It keeps coming…

I am having a conversation with a friend.  Suddenly, I feel something gummy and gooey inside my mouth.  I open my mouth and try to pull it out.  I start pulling.  And pulling.  And pulling.

It feels like a huge wad of gum stuck in my mouth and in my teeth.  I keep pulling.  It keeps coming.  I use my index finger to scoop a larger amount out of my mouth.  I succeed, only to find there is more to take out.  

My friend watches in horror.  I assure her that I am almost done taking it out.  I am embarrassed and beyond anxious.   I keep pulling it out but it becomes increasingly heavy and resistant. I need both my hands to yank it out.  It won’t stop.  It keeps coming. 

Then, I wake up.

Dream interpreters suggest that mouth dreams have to do with communication and that an object in your mouth represents an obstacle.  

Another interpretation is that the item in your mouth, represents a foreign or toxic substance in your body that needs to come out.

This is a recurring dream.  It is time I do some searching and analysis to figure out what this dream is telling me.

What recurring dreams do you have?

{Take a look at this funny video of a man pulling a string out of his mouth.}

12 thoughts on “It keeps coming…

  1. I continually have a dream where I am somewhere and have to go to the bathroom and there is no bathroom. I spend the dream looking for a place where I can discreetly go to the bathroom without making a scene. So weird!


    1. I have had that same dream! I think that is somewhat of a common one since peeing is so…popular. It’s the worst feeling when you can’t find a bathroom, whether dreaming or not. 🙂


  2. OMG! I used to have this dream all the time…then I turned 50 and starting saying whatever the heck I wanted to say….haven’t had that dream in awhile now 😉


  3. That’s an odd one, Maria! Did you swallow a lot of bubble gum as a child? I used to have a recurring dream my teeth were falling out…it was always so real. Come to find out, I was grinding my teeth. Now I wear a night guard and my teeth are intact.


    1. I also have teeth falling out dreams as well as realizing that I never graduated from high school or that I missed a class. This one is definitely odd and makes me feel so strange when I remember it. I discovered that I am not alone and that others have this dream. Who knew?

      My teeth have been very sensitive lately and I need that root canal so it’s probably related. It’s just so disturbing.


      1. I would say the pending root canal is the cause dream. I thought you had it done already, but you’ve been too busy partying. 🙂

        Now I can’t get the movie Alien out of my head. By the way, I started a new puzzle this weekend. Boy, I couldn’t peel myself away to come back to work. 🙂 Have a great week!


        1. It probably is although I’ve had the dreams several times before this root canal thing. Hmmmm.

          Did you watch that video I posted? Pretty gross but funny. YAY on the new puzzle. I’m still working on my cheeseburger one. 🙂


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