Mirror Mirror On The Wall…OMG, I’ve Become My Mother After All!


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10 Things That Make Me, My Mother

(which is not a bad thing)

1.  I always have lipstick on, even if I am not going anywhere

2.  I turn everything into a song, ie. “This egg is beautiful…to me, can’t you see”.

3.  I live in batas (bathrobes) – with lipstick on, of course

4.  My upper arms jiggle (sorry, Mom)



5. I love to spoil my kids

6.  I am a badass entertainer and can make even a white paper plate look beautifully set, on a table.

7.  I hum all day long (when I’m not singing)

8.  I too can’t wait for my daughter to have a daughter…revenge…

9.  I let my man think he’s in charge, but I am the NECK that controls his HEAD.

My Big Fat Greek Weddind

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

10.  I take life, ONE DAY AT A TIME (used to hate hearing that)


There are many of her wonderful qualities I do not possess and that is ok, because there is only room on this earth for one amazing woman.  And that is her.

Feliz Dia De Las Madres, Mami!

68 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror On The Wall…OMG, I’ve Become My Mother After All!

  1. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I have inherited jiggly arms and lots of other jiggly body parts but I got my parents eyes so I am happy 🙂 You are gorgeous…like “will you marry me so I can make all my friends jealous?” gorgeous 🙂


    1. Ha,ha! I was just noticing your gorgeous eyes when I was visiting your blog earlier! You are lucky that people probably don’t even notice your jiggly arms, with those eyes of yours! 🙂


      1. Well I like to dance and my jiggly arms get out of hand so I sometimes think maybe I can saran wrap them lol. Hard to notice my eyes when I am flapping my wings 🙂


  2. What a beautiful photo of you and your mom Maria! You are both gorgeous ladies and I loved this post. So true. I especially like the one about turning everything into a song…I still do it, haha! As for the jiggly arms, well…what more can be said about that, LOL!!!
    Wishing you and your mom a wonderfully Happy Mother’s Day Maria… 🙂

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      1. Ahh…so glad you had such a wonderful Brickhouse day together 🙂 We had Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday as it’s called here!) in March but thanks for asking Maria…we had a lovely weekend though and in between rain showers we had some lovely spring sunshine 🙂 Hope the sun shines on you too 🙂


  3. Oh yah, it’s happening. 1. Smiling during awkward silences. 2. Correcting children about manners issues “PLEASE may you have a glass of milk!” 3. Making a Marge Simpson-esque grumble when one’s spouse/fiance does something you’re not happy about.


  4. Mama Brickhouse, awww, I love that!

    And I love your post too.

    Lost my momma 3 years ago…so please give your mom a big big hug for me!


    1. Do not fret, I am a bit early on the Mother’s Day post. I wanted to make sure my mom got it in case her card doesn’t make it on time. Hee,hee. Feliz Dia De Las Madres a ti, Caterina!


  5. What a beautiful post. It’s so nice that you care so deeply for your mother. I haven’t seen or spoken to mine in 15 years, but the idea of sending her flowers for mother’s day this year keeps popping in my head.

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    1. I remember this from one of your posts. I am sorry about that. That is very sweet of you to consider sending her flowers. In the meantime, be proud for the wonderful mother you are! 🙂


    1. Thanks Shannon! There’s no denying it, right? The older you get the less awful it feels and seems. Can’t wait until my daughter turns into me, although she is a lot like her Daddy. 🙂


  6. At least two of my three younger sisters have come to terms with the fact they are like our mother– the youngest (baby sis) accepts the most, the oldest accepts the least– probably because my first younger sister is the MOST like our mother, well, according to baby sister, anyways.

    Que tengan un Día de Madres muy especial, muy feliz igualmente Uds. Maria Brickhouse y Mamá de Brickhouse. Que Dios les benije con mucho más amor, cariño y buen salud.

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    1. We get the “good” and the “bad” from our parents. I am lucky to have a lot of the good of my Madre! Minus the floppy arms. 🙂

      Tu eres un estudiante de Español magnifico! Siempre escribiendo en Español y diciendo cosas muy bonitas. Gracias por tu cariño, amor y salud. 🙂


      1. Practico sobre muchas años hace el maestro. Fue un gran suerte a conocer muchos amigos que son hispanohablantes, mucho más que hablan español como primer idioma pero ingles como segundo tambien. Sabes, mi bisabuelo Rey Pratt era “el padre del misión mexicano mormón” así que la cultura latinoamericano es un gran legado (o pues herencia) de mi famila.

        It seems to be the will of God that my family speaks Spanish in some capacity. I am grateful to be part of such a rich heritage. (Seriously, though, there is a Wikipedia article for Rey Pratt- yep, that’s my great-grandfather.)

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    1. We really do. And once we have our own kids, it’s scary true! There are some things I consciously try to change and be different than my parents but I soooo get it now. I can look at my mom and say, “Ok, I get it”. My father passed away 16 years ago but I still talk to him and tell him that he was right! 🙂


    1. Thanks, chica. I will be wearing lipstick ’till the day I die and beyond. 🙂 Oh man, I CANNOT WAIT for my daughter to have a daughter or two!!! 🙂 Especially if they are like my baby and your Kate! LOL.


  7. This is lovely! We all turn into our mothers eventually. Although you jumping the gun by a couple of days made me break out in a cold sweat that I had MISSED sending a card to my Mom, so thanks for that.


    1. Oh no! I myself ran to the post office this morning to make sure the card makes it to Puerto Rico before Saturday. Not sure it will happen, thus the post. I always have this to fall back on if the card doesn’t make it.


  8. Maria, it sounds like you and I should be singing a duet! I inherited my love of music from both sides of the parental spectrum. It’s like breathing for me, too. BTW, you and your mom are BEEE-YOU-TEE-FULLL!

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    1. YES, both my parents were always singing or listening to music! No one can say anything when we are together without either my mom or I making it into a song, it drives my kids crazy! 🙂 🙂 Gracias for the compliment, I am lucky to take after her! 🙂


    1. Awwww….you da bomb, Guapisimo! Let me tell you, neither she nor my dad let me go out to play with boys for a loooooong time! Strict Spanish parents, they were! Boys had to ask my father permission to take me anywhere and the few times that he said yes, I had to take my little sister and brother with me! LOL.


  9. Oh Maria, both you and your mother are muy hermosa! Sorry I couldn’t say the entire sentence in Spanish. 🙂 I hope you both have a wonderful Mother’s Day!
    I’ve got to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding again…I need a fix. Love that movie! xoxo

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    1. You get an A for putting some Spanish into that sentence, Jill! I need to watch that movie again soon!! I never ever get sick of it!!! I think I’ll put it on the to do list for this weekend. 🙂


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