WARNING: A Very Sappy But Love-Filled Post



It was summer of 1981.  You took me to a beautiful lake nearby with a picnic blanket and basket in tow.  We sat on the blanket and you listened very intently to my woes.  The jerk had cheated on me and you wanted to comfort me.  What a wonderful friend you were.

We talked, we laughed and we basked in the sun.  Your next move forever changed my life and led me to the happiness I feel today and every day.

As I spoke, you stared right into my eyes as you lifted your hand and gently began to play with my hair.  My heart skipped many beats as I let you thread your fingers through my curls.  I sat frozen, unable move.  Whatever magic spell you meant to cast on me was successfully carried out. I was yours.

I had never dated anyone like you.  So polite, so generous and forever the gentleman.  Chivalry defined you.  You opened the car door for me,  you held my hand and led me, you walked on the outside of the sidewalk to protect me from cars,  you put your arm out across my chest to protect me from harm when having to suddenly stop while driving, you helped me with my coat and you always put me ahead of your own needs.

The endless flowers you sent me, the beautiful cards, drawings and poems taught me what romance truly meant.

Even after I foolishly ended our relationship, you were still there.  You never stopped calling, writing and coming to see me.  You never gave up on me.

You endured my father’s strict rules and graciously asked him for my hand in marriage.  You were by my side when my illness struck.  You nursed me and lifted my spirits when the diagnosis came.  You held my hand through the surgeries and went to every doctor’s appointment with me.

You were there during the birth of our two wonderful children and reassured me when my health brought risk to their births.  What a wonderful father you were and still are.  Taking the children out every weekend to let me sleep in.  Always putting my needs ahead of yours.

Your love for me has never wavered.  You continue to be strong for me, to help me navigate through the obstacles and pain this chronic illness has brought with it.  Always understanding, always compassionate.

Your humor has healed me more than any medicine ever could.  I love how you make me laugh day after day.

Your romantic ways continue to make me feel like a queen and bring out the passionate woman in me. 

Just when I think we can’t possibly love each other more, the strength of our relationship deepens further as we deal with life’s ups and down.

I can’t imagine my life without you and feel forever grateful to you for giving so much of yourself to me.

Te quiero mucho,

Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary1_2

41 thoughts on “WARNING: A Very Sappy But Love-Filled Post

    1. YES, Brittany. They do exist! And I am convinced that you will find your partner in life in due time! My mother found her second husband who is also wonderful and is 75. They come in all ages. hee,hee.


  1. Hi Maria we are new to your blog by way of mutual blogging friend Carrie Rubin. First off, congratulations. 24 years in this day & time is more like a hundred! Too many people end relationships with divorce which seems to be the easy fix to a problem. 24 years shows the depth of love & respect two people have for each other & what they feel for that other person! Hope you have twenty-four more & from the beautiful post you wrote, it’s clear you will! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


  2. Happy anniversary! It’s truly the little things, isn’t it? I feel so loved that I could almost burst when my husband, without a word, always takes the outside whenever we walk or run anywhere together to protect me from cars.


  3. That was exactly the way that Rob treated me… differently from any other guy that I had know. He is still here by my side also through all my surgeries, and debilitating stuff, and believe it or not, in Dec. we will also be celebrating #24!! So congrats on finding a good one, there are a few out there, and we are blessed to have found them. Hope your day is filled with joy and blessings, and this next year will bring you a little less pain, and a whole lot of fun! 😉 God bless, Kim


    1. Thank you Kim! So glad you feel the same about your wonderful husband! Happy 24th to you too. It is a blessing for us to have such wonderful partners. We had a wonderful celebration but unfortunately had a funeral to attend. I’ve been out of the blog world for a couple and I need to catch up on posts. I’ll be heading over to your blog soon. 🙂


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