Comes Home A Young Man


He is born one month early, a bit underweight.  His eyes are wide open, his apgar score an 8.

A content precious infant,  sleeping away.  Cries only heard when he needs us, smiles and giggles most every day.

Belly is filled with oodles of love, legs try to bounce and hop.  Curiosity takes over his hungry mind, questions bombarding non stop.

Wants to be just like his daddy, but adores his mom just the same.  School is a new adventure as he starts to “play the game”.

Bathroom words are hilarious, he can’t stop reciting them at bay.  As parents we try to be serious but laugh because, what can we say?

Balls, swords and bikes are a plenty, as he figures it out on his own.  Soon the pimples start showing and maybe even a broken bone.

Deodorant is a blessing in a house that is quite small, dirty socks on the table, underwear in the hall.

Car keys go missing and worries increase, he prefers his friends now and tries hard to please.

Twelve years of school soon come to an end.  Who is this young boy graduating, wasn’t he just ten?

The time has now come, to leave the cozy nest.  College is upon him and all of the rest.  He leaves apprehensive, anticipation is high.  He loves his family but it is time to say goodbye.

His parents and sister mourn his sweet presence, dinners are quieter, dirty socks missing.   He appreciates his family and becomes their biggest fan.

He leaves as a teen and comes home a young man.

24 thoughts on “Comes Home A Young Man

  1. That’s so beautiful!!! Kids grow up so fast!!! I noticed that with my nephew this Thanksgiving!!!! Awww. You must be sooo proud of him. He’s a fine young man.
    Great new look by the way!


    1. Thanks Andra. I was getting bored with my theme and looked for something more jazzy for the holidays. I’m loving the snow falling through my words. Hee,hee. It’s the little things in life that matter! 🙂


    1. His room was still a mess, but I didn’t mind. 🙂 He’ll be back for Christmas which will be a nice long break. The house feels complete when he’s home even though he still loves those bathroom words! 🙂


  2. My baby is doing his high school senior year at community college. He will do one more year there, and then transfer out of state. I miss him already. How can he be so much taller than I am when I would swear I just put him down in his crib for a nap? Bittersweet. Enjoy your boy/man. 🙂


    1. They will always be babies to us. It is bittersweet and now I have to say goodbye to my daughter next fall! It’s a good thing my husband and I still love each other and have fun hanging out together. 🙂


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