive. #grateful


      1. That’s a beautiful image you’ve given me of your niece reading the book! So glad you got to read it together before you landed in hospital… and immensely more glad that you are still with us. What a terrifying experience!


        1. Holy crap lady!!! I’m so glad you went in when you did! That is madness. Wow. I know you are ready to get out of there and get home. Take care – big love to you! XO


    1. Guapisimo! I miss your foolishness. I did have fun but the infection kicked in NOT because of my fun (I hope). Some scary stuff. I didn’t realize how sick I was and how close I was to dying. Gulp. #feelinggrateful


  3. Mrs. B! What the?? I cannot believe this happened to you on the Cape. So sorry. It sounds like you are on the mend, Maria. At least you got a lobster roll in. Dang, woman. Get all the way better and fill us in soon.

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    1. Oh Mark! Most of the week was glorious. Friday I felt horrible but no way in hell was I skipping Sesuit Harbor and my lobster roll. So with pain in tow, I secured a picnic table and waited for family to get my order. It was one of the best I’ve had. Went home and in bed by 9:00 pm. Woke up in the middle of the night with horrible shaking chills. Couldn’t get warm. Sat we left and got stuck in bridge traffic and our usual 3.5 hours became 5.5 hours. All this while in excruciating pain and fever. Got home, went straight to the ER. So glad I did. Hopefully they will release me tomorrow.


      1. Wow, Maria. Some bad bug bit you. Ouch. That ride home must have been awful. I know that traffic is awful when you’re feeling OK. I’m glad to hear you had the comforts of home ER and hospital rather than the Cape strange places, at least, my friend. Get well, get home, get in tip-top shape. ❤

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