Thirteen things I learned in 2013

Every year,  we hope to learn and grow from mistakes or experiences that hit us in the face when we weren’t looking – or even when we were.  At year-end, we reflect and hold on to hopes of having a better year to come.

These are some of the things I learned in 2013:

1.  Giving to others does not mean completely losing your heart and soul in the process.  You can only do so much for others before you have to get back to saving yourself.  This was a tough and painful lesson in 2012 and the beginning of 2013 when I took my troubled niece in to live with us.  The pain, ugliness and sadness I witnessed forever changed me and made me realize that I am not as strong as I thought I was.  I am however, proud of myself for trying and giving it my all.

2.  What a great idea it was to encourage my husband to volunteer to go on a service trip with our daughter in February.  Not only did they do a very good deed, but they bonded and traveled together through many states.  The bonus was that the guilt he felt for leaving me alone for that week was responsible for me sitting at the beach sipping piña coladas in Puerto Rico, getting spoiled rotten by my mom.

3.  That Jennifer Lawrence IS a wonderful actress even if I don’t love her short haircut.

4.  That Japan unveiled the world’s first “smelling” tv screen (what on earth does it smell like?)

5.  I learned not to start my own Ebay business since this was the year they began taxing online sales.

6.  That Bill Gates is back to being the richest man (72.7 billion) after losing in 2008. PHEW!

7.  I learned that my fear of train tracks and trains has quadrupled after all the derailments and train accidents in 2013.  There were at least 25 major train accidents around the world in 2013 (not to mention the smaller accidents).  AY!

8.   I was happy to learn that 6 states legalized same-sex marriage this year!  In addition, these countries joined the bandwagon: England, Brazil, Uruguay, France & New Zealand.

9.  Meanwhile not only did Vladimir Putin announce his divorce to his wife, but his loving country passed a law banning foreign same-sex couples from adopting children.   I hope Sochi 2014 proves to show the Russian government a thing or two about humanity and acceptance.

10.  That 2013 brought the first stem-cell lab-grown burger which was eaten  in London.

11.  I learned that financial aid is needed way before your Senior is accepted to college to pay for the ridiculously high application fees the colleges require.  In addition, next time I have kids, I will make the application fees paid by me BE their birthday and Christmas presents that year.  #feelingpoorbeforecollegebegins

12. That there is hope for us Catholics and humanity as a whole,  with the leadership of such an amazing man like Pope Francis.

13.  I learned what an incredibly fortunate person I truly am to be surrounded by such a loving family and friends and that it is possible to love people you haven’t even met – like all of you wonderful blogging friends.

Happy New Year!

Feliz Año Nuevo!

36 thoughts on “Thirteen things I learned in 2013

  1. My love for J.Law is never-ending. Think we can convince her to be friends with us? I really think we could. She would totally be down with drinking champagne punches and saying snarky shit in her pajamas — I know it!


  2. Love it! I learned that giving, laughing, sharing, and experiences actually fills me up! I used to be worried about saying ‘yes’ because it would take ‘my time.’ Now I know that my time is so much more fulfilled when some of it’s shared with others and not always by myself!


    1. Kitt, speaking of sex at 50 and beyond…you have definitely had an impact on my “explorative” pursuit of a healthy old person sex life! You reminded me that it’s all about creativity, you wild woman you! I have enjoyed our friendship very much and am so happy for your accomplishments (my husband thanks you too). xo 🙂


      1. Wow! That is one of the nicest compliments anyone’s ever given me. Love IT!!! Sex is ageless…unless we choose to pin an age on it. I firmly believe that. And trust me, firm is always better than limp. Hehehe! XO!


  3. Pope Francis rocks…and I’m Methodist! You’ve got me thinking Maria, about what I learned in 2013. One thing I know is what an incredible blogger and friend you’ve become. I pray that 2014 brings you better health and much peace and joy. You’re one in a million! Happy New Year! xo


    1. Stop making me cry, Jill! I’m hormonal as it is (plus the wine is not helping). I feel so lucky to have met you and consider you a wonderful friend. Thanks for being there for me always! ps. my son gave me a Duck Dynasty jigsaw puzzle for Christmas – Ay! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Catherine! There’s a lot more to that list but I wanted to spare you all the longer version. Lot’s of lessons this year. I am looking forward to the clean canvas the new year will bring. Happy New Year, Catherine!


  4. Holy Moly I thought I’d learned a thing or two but you just added to the list! A “smelling TV” what?! I need to go to Japan, it sounds like a land of magic and wizardry. It sounds like you had an excellent, albeit challenging, 2013. I’m excited to usher in this next one!


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