Why Life Is One Giant Sea of Sriracha Sauce


As soon as we are born, we are thrown right into this sea of foreign red-hot peppery liquid called, Life.

For the first couple of years, this concoction is watered down for us with an extra sprinkle of sweetness.  Yummy, yummy.  We are loved, cooed at, swaddled and protected. Giving us the illusion, that our future is filled with candied-apple goodness.

Succulent.  Addictive.

We  swim through it blindly, trusting that the years spent soaking in this delectable and  savory juice, will result in a well marinated promise of happiness.

When it’s good, it’s good.

It tastes like heavenly dreams topped with warm caramel.   Sun ripened and ground up.  Light on the tongue with a twist of lime.   A gluttony of gusto and zest.

A delicacy of sorts, adding to the flavorless and the dull.

Roping us deeper in to the myth.

Before long, we detect the bite.  Wait a minute.  What is happening?

The sweetness has turned to rawness.  There is a kick to this otherwise placid juice.  Sweet Mother of Cheeses, our eyes start to water.  We choke on our own saliva.  Ah!  There is a blazing combustible frat party going on right on our tongues.  Water!  This is not what we expected.

We ignored the warnings on the bottle.  We can handle anything, so we thought.



Whoa!  It hit us hard.  We don’t deserve this, we are good people.

Soon,  the inferno has reached the bowels of our souls.  Turmoil has taken over our insides.  An unforeseen natural disaster attacking our every pore.  Darkness, pain and misery.  Nothing helps.  Nothing soothes.

They don’t call it a cock sauce for nothing.



Miraculously, we weather the storm.  We dodge a scorching bullet. We persevere.

We paddle along this ocean of promise with bated breath, hoping to stay afloat.  

Keeping the faith that we may be stronger and better equipped to swallow that next piece of hot pepper, when it slips into our mouths. 



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53 thoughts on “Why Life Is One Giant Sea of Sriracha Sauce

  1. Haha I love these sorts of analogies. Though I do not love siracha… ai yai yai. Forgive me! I can somehow rework this to mean Nutella though. The burn can be the rubbing of my thighs as a result of too much………. or something. I’ll keep working on this.

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    1. The rubbing of your thighs – that is funny!!! Especially since I can relate. I don’t love Sriracha either but everyone around me does. My son would love to get it via an IV. 🙂 I’m with you on the Nutella or Sangria.


  2. Swimming in Sriracha Sauce! Ha! I love that. There are hot peppers all over the place! It’s funny you wrote about that for the past couple of months the factory down here has been battling its neighbors because they want to close it down because the aroma of hotness is too strong. That cracks me up. I should print this post and post flyers all over that neighborhood 🙂 And Cock Sauce! Dude that one had me rolling 🙂 Good post 🙂

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  3. Well I obviously haven’t lived, I’ve never tried Cock Sauce! As it is my kids laugh at me (American kids, loving all that hot, hot, hot stuff) their Brit mum who finds even a hint of mustard too spicy, haha!!! Having said that, I’ve been burned more than once but then what would life be without a little fire now and then? Great analogy Maria, great writing…have a great week 🙂


  4. oooh, love me some spicy. Great metaphor! Gotta take the pain with the pleasure, or how do you measure the pleasure? Hmmm. Such profound thoughts for a Monday. 🙂


  5. Girl, I totally get this! Life has been that way for me for the last few years–like I’m swimming in Sriracha Sauce!! Great metaphor!!! And yes, it takes faith to navigate through it.

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      1. *raises hand* I don’t have a problem with it– both the well-known Huy Fong version, which has a ketchup-like consistency to it, and the Shark Brand, which is apparently THE authentic style, which is slightly more watery like hot sauces often are. (I picked up some Shark Brand because it was cheap at the local Asian grocery I shop at.)

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  6. Oddly enough, I love the taste of Sriracha sauce. My problem is when it decides to “leave my system.” Occasionally THAT’s when I feel the burn….hehehe! But yeah, I got the comparison. And you’re right…The tough don’t wuss out just cause things get difficult. That’s when you hang in there so you can celebrate the getting through. Love the Garth Brooks quote you ended with…so appropriate. 🙂

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