Military Bases, Sea Lions, Pebble Beach, Orgasmic Sunsets, Pink Striped Undies and Dirty Old Men

(Second of three posts of my California Trip. To see first post click here.)

Once we arrived in Monterey after traveling for what felt like 127 hours, all was calm.  We had never seen my mother and her husband’s home in Monterey since they wed three years ago.  They spend half of the year in Puerto Rico and the other half in Monterey.


The next morning we wasted no time getting out to tour the area.  My mother’s husband was a wonderful tour guide.  He is a retired air force and army engineer who went on two tours to Vietnam. He took us around to Fort Ord, a Us Army post where he was stationed during his youth.  

He also took us to the site of the Navy Postgraduate School in Monterey which used to be one of the finest luxury hotels in California.  The grounds and buildings of this old Hotel Del Monte , whose guests including Theodore Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway, are gorgeous

20131016_123813_resized 20131016_123109_resized 20131016_123049

We then headed to Monterey Bay to gawk at the lovable and noisy sea lions.

"What are you looking at?"

“What are you looking at?”


The tour continued through Pebble Beach‘s 17 Mile Drive.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful week weather-wise.


20131016_160833 20131016_153252 20131016_152859


Our hungry bellies led us straight to Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant in Pebble Beach.

20131016_135917_resizedNeed I say more?


A delicious Bento Box arrangement!

20131016_144658_resized 20131016_144703

Need I say more about Roy’s?

We ended this marvelous day at the Hyatt Carmel Highlands to watch the most orgasmic sun set ever, while sipping on wine and eating olives (and then smoking a cigarette – just kidding.)

photo 4

My husband who is a biologist, avid birder and  Environmental Planner, tends to look at life through… magnifying lenses.


These are no beer goggles…



photo-584 20131016_161024_resized20131016_112444_resized

He had to look down to see this tarantula

He had to look down to see this creature

In addition to Condors as well as other Western Birds,  he was hoping to spot a Mountain Lion.  He headed out early one morning on a solo trip to see what he could find.


As he hiked through farm land, this sign above made him cautiously excited that he may indeed encounter a Mountain Lion but he was beginning to regret exploring on his own.

Feeling the heat of the late morning, he began to shed his layers of clothing as he hiked along.  He took off a second layer and suddenly saw a very bright pink object (sorry, no picture) which had clung to his shirt, fall on the ground.  

O.M.G.  It was one of our daughter’s pink stiped undies!  Fresh out of the dryer prior to leaving for our trip.  He immediately put it in his pant pocket, looked around to make sure nobody was looking and felt relieved to find himself,  all alone.

It was finally time to go on a search of my own to find, Clint!  We headed to one of the most popular piano bars at the Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant  (bought by Clint Eastwood when he learned it would be developed) for after dinner drinks.

20131016_172132 20131016_172235

I walked in the door and looked straight at the piano to see if Clint happened to be playing but…(although probably the same age as Clint,) THIS was NO Clint:


We stayed for a couple of hours and were treated to the talented fingers of Russian pianist, Gennady Loktionov who was the special music arranger for Clint’s movie, Million Dollar Baby.


Here he is playing his magic…but where’s Clint?

This place is crazy! A sort of meat market if you will,  for 60+ locals who like to go on Thursday nights. Anybody who wants can go up and sing along with Gennady – and that they did!

Sitting in the back, I could not see the bar action very well so I decided to sit up at the bar where there was only one seat open at the time.  My husband and parents stayed behind at our table.

As I sang along to Piano Man, I noticed Gennady ogling over my way as he played along.  My mom then came up to the bar to alert me of this which she could see from the table in the back.  I smiled and kept singing along.

Now, my husband is used to seeing turkey vultures while out on his adventures but these 60+ human male vultures, immediately came in for the kill!  I was surrounded by a couple of them circling above me who assumed I was alone.

Then came Gus.  Poor Gus.  He had definitely been there all night (according to other women who warned me that he was out for the hunt) and his 70-year-old body was not cooperating.  He swooped right in, put his hand on my back and asked me if I had been there all night.  I smiled once again and said, “Yes, and so has my husband over there.”

At this point my husband came to my rescue and we watched Gus and the others make their rounds looking for fresh meat.

I reminded my husband that had that been Clint, I would have allowed him to touch my back and do whatever he wanted to do to me.

Although, have you people seen Scott Eastwood?  

courtesy of Getty images

courtesy of Getty images

He resembles his father and is rumored to play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

I might have to choose Scott over Clint.

*Stay tuned for post #3 where I tell you about road runners, squeezed nipples and broken toes.*

22 thoughts on “Military Bases, Sea Lions, Pebble Beach, Orgasmic Sunsets, Pink Striped Undies and Dirty Old Men

  1. Such gorgeous, gorgeous photos, Maria. But now having seen what you had to eat, I’m totally starving! And oh my! Your husband played off the panties well. 🙂
    Your story about being surrounded by old men who wanted to pick you up is hilarious!
    And Scott Eastwood is darling!
    Glad you had a great time!


    1. The food was amazing!! As was the sights and vistas. I laughed so hard when my husband told me about the undies, especially since he is the King of laundry at our house. Looks like Scott Eastwood was not chosen after all. It’s now, Jamie Dornan ?. Either one. 🙂


  2. I am still laughing about your husband walking around with the panties stuck to him! It reminds me of the time I was at a party and someone finally clued me in that I had a sticker running the length of the back of my leg with the size on it. Mortifying. So glad you had great weather!


    1. Oh Shannon, it was quite the trip! We got a lot in in five days. My daughter laughed so much about her undies story. 🙂 I have done that, the sticker on my pants thing! It is sooo embarrassing. My mom and her husband were wonderful as always! I miss them already!


  3. Welcome home, Maria! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. Yowza! That steak from Roy’s is huge! Is it sitting on a pile of ribs? So, how did the diet go? 🙂 I’m glad you had a great time despite the run in with Gus. I had a Gus experience on a train once…it was like a bad dream. I hope you’re feeling well!


    1. Hi Jill! The trip was amazing and delicious. Gluten Free had to take a back seat (in the way back) for this trip. There was no way I was going to limit my options. My mom and her husband are the most adorable couple and they spoil us rotten. Gus was harmless and I am sure he is a nice man – probably lonely :(. The piano bar has great energy and I loved it. My body cooperated with me after resting some, except for the broken toe (I’ll talk about that at the next post). 🙂


  4. This vacation improved upon exiting the plane and calming your baggage. Your mom has ended up in a lovely part of the world. That 17 mile drive is gorgeous, and thanks to your pictures, I am hungry again.

    I have a different view of dirty old men. I am flattered anyone looks at me, though I do not encourage them, I admire their taste. 🙂

    Does your daughter know about the underwear? Has she burned them yet?


    1. I am so fortunate to be able to visit her in CA or Puerto Rico! How wonderful is that? We had such an amazing time. It is flattering to be noticed no matter how old the “notice-r” is. Gus was harmless! And yes, my daughter knows about her undies story and she was sure to share it with her teammates before a game. Too funny! 🙂


  5. I had to read this twice as the title sounded exactly like a dream I had last night..except for the Pebble Beach part. It looks like a great trip Maria. Thanks for the narrative! I missed the first trip post I guess and looking forward to the next….as we as another one of those sunsets. ~ I didn’t know you were talking about nture there, or a drink or a super good yoga pose. (?) 🙂 Glad to see you back home Ms. Brickhouse!


    1. Thanks, Andy! You had dreams about dirty old men? I am acclimating to being back East and missing the 70 degree temperatures as well as the ocean. It was a wonderful trip!! Luckily for all, I don’t do yoga poses. 🙂


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