The Three Wise Men Arrive Tonight, But I Need Advice from YOU, Oh Wise Ones

Happy Three Kings Day mis amigos!

 I am hoping they bring a lot of gold this year (I can do without the frankincense and myrrh.)

Do you like my new blog theme for January? I decided that I am going to change my theme every month just for ha-has.  It’s fun and will help with the winter blahs and keep things interesting .  There are so many color palettes and backgrounds to use!  I recommend playing around with all the different themes available.

****Speaking of blogging themes and blogging.  I need advice from all you wise bloggers out there.

How do you do it?

How do you manage your time effectively so that you can write, read, comment, tweet, facebook and have a life with your family?  Am I missing something?  Is that even possible?

My little family is getting tired of watching me sit around in my bata (bathrobe), typing away, ignoring them, not cooking, not cleaning, not talking, not ANYTHING else – but blogging. I try to change positions so I at least look different than I did the last time they looked at me and I even change my bata for variety – it’s not helping.

I try to esplain (like Lucy) to them that this is the etiquette for blogging.  You write, you read, you comment and then you – REPEAT.  I tell them that this is serious business and that it is imperative to developing and maintaining a wonderful blogging community.  They just stare blankly at me.  The common questions I get are, Are you getting paid for any of this? and Why?

Last night I went out to my favorite Mexican restaurant (ate killer fish tacos) with Mr. Brickhouse.  The entire time I talked about my blogging friends.  I discussed what they do, what books they have published, their experiences, their sad posts, their happy posts, their funny posts, their sexy posts, their underwear size and their menstrual cycles.

He listened attentively (either that or he was pretending to listen as he checked out the young girl at the bar) and even asked questions.  I figured, If I introduce my blogging friends to him in this way, he too will feel attached to you all and will understand my need to blog 24/7.  I think it worked a little…or it might have been the beer hearing aids he was wearing.

He is sober today and watching me in my bata right now writing this and does not look as happy or interested as he was last night.

This is my usual daily blogging routine:

(Keep in mind that my RA makes it difficult for me to have a real job since my pains and fatigue are unpredictable although usually present)

1) While waiting for my joints to un-stiffen every morning (usually at 1:00 in the afternoon), I stay in bed and begin reading all the new posts of the day.  While doing that, I get interrupted by an email or 5 or a Facebook message.  Then I remember that I have to transfer money using my online banking tool and switch over to that.  

2) Two and a half hours have passed and I have answered 20 texts and my mother’s phone call – which usually lasts one hour, while reading posts.  I check my Reader and there are now 10 new posts from bloggers I follow.  I don’t know if I should I read those or comment on the comments I commented on while reading the comments in the comment section? 

3)  I think of an earth shattering post I must write, right there and then and begin a new post.

4)  It’s 1:00 pm and I haven’t had breakfast, lunch or taken my important meds.  

5)  I get up and it takes me one hour to make breakfast, empty dishwasher, do dirty dishes all while trying to read new posts.

6)  Now I have to nap because I am exhausted from making breakfast and cleaning.

7)  It’s 4 pm and I go back at it on my laptop, while watching Judge Judy.

8)  It’s 6 pm and there is no dinner in sight.

9)  I make dinner, clean up and sit to rest while trying to catch up on the 50 new posts posted by the people I follow.

10)  I fall asleep at 11:45 pm with my laptop on my belly.

11)  New day = REPEAT

Please help me, oh wise ones.  

What strategies, tricks, time management skills,  or super powers do you have or use?

36 thoughts on “The Three Wise Men Arrive Tonight, But I Need Advice from YOU, Oh Wise Ones

  1. I cut down to writing one blog post every two weeks. That won’t work if you’re promoting a book or business, of course. I also manage WordPress so I get posts from current favorite blogs only once a week, and so on Mondays quickly scroll through them for ones of particular interest. Finally, I make myself put aside writing projects by 8:30 am and go to yoga. Exercise helps clear my head of blog fog. I love your January background. I’m inspired!


  2. It’s tough to balance for sure. When it starts to feel like a job, I quit blogging for awhile. My problem is balancing writing and reading. Sometimes I just can’t do both. Not helpful, I know, but truthful 😉


  3. I need some of this advice — after being off my computer for 2-3 weeks, it feels overwhelming to find time to catch up with everyone let alone write about all of the ideas I have swirling around in my head! My solutions, when I’m not woefully behind, are these — I only read/comment on blogs while I am eating breakfast, taking a procrastination break at work, or home alone and, when I write most of my posts, I get my husband involved in the process. I bounce ideas off of him, I let him read, and I usually let him get in a joke or two of his own (even if I don’t love them). When he feels invested in my internet ramblings, he’s a lot more willing to do the dishes or cook dinner while I’m frantically typing away.


    1. Pinot! Can I tell you how much I have missed you!?? Seriously to the point that I was going to privately contact you to make sure all was ok.

      Glad you took a nice break and a Happy New Year to you. Good advice on the husband participating, I will give that a try. 🙂


  4. Kind of funny that you asked a question to your readers. Now you have to read what we write. 🙂 I hear you. Sent John with my parents to work out so I could post. I’ve decided to not post more than twice a week. Once a week is good too. I have a Twitter account but rarely open it, I have Pinterest – what is that anyway? I don’t have a separate Facebook page to update and rarely read new posts because my life was being consumed with blogging. Basically took a week off over Christmas. Was great. Not sure where my blog is going as I’m too lazy to write a book. When it stops being fun, I’ll rethink this. My familys’ eyes also glaze over when I talk about blogging. Are we addicted????


  5. My time spent blogging has changed a lot over the years. Since this is not my full time job, and more of a hobby I don’t worry as much about when I post/read blogs anymore. I LOVE to read blogs, but lately I’ve spent my time doing other things and I just read them when I can!! I hated the stress that came with reading EVERY DAY and it wasn’t enjoyable anymore. Now, with moderated blog time it’s much better. Find what works for YOU.


  6. I do the vast majority of blogging from work.
    I’ll also scan the posts in my email from those I don’t follow closely, and delete if nothing grabs me.
    Every few days, I have to do a mass delete, just to keep my inbox under control.
    (But then, it’s quite possible I’m just a dick.)


    1. Great job that you can blog from work and not cut into your family time! Good advice on doing mass deletes, my inbox has 2 million unread messages staring at me every day urging me to read. MASS DELETE I will do! Regarding the you being a *ick – I would have deleted you if that were the case. 🙂


    1. Hello friend I have neglected – because of blogging! 🙂 I love doing it but definitely have to find a more effective way to do it while maintaining the fun and creativity. I am learning! ps. We need a night out soon, I promise not to talk about my blogger friend’s cycles – only mine! 🙂


  7. Be choosy about the blogs you follow faithful (of course, I know that mine will be a top priority LOL!). As much as we think we are wonder women, we still have our limits. After all, we MUST still get our required beauty sleep! I kind of rotate the blogs I comment on unless it is something I really feel compelled to say. And I change the blogs I get by email from time to time too. As their blogs change so does my interest. Yours being an exception, of course! Good luck finding the right balance


    1. I like the idea of rotating the blogs I get by email or that I want to see daily, weekly, etc. I will play around with those settings. I love writing and connecting with others but I just have to make sure I don’t stop connecting with my familia! Thanks, Pam. 🙂


  8. I only follow back if I think there is a chance to make a connection. I set each blog to either be read in the reader or emailed to me if it’s a favorite blogger (like you!). I read at least a paragraph and click like to let them know I was actually there. I can tell in the first paragraph if I have a connection to what I’m reading. If I do, I comment. I have several drafts pending and I work on them on days I can put 100% into it. When I need a post, I go to my drafts, finish it, and publish. I don’t post just to post, I know my core followers will wait for me.


    1. Very good points you make! I should look at my settings and organize them better. I choose to read based on the writer and not the post because I just like everyone! LOL. It all stems from my desire to keep peace and be nice to everyone plus I just love connecting with others. I will try some of your tricks – gracias!


  9. I love the new look, Maria! You must have an upgraded version of WordPress. I feel your pain. Blogging came consume our life if we allow it. I’ve met so many great people, like yourself and I can’t imagine not reading and commenting on the blogs I follow. I have stopped following bloggers who post too frequently. Since I work full-time, outside the home and have a life, I just couldn’t keep up any longer. I’ll admit, working on my novel and short stories have taken a back seat since I’ve started blogging and I don’t necessary think that’s a good thing, at least for me. There just isn’t enough time to do it all. I’m not on Twitter, rarely on Facebook, it’s blogs that consume my spare writing time. I don’t know what the answer is. Before I started my blog, I communicated with one of my favorite published writers to get her thoughts on blogging. Her advice to me was not to start blogging, just write my stories…obviously, I didn’t take her advice. One thing I can’t do is follow someone who writes long posts. I post once a week and usually no more than 500 words, I guess I’m catering to the reader who has time limitations like myself. I’ll be curious to read the other comments…perhaps someone else has the magic answer. Have a great week, Maria…stay warm!


    1. Thanks, Jill! I’m glad you didn’t take the advice of your writer friend and that you started your blog. 🙂 Blogging has really opened up my world and has given me something to look forward to while being at home (in bed) – but it is tough finding that balance. I also write when I get inspired with no plan or order (which one the one hand is fun and spontaneous but tough to fit in at specific times.)

      Thanks for your input and tips and for being a great friend. 🙂


  10. I’ve had to learn to limit myself. Unfortunately I don’t have time to read and comment every blogger I follow these days. The ones I have closest ties to? I get those via email…and still, sometimes I go without commenting/reading. Also, if something catches my fancy, or more than one thing, I’m learning to write the post and schedule it for release on the following day if I’ve already posted once…this way on days I don’t have time, I have other posts lined up. I’m also learning it’s not imperative to post daily. Those who love you won’t leave. They’re loyal. 😉


  11. I just tweeted you. But writing makes me happy. It’s a hobby and I write almost daily to myself. I only write on my blog – to an audience – once or twice a week. Writing keeps me sane, I guess. I too, am trying to stay off Facebook and such. That being said…I opened this up with “I just tweeted you.” Haha. My goals are not working!!


    1. Did you interrupt my blog commenting by tweeting me? LOL. I usually do an average of two posts a week but I always feel behind on the reading of other’s. I am enjoying tweeting though! 🙂


  12. I like the January theme. It makes me feel warm on this cold day.

    I have been blogging for a long time now, and I went through cycles where it consumed my life entirely. However, I eventually burnt out of that all-consuming attitude towards blogging, and I began to lose the joy. So now, I read posts only when they look interesting to me (not just because my favorite bloggers have written them). I comment only when I have something to say. I reply to comments all the time. Have I lost a few readers? Probably. Am I more in control of my time. Yes. I also ldon’t spend as much time on Facebook as it simply drives me crazy. I write a post when I ahve something to say, and no longer kill myself to write daily. It’s all about finding the balance that works for you.


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