First and Ten – Do it Again!

I don’t hate football, I just don’t get it.  

Never mind that I was a football cheerleader in high school and had no idea what this cheer meant, “First and Ten – Do it again!”  Do what?  First and Ten? Huh?

I know these statements above don’t make me appear very intelligent but it’s mostly about the lack of interest.  Contrary to what you may believe, I am kind of smart, you know.

I just choose not to be smart when it comes to football.

In spite of this flaw, I have become somewhat of a Patriots fan (thanks to Tom Brady, I mean Tommy Baby.)  I will actually sit down and watch his “backside” as well as that of his teammates.  You know, the tight pants and the bending over… and I even know to clap when there is a touchdown.

My favorite part of the game of course, is the eating of junk food while “watching”.  Such a great excuse to eat greasy, salty and fatty foods.  The GLUTEN kind of food.  Word has it that it is completely acceptable to eat a whole bag of chips with onion dip, when watching football.  Nobody judges you (cuz nobody is watching you because they are watching the game.)

I know there are a lot of XX chromosomes out there that love the game – and if you are one of them, good for you.  

This leads me to my not so favorite part of game watching.  Listening to the XY chromosomes in the room reacting to every single play.  

It makes it for a very stressful experience.  There is often a lot of yelling, swearing, screaming, scolding, arguing, standing up, knee slapping, fist clenching, pointing and swearing some more.  Even during the commercials.

They automatically become football experts/coaches who criticize the plays that didn’t work and argue about how they would have handled it differently.

They analyze everything to death.  They analyze the morning of the game, during the pre-game, during the game, during the commercials, after the game, the morning after, the afternoon after and into the next evening.

These are the same XY’s who claim not to be capable of understanding or engaging in a conversation with the XX’s to analyze their relationships.  They suddenly forget how to speak, what to say or how to describe their thoughts or feelings.  Even though, they have just solved all the NFL problems and have come up with new ideas, resolutions and strategies.

Remind me to wear this, the next time I want to “talk” to my XY:


37 thoughts on “First and Ten – Do it Again!

  1. It sounds that you enjoy football in the same way I like watching women’s beach volleyball and platform diving. The XX human form is a wonderful thing to watch too, And I don’t think about eating chips and dips or the score while watching either, they are much healthier sports for the XY spectator to watch. ;).


  2. Australian football must seem crazy compared to NFL; no headgear, no shoulder pads, heavy tackles, big gruff looking guys…

    I’d only go for the food as well 😉


  3. I’m one of those XX chromosomes that loves everything about that sport…and many others. Back when we were just friends, my husband used to laugh and joke about how hot he found it that not only could I read the sports section, but it made sense.

    I have many a male friend who aren’t sports fans. They lack the interest. Nothing wrong with it. It’s what makes the world interesting. Me, though? I love the competition, the physicality and the intensity that goes with all of it. I also miss being the little tomboy who got to play tackle football in the yard before boys were taught it was wrong to “hit” a girl…or were afraid to tackle me because it might hurt and I might cry…LOLOL! Back then it was just as easy to make them reconsider that position by tackling them as hard as I could. Then I grew up. 😦


    1. Ha! Funny Kitt! I was actually somewhat athletic when I was younger and enjoyed playing football & baseball with the boys in the neighborhood. It sure was fun! Guys do find it hot when a girl is into sports. I have a feeling my husband prefers that I wear that football outfit than I be “into” football. 🙂


      1. I think mine would be okay with both. Afterall, he did let me tackle him in the endzone at the old Texas Stadium…and even pretended to cough up the ball. (For someone who’s both competitive and a former football player, you know that’s love…LOL!).


  4. Brilliant. Well said. I love the way you write. I too do not understand football, or any sport for that matter, the fanatical people just boggle my mind, but then again, I guess if they enjoy it, who am I to judge, right. As to the last part of your post, I can attest to that. Every time I try to talk to my husband it digresses quickly to mumbles and jokes (the not funny kind of jokes).


    1. Thank you! As I said, I am not a hater, just think it’s comical and ironic. I love baseball and have been known to behave in a similar fashion. I just couldn’t help myself as I observed last night’s antics. 🙂


        1. Hrm. I tend to believe it’s bad karma to wish death on someone, but I know what you mean. As for Romo, the excuse has always been that he didn’t have a solid O-line to protect him. So far his O-line has looked pretty solid. We’ll see what happens. (Yes, I have taken a wait and see mentality with him)


  5. Thanks for the Monday morning laugh! Don’t hate me, Maria…but I love watching football. Growing up, my mom and dad were huge Washington Redskin fans. My mom really got into it, jumping up and down on the couch when the Redskins scored. I too enjoy the tight pants, but not so much on the 300+ pounders. Have a great week!


    1. I could never hate you, Jill! Hello???? I don’t hate fans, I just observe their behavior – especially in my house while I am trying to calmly eat my chips and onion dip. As to the 300 pounders, I’m with you on that one! Quarterbacks are the best to enjoy.


  6. Oh, I’m one of “those” who lives, eats, breathes, talks football during the season. Unfortunately, my team sucks right now. But I’m still watching every minute I can. I put the fan in fanatical 🙂


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