You know your teens are “growing up” when…


1.   They agree to go bowling with you (in public)

2.   They – thank you (at least once a year)

3.   They utter the words, “You.are.right.” and actually mean it

4.   They ask how THEY can help you

5.   They do the dishes – just because

6.   They laugh at your corny jokes (and they are all corny)

7.  They ask to borrow your clothes

8.  They tell you they love you – even when they don’t need money or the car

9. They ask you how YOU are feeling

10.  They use the “s” word – SORRY

11. They tell you your holiday sweater looks nice on you

12.  They ask you what YOU want to do

13.  They watch a movie of your choice with you, on a Saturday night

14.  They are considerate and only laugh at you BEHIND your back

15.  They miss you when you or they are away (and not because they are hungry)

16.  They volunteer to cook a meal

17.  They point out when you are drinking too much (darn it)

18.  They ask you for the recipe to one their favorite meals you make

*This past weekend my teens went bowling with Mr. Brickhousechick and I.  They watched a movie with us on Saturday night AND my almost 20-year-old asked me for my chili recipe.  He made it once he got back to college and served it to his buddies.  He sent me a picture titled, “So Good”.


My parenting work is done. 🙂

27 thoughts on “You know your teens are “growing up” when…

  1. My boys are the same way. It is extremely nice when they seem to be turning out so well. I’m glad that you are also blessed with such wonderful kids. It is hard sending them away, but you are right that it does make you feel a little better that maybe they will eventually be okay. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Kim 😉


  2. You must feel really proud . . . and also sad. It’s hard to see them grow up, isn’t it? It’s hard for me to acknowledge that my nieces are in college. College!!!!


  3. It looks like you get an ‘A’ for your report card. But Maria, I hate to burst your bubble….Christmas is not much more than a week away…they are hedging their bets. Didn’t you play that game when you were a kid at Christmas and before b-days? Now, about that Chili recipe….are you still passing it around? I’ld love to have a good Latin chili recipe down here (with a splash of salsa)… Congrats on some great kids Maria! Nice work… 🙂


    1. Ay, Dios Mio – Andy! DUH! What was I thinking??? I knew there had to be a reason for their newfound kindness! hee,hee. I think besides wanting good presents for Christmas, they are maturing and growing up! I will get that recipe to you. The key to all the Spanish recipes is to use Goya’s ADOBO seasoning! You must get that before I can go on. 🙂


      1. I am making a grocery list as we speak. ADOBO is the type of Goya’s seasoning? Of course I am joking above. I know you have some great kids and that you and Mr. B. did a great job. I no way wanted to suggest they are as scandalous and tricky as I was at their age 😉


  4. YOU are doing great with your kids! Thank you BH for following and visiting my blog. Obviously, you’re getting it right. So good to see you and thank YOU for being a “cool” parent.


    1. Nice to see you too, Brigitte. I always enjoy your posts. You have a way with your words and can find the humor in most situations! Not sure if I will ever be “cool” but I will settle for not being too annoying! 🙂


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