Let’s Get It On…

Valentine’s may be over but it’s still pretty steamy here on WordPress.

If you need a little thawing out from this brutal winter, I suggest you turn on some, Marvin Gaye, sit back and read these two blogger’s released books.

1. Pamela Beckford @




***Pamela provides us with a collection of tender, loving and tantalizing words leaving you wanting more.


2. Kitt Crescendos @


1.  Three for All 



2.  Four One Night



***Kitt calls herself, theinnerwildkat but don’t let that fool you.  She ventures out from time to time to provide us with wild fantasies & escapades.


Side effects while reading these books may include increase in heart rate, stronger or irregular heartbeat, sweating,  difficulty breathing, paleness, dizziness, weakness or shakiness, blushing and excitement.  These usually go away quickly, especially if you rest.  

“It’s Getting Hot In Herre…So Take Off All Your Clothes”


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27 thoughts on “Let’s Get It On…

      1. Whole Zemanta thing? Are you using the browser plug-in since WordPress dropped the direct integration?

        A lot of your links have a URL to your homepage and then the link URL right after it, like this:


        and of course then it’s parsed as one URL… and that doesn’t work, the URL should be like this:

        Visual mode has its limitations and the Zemanta plug-in adds its own code: I don’t claim to be very good with HTML but I will switch to text mode just so I can be sure that all the formatting tags and so on are set properly. (Sometimes I will mess with the Zemanta code so I can do something custom.)


    1. That’s my goal, Jill. To melt it all away! Mr. brickhouse and I are enjoying a kidless week! My daughter is in Louisiana on a service trip during February vacation. I think this empty nest thing is not looking so bad. 🙂


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