What’s in YOUR wallet?

Isn’t she a cutie pie?  That’s Roxy and she wants to go on a trip with her Mama, Susie Lindau (who is also a cutie).  So, Susie came up with a contest where bloggers would add a caption to this adorable photo.  Finalists have been chosen…ahem…ME INCLUDED, and it’s time to vote, amigos!  

Vote for my caption, “What’s in YOUR wallet?” 

Can’t you just picture Roxy asking that?  It’s simple and goes with the whole traveling theme, right?

Vamos, Vamos – Rapido!

Head on over to Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride right in this momento, check out her awesome blog and VOTE FOR ME!!!!!

Other entries are not as good as mine  are pretty good 🙂 and I wish the other finalists to totally lose   the best of luck! 

JUST KIDDING, I love them all!



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