WE HAVE A WEEEEEENER! Results of Spanish Mid-Term Exam


You can all relax and get rid of that Test Anxiety now.  My exams are meant to be fun with NO PRESSURE!

As Juan Pablo from The Bachelor says, Eeez-OKay!

Many of JU answered correctly BUT did NOT identify yourselves so I could not include you in the running for the Prize!

Muy Triste...

Muy Triste…

Here are some of your answers:

1.  Dame el clicky-clicky, din-bat –

El Guapo (the biggest sinverguenza around) :  You will never get the remote control from me, friend!

The Guat:  I’m in charge and we’re watching Sabado Gigante, so hand it over!

Unidentified (Is this you, Jaklumen? Shelley?):  Aquí lo va, I mean, here you go.  Entiendes, pues no soy din bat.


2.  Tengo espinaca entre mis dientes?

Two of JU voted for:  There is an espadrille in my dentures

El Guapo:  Yes but the spinach in your teeth brings out the color of your eyes.

The Guat: I can’t be smiling at el Chico en apartamento 512 because I got spinach in my grill.

Unidentified:  No.  You only have cilantro between your teeth.  Que rico, no?


3.   El perro comió muchas quesadillas derretidas y después tuvo un transito intestinal muy grande.

El Guapo:  Sure, blame it on the dog

Piper:  The dog eats lots of melted quesadillas and has a massive poo!

The Guat:  Our dog needs some Sal De Uvas, he got into the kitchen and ate my lunch.

Unidentified:  Yeah, and that caca huele mucho, too.  What a stinker.

**This whole exercise just proves once again, that we never really grow up and still love bathroom words!

Now let’s get to the Weeeeener!

This blogger not only got all the answers correctly, but he/she FOLLOWED directions and included his/her name!  Woot!  Woot!


 The Weeener is a very talented and devoted writer who is committed to her goals.  She is a brickhouse in that she, while facing health issues, continues to enjoy life and remains positive!  I have a lot in common with the Weener.  Like me, she loves to do jigsaw puzzles, takes yucky medications, can barely draw a stick figure and loves to pinch chocolates to make sure they don’t have the gross stuff inside.  She suffers from PTSD because of a horrible Spanish teacher (not me) who used to humiliate her in class, so her TEST ANXIETY was high for this.  

And the Weener is:


send from PicArt(Free iPhone_iPad App)-3

Jill, I will email you to get your address so you can receive the Surprise Spanish Package!!

*Honorable Mention: Inspiretheworld2day who got the second highest grade.

Hasta Luego Amigos!

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30 thoughts on “WE HAVE A WEEEEEENER! Results of Spanish Mid-Term Exam

  1. Oh dear. All the unidentified answers… they are mine. And I’m not saying that to grab the spotlight, ay, me da mucha verguenza, no, they really are mine.

    When I read your comment, I told myself, “Well, you need to be fair, sabelotodo, you’ve had mucha practica. Disqualify yourself by answering a second time, but answering completely in Spanish, así que vale muy comíco.” So, I did. But, it seems you liked my espangles mejor que he dicho en español puro.


    1. They are my answers, as I said (alas, there wasn’t a way for me to go back and write, “Oye, Maria, those are my answers, I forgot to put mi nombre on them!”)… if you don’t get to your techie sons, I am a technical person. Can I help?


  2. Clearly we’re coming in late on this one!!! Congrats to the Weeeeeener~ & luv the pics on this post by the way! As for the Spanish quiz I’m most happy not to have taken it as I didn’t do very well at all. Inion on the other hand, took four years of Spanish so that she can fluently say. I have a red car I drive to Bingo. The elephant is marching on. My hat and keys are on vacation! That private school was worth every dollar!!! LMAO Luv the post; luv the contest; luv Weeeeeeeeeener! 😉 sharing this now


  3. Wow! Thank you, Maria! I never win anything and I never did that well on my Spanish exams, so this is a great surprise! You’re a fantastic teacher!!!!
    Gracias El Guapo and Catherine!


  4. I couldn’t put my name in my 3rd answer because it was too long. I’m always second place grrrrr! I still haven’t recovered from coming in 2nd in the 6th grade spelling bee. I’ll be ready next time 😉 fun stuff! Thanks for making me smile ♥️


    1. Oh no! LOL on the 6th grade spelling bee. You were right up there and did a great job. Tu eres una estudiante muy buena! Do not fret, there will be other exams. Thanks for participating. 🙂


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