No Shave November/ Prostate Cancer Awareness

For the cause

For the cause

Before my wonderful friend Susie from:

challenged her followers to show their support for No Shave November (Movember) to raise awareness for prostate cancer, I had decided not to shave my legs for the month.

I couldn’t do the no shaving my underarms thing, but I don’t mind my own hairy legs.

Susie challenged us to post a hairy picture of ourselves for the cause.  Although I am not of Mexican descent (as was Frida) , I am of dark stubborn facial hair descent.  

There’s no getting around my stubborn dark mustache.  

I wax, pluck & bleach away only to see the little suckers grow back with a vengeance.

I cannot in good faith promise that I won’t try to get rid of this persistent ample upper lip growth this month,

but I will pencil in all the hair in the world!  What’s not to love about a uni-brow?  And a bigote followed by a little beard?

So this one is for my brave friend Andy at

and anyone else struck by this cancer.

Check out Susie’s blog to see more hairy pics.

Donations can be made @

Extreme Couponing and Re-u$ing Dental Flo$$



A$ I help my daughter fill out college application$ and navigate through her $enior year, all I $ee are $$$$$$$$ $ign$!

My $on will be a Junior in college next year and my daughter a fre$hman.  GULP.  Thi$ college thing co$t$, mucho dinero!

It’$ time to tighten my belt and $ave wherever I can.

I decided to check out couponing – of the extreme variety that i$ – becau$e well, I love extreme$.

OMG.  Have you people watched the Extreme Couponing $how?



Thi$ i$ how it work$:

Fir$t, you clip (make other$ do the clipping) thou$and$ of coupon$ including one$ for $tuff you don’t u$e or need.

Then, you go to the $tore feeling extremely excited and nervou$ a$ you go ai$le by ai$le filling at lea$t 2 huge cart$.  

If the coupon $ays, “$ave 75 cent$ on 20 can$ of $pam”, you get tho$e 20 can$ of $pam – damn it.

You al$o want to make $ure you go on “double coupon” day $o you can get more money off.

Once you are fini$hed filling the cart$ with hundred$ of item$ you will never u$e , you go to the check out.

$oon enough, the un$u$pecting  & innocent ca$hier will wi$h $he had choked on her corn dog at lunch, $o $he wouldn’t be alive to have to $can the 500 item$ in your two cart$, to then $can coupon by coupon.

The excitement from the beeping of the price $canner, will be too much for you to handle and you will feel like you are going to pa$$ out.  What if you made a mi$take calculating? What if, God forbid, you have to $pend $10 on your $700 total?

If you are a $ea$oned extreme couponer, mo$t likely you will not make any error$ calculating and after that very la$t coupon get$ $canned, you will owe 93 cent$!

If you are a real pro, you may even end up with a negative total, in which ca$e the $tore will owe you money!

At thi$ very moment, you will feel the be$t high and euphoria you have ever felt in your life (well, $ince your la$t vi$it to the $tore – ye$terday),  reinforcing once again, your extreme addiction and leaving you hungry for more.

The next $tep i$ even more confu$ing to me.  You get home and you put away the mad amount$ of product$ (you will never u$e) in your new $tock room (formerly known a$ your living room) for di$play.

When company come$ over, you cannot wait for them to $ee what a bad-a$$ $aver you are!

Hmmm.  I will have to give extreme couponing, clo$er con$ideration.

Not to worry my friend$,  TLC channel’$, Extreme Cheap$kate$ provide$ u$ with more idea$ for $aving $$$.

Perhap$ I $hould implement $ome of the$e in my hou$ehold.

I could in$i$t that my hu$band and I $hower together to con$erve H20 – that $ound$ kinda fun!

I could al$0 implement the, no flu$hing if it i$ ju$t #ONE, rule! Heck,I could $tart feeding them le$$ food $o that #TWO, is not even an i$$ue! I think I’m getting the hang of thi$.

Hanging our u$ed paper towel$ to dry in our dining room is another po$$ibility. A$ i$ $eparating our 2-ply toilet paper to make two different roll$.

How about refilling my condiment bottle$ at home with free packet$ from fa$t food re$taurant$?

Many of the$e idea$ are intriguing.  But I am $orry.  I will ab$olutely without a doubt,

 NOT re-u$e dental flo$$!!!!

I could ju$t not $end my daughter to college…

What extreme $aving$ tip$ do you have?