But hey…at least our tickets were free



After 50 years of flying, we finally managed to accumulate enough miles to fly for free.  My husband and I decided on California since my mother recently moved there with her husband.  We even had left-over miles to cover our car rental minus ($60)we were short.

How cool is that?  Pretty cool except that free tickets often mean flying all over the country before reaching your destination.  Our itinerary was to fly from Boston to Miami (really?) to LAX to Monterey.  But hey…at least our tickets were free.

We got up at 3:45 that morning, drove 1.5 hours east to the bus terminal ($44 round trip bus fare & $60 weekly parking fee) and rode the bus for 45 minutes to the airport.  But hey…at least our tickets were free.

The airline we were flying is not one of the ones that lets you check in the first bag for free. Nope. ($50 for two bags).

While planning our trip, since –But hey…at least our tickets were free, I decided to splurge a bit and get a one day pass to all the Admiral Clubs ($99) at the 200 airports we would be stopping at.  After all, what would we do during all those lay over hours?

Let me tell you, I am never waiting at a regular gate again!  They had huge comfy chairs, complimentary drinks of the alcohol variety, immaculate bathrooms with FREE feminine products and mouthwash. Hello?  Except that the food was not free and we had a ($40) lunch.  But hey…at least our tickets were free.

When I travel, I always ask for wheelchair services (it‘s one of the  perks of having RA) because it is exhausting to walk through airports.  They wheel me to ticket counters, Admiral Clubs, gates and I get to board first.  My hubby is always right there carrying all the heavy carry-ons…wishing he could sit on my lap.  This time due to the many connections, he dished out about ($25) in tips to all my friendly wheelchair pushers.  But hey…at least our tickets were free.

Our seats were the first ones behind first class.  Lot’s of leg room to stretch my joints but within viewing, hearing and smelling distance to the royal treatment of the one percent in this country, chewing their filet mignons and sipping their champagne.  Never mind that I was freezing but no blankets were available to us commoners.  But hey…at least our tickets were free.

After landing at our final destination at 1:00 am our time, we picked up our rental car but not before dishing out an additional ($70) in special insurance which covers the cost of loss revenue to the rental company in the event that we crash the car and they can’t rent it while being repaired. Really?

In conclusion, we hadn’t even arrived at my mom’s house and we had already spent ($400).

But hey…at least our tickets were free.

Stay tuned for more adventures including me getting “picked up” while at The Mission Ranch.

22 thoughts on “But hey…at least our tickets were free

  1. Lol! Sounds like quite the adventure. What kind of program is that? I use jetblue and we accumulate points with their card. When we have enough (which doesn’t take long), we use the points to purchase tickets, free but far less hectic. Airlines suck overall, but I think jetblue and southwest are much better than the larger ones. 🙂


  2. The airlines suck. Every single, solitary one of them. I am glad to know you made it to your ultimate destination on your “free” tickets, and you were fetching enough after all that trauma to be picked up. Eagerly awaiting that tale, and hope you and your husband are having a blast.


  3. I hope you have a great vacation in California. That’s where we call home. Two of our boys were born in Monterey, and my hubby’s folks still live in Santa Cruz, Ca. I miss it immensely. Try and re-lax all your muscles before your flight back! I know plane travel for me is rather painful. Good luck! 🙂


  4. What an awesome story, Maria! It made me laugh, but then I thought about my recent “free” trip and sighed. I had two two-hour layovers in Vegas on my way to Utah. So much for free. You don’t have to leave the airport to spend money!


  5. Oh Maria, this was great! I’m glad you provided the grand total…I was trying to calculate as I read the post. 🙂 Boston to Miami, that’s crazy! It’s probably best you didn’t get a blanket, I hear they’re very germy. 🙂


    1. Well Jill, the one percent had brand new blankets – unopened on their seats. I should have grabbed one on my way to my coach seat. 😉 Lucky for us, my parents have been spoiling us and treating us to fabulous restaurants. 😉


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