Long Long Ago, When I Was a Happy Me

As promised, every month I will be changing up my WordPress Theme just to mix it up in an attempt to get out of these damn depressing winter blahs!  I hope you have a foot fetish and like looking at my feet.  If not, too bad (yes, I am very cranky.)



And that above, is why.


Depressed Me


More Depressed Me

I have never ever hibernated as much as I have this winter.  We’re talking not going out of the house for days! I can’t handle it.  My Spanish blood has gotten thinner and wimpier since I turned 50.  It used to endure harsh winters back in the day (for one day) but now, Fuhgeddaboutit!     And to make matters worse, unlike  BEARS, I continue to eat through my hibernation.  

{Insert big swear sigh here}

To me, there is absolutely undeniably NO need for winter.  No USE, no ADVANTAGE, no BENEFIT, no FUN &  no NADA.  I don’t care what you say to try to convince me otherwise because


All I can do is daydream about sunny, breezy, warm and relaxing days with a cool drink or four in my hand.  

That is happiness.   

So Take THAT Polar Vortex!

Happy F****** February 1st!

47 thoughts on “Long Long Ago, When I Was a Happy Me

  1. I hope things are going better.

    What really helped me was a D3 supplement (I hate saying “vitamin”– vitamin D is actually a hormone) and a lightbox that my father-in-law built me. Of course, there’s more to it than that, as I deal with bipolar mood disorder, but, I was deficient on D for sure and taking those steps really made a difference.


    1. YES, I agree! Vitamin D has helped me in many ways, particularly in offsetting the damage Prednisone can have on my bones. Glad it’s helped you! I’m coming out of this slowly as Spring approaches. 🙂


  2. Chica, get on a plane and head south immediately. We both know that spring doesn’t come to Boston until June, so its time to get out of dodge for at least a little respite. And then, when that always perfect New England summer hits, you’ll forget all about this pesky winter stuff and love where you live again.


  3. I grew up in a northern climate and know the winter blahs intimately. I sympathize with you and hope for an early thaw. I wish they could truck some of that snow to the Sierras so we’ll have water this summer in SoCal.


  4. I hear you. We had one week of cold, cold weather and snow in early December. For two or three days, it was a blast, and then I couldn’t wait for it to warm up.

    Skiing? That’s different! Brown fat, hair of the dog and all that. Nothing beats riding a chair lift above the clouds to sunshine.


      1. Yesterday, when I wrote that insensitive comment, I actually went skiing and was probably giddy from thin air and relief that I didn’t break anything. Humans are supposed to live in sunny places like Puerto Rico. Activities like skiing are invented by people who live like moles for a significant portion of the year, probably out of desperation. Hope the polar vortex loosens it’s grip on your area of the country soon. Nice toes by the way.


        1. There’s got to be something to do to pass the frigid time besides watching tv. Speaking of toes, I am due for a pedi. Maybe that will inspire me to think Summer. I am going to pretend that tomorrow we are not really getting the 8 to 10 inches they are predicting.


  5. I’m so with you. I am sick of being cold. Yesterday was unusually warm and I enjoyed every bit of it. And of course the groundhog wants to give me more winter. BOOOOOOO I need cottage time and boat time and yummy cool drinks on the porch.
    I love your happy pics. 🙂


  6. I feel for you! I’m a total grouch all winter, and I think they’re getting worse! You are gorgeous when you’re happy though. I’ll see if I can send you some of our excess 111deg F weather 🙂


    1. I think the excess 111degF weather was held up at the airport due to BAD WEATHER!! His flight must have been canceled because it’s snowing today and we’re getting 10 inches on Wed. 😦 Time to make myself more Sangria. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words, Alarna.


  7. Soo..you’re really freaking cute and should definitely post more photos. I am SO with you on this winter shit..while I don’t stay inside for days ( I couldn’t..I’d kill someone) I am hating the grey! I CAN’T WAIT FOR SPRING!


  8. Oh you poor thing, and here we whinge in winter when it’s around zero in the morning and gets to 15 (centigrade) during the day. Looooove the new part of your header – “drinking to my 100th”, priceless!


  9. I hear ya, loud and clear! And we’re about to get a blast of cold air in a few days. The only difference is where I am now, when we get the cold air it’s dry and rarely brings snow. So it should bring some clear skies and sun for a day or three. Got the new wood stove cranked up!!!

    May your winter weather suddenly and mysteriously end, bringing a February thaw and early spring bulbs.


    1. Gracias, Chica. Nothing stops me from going to the beach. After surgery I was determined to get down by the water but was not allowed to put any kind of weight on my foot so we asked for the beach wheel chair and away I went! Those things are da bom!


    1. That Happy Girl does get around – when it’s nice out. She stays inside the covers in the comfort of her own bed otherwise. 🙂 There is no censoring here at brickhousechick’s Don. 🙂


    1. Gracias, Andra. I don’t know why year after year I stay here in MA during the winters. Maybe when my daughter goes off to college I will spend a month or two with my mom in PR. Mr. Brickhouse can come visit. 🙂 My garage fridge is stocked, no worries. 🙂 But I have to stay sober to function.


  10. I love your new header, Maria, but I especially loved all of the beautiful photos. You’ll be happy soon. I’m trying to believe that we’ve made it through the worst of winter…easy for me to say, we had one inch of snow last week and that’s it as far as precipitation. It has been extremely cold for the south. We’ve got January behind us and February is a short month, so we’ll just look forward to spring…hang in their Amiga! Oh, I loved the photo of you as a little girl…too cute!


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