What Women Really Want – Just in Time for Valentine’s Day



After extensive research conducted by me in which I interviewed myself, gave myself surveys written by myself, took placebos – knowingly, and used real life examples experienced by only me, I have successfully deciphered what women really want, from their partner.

Because of my impressive credentials and pristine un-tainted research methods, some of my results were published by the New England Journal of Women.  Take a look.

New England Journal of Women ( published 2/7/14)

1.  Women want to be looked at tenderly, by their partner.   Really looked at.  I’m talking face to face, eye to eye, mano a mano.   This makes them feel wanted and important.  When a smile is added to that tender look, Oh My…, she’s all yours. 


*Exceptions:  If she has a huge zit on her nose or has a mouthful of chocolates – then, by all means, DO NOT LOOK AT HER!

2.  Of all the women interviewed (me) regarding the role Chivalry plays in a relationship, 99.9% said that it is crucial and a total turn-on. One participant said that when her husband helps her with her coat, she gets all warm inside and wants to jump on him right there and then. Opening the car door for her,

If he can do it, so can YOU.

If he can do it, so can YOU.

rottenecard_9229739_jqyy5jqqw5pulling out the chair for her at a restaurant and most importantly, jumping into oncoming traffic to protect her, were some of the popular chivalrous actions women favored.

3.  Women want their partners to LOVE everything they cook.  It does not matter if it smells like dirty feet or tastes like Taco Bell’s twice refried canned beans, eat it.  Don’t ask what it is, when it will be ready or what is in it.  Just smile and eat it – all.



4.  Women love to be kissed.  The majority of the subjects studied said that kissing is a must.  Having her partner lift her chin up gently before a kiss was the top desired method,  



followed by her partner cupping her face with both hands and slowly reaching in for the kiss.  Mmmmmmm I mean, statistically speaking of course.  



One subject (who will remain nameless) added that being kissed on the neck was her all-time  favorite.



5.  Romance her. The results of the surveys were unanimous.  All women questioned in this study, want nothing more than to be romanced by their partner – especially for Valentine’s Day.  Yes, it is a big deal and she does want you to acknowledge her on Valentine’s Day.  Hello????  And no, a hollow Russell Stover chocolate-shaped heart from Walmart, will not do.



 Flowers are nice, but dinner out to a decent restaurant is the clear winner (according to the study).  While at the restaurant,  I  they want to be told they are the most beautiful woman in the world.

*A Special Thanks to my research partner,  Bryan Adams who really understands women.

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman.

To really love a woman, to understand her
You gotta know her deep inside
Hear every thought, see every dream
An’ give her wings when she wants to fly
Then when you find yourself lyin’ helpless in her arms
You know you really love a woman…


24 thoughts on “What Women Really Want – Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

  1. I think your research team should spend some more time with her subject being romanced. You know, just to confirm the results…

    Because every experiment should be repeated many times for, you know, sciencey rules and stuff.


    1. Ha,ha!! My husband asked me to show him the post and I did. He immediately tilted my chin up and kissed me. 🙂 🙂 He’s pretty romantic as it is but he wanted to see what “women” really want. Perhaps sticking the post on your fridge will help. LOL.


  2. I guess that comment did come through quick!

    It was 12 years then but our 15th came last December. It still got caught in the Christmas rush but we will be talking to a photographer and churchmate friend tomorrow about a couple’s photo, which again should be in time for St. Val’s.

    Just one more comment, about #3 and I’m done– actually, I’m the cook, she’s the baker. I handle most of the dinner meals while she does more of the treats, bread, etc.– sometimes we team up for a meal (that has to be cooked/baked) and that’s especially fun.


    1. NICE! I hope the picture turns out beautifully. I also hope she eats everything you cook without asking too many questions. 🙂 I’ve got a pretty good spouse myself – minus the cooking.


  3. Cimmy actually brought ME flowers today… I said, “Aww, you beat me to the punch!”

    Actually, if you ask her, I understand very well that bringing flowers now and then is good– ANY day of the year. This will put me in moderation limbo linking up, but this is what I did one year: http://jaklumen.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/from-the-flickr-archives-12-roses-for-12-years/

    See, our anniversary hadn’t gone so well, being on Dec. 12th, it’s much too close to Christmas. So before Valentine’s Day came, I figured I’d get started early– went to the local rose shop and got a vase of 12 short-stemmed white roses, which they had right on hand. I told the florist, “If I did this right, she will cry.” I brought it home, asked my daughter to deliver the vase to her back to the bedroom (she was napping)… not too long later, I heard a scream of joy and surprise… then crying. I guess I did good.


    1. I made sure my husband read the food one. No questions, just eat. LOL. Although I mostly worked alone on this study, Bryan Adams kept whispering ideas in my ear. But I did NOT let him kiss me on my neck.


    1. Awwwwww!!! Glad to hear there is love in your house every day!! 🙂 That song and the one titled, Lady In Red always get me. I am pretty lucky myself with Mr. Brickhouse. Happy Writing this weekend!


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