Go Ahead Clint, Make My Day



I am headed your way, Dirty Harry.

What are my chances of seeing you?

I know you are 83 years young and still quite the Stud.  I just turned 50 and although I have celebrated ’till the cows came home and back and then home again,  the celebration continues.

This time my husband and I are celebrating both our 50ths (his was last year) and are taking a trip out your way! We leave tomorrow for the week.

I have been in your neck of the woods before, back in 1985. I ate at your old place, Hog’s Breath in Carmel when you were Mayor– but did not bump into you.

It is now 2013 and your life is somewhat of a mess.  I know Dina didn’t behave very well and that reality show was too much for you, but now you are dating the wife of the man Dina is dating?  What’s up with that?

Even though you endorsed Romney for President – I forgave you and still want to see you.  I actually have a couple of favors to ask of you.

Do you think you could show up at the place you own,  Mission Ranch in Carmel this coming Thursday?  A little birdie (my mom) told me that you frequent the Ranch and have been known to play the piano for the crowd.  She has enjoyed hearing you play.  Can you re-arrange your schedule? Yes?  Great, see you there!

The other favor is, could you contact your buddies in Congress and encourage them to re-open the government (maybe you could use the chair trick again?)  We really want to visit a few National Parks while in Monterey and well, our timing stinks.  You surely must have some pull.



I know you are busy with your new love interest and new project directing your version of Jersey Boys in LA, but you need a break.  You need to hang out back up North where I will be.

I am staying with my mom and her wonderful husband right in Monterey and dining and hiking (my husband will do the hiking and me the dining) the Big Sur and in San Francisco.

You being there would just simply, Make My Day.

26 thoughts on “Go Ahead Clint, Make My Day

    1. It is sad, but I think people still think of him as Dirty Harry and love his wonderful films. To think he started doing Sci-Fi movies like, Tarantula before his infamous westerns. Chair or not, he would still make my day. 🙂


  1. I’m sure Clint has an empty chair somewhere or other for you to occupy while visiting with him. We went to a game preserve yesterday to see what migratory birds were visiting and it was shut down. That has been my one and only encounter with the shutdown if you don’t look at my 401K.


    1. I know, right? This time I will make it more about my hubby since he didn’t have 100 parties like I did. 🙂 He’s going to love it there. Have a wonderful week, Jill – I’m sure I will be popping my head in between meals. 🙂


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