Too Much Birthday

I hear you, Sister Bear Berenstain!

You were just watching as Papa cut down a tree in the woods of Bear Country with Mama and Brother, when you noticed the peculiar rings around the tree stump.  After asking Papa what the rings were, he went into a long explanation about the meaning of the rings and how they tell us the age of the tree.  


All your Bear friends showed up and even some of Brother’s friends.  Then, while playing spin the bottle (which by the way, is a little too risqué for a 6-year-old, don’t ya think?), the bottle pointed at you and you only kissed Brother because you were too shy (as a 6-year-old should be) and so his friends made fun of you!

And, not to mention the big surprise Papa had for you outside!  A carousel?  What the heck was Papa thinking?  He didn’t even check with Mama who is obviously the boss, before booking it!

Of course you were wailing, Oh Sister Bear!  It was way too overwhelming.  Simply,

Too Much Birthday!

The truth is I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and attention I received for my birthday!  I didn’t wail like Sister did, but I cried many tears of joy.

I also became quite tired of myself.  That’s when you know you have had too much birthday – when you can’t even stand yourself any longer.  Not to mention how many cakes I have eaten. 🙂

The all-girls week at the beach was incredible as was the party my friend had for me last weekend!  Unbelievable!  The only way to tell you about it is through pictures.  I hope they capture how much fun I had and how very fortunate I am.


Beautiful day at the beach mid-Sept with the cousins.



Brother in Law’s beautiful home  which hosted the cousin’s reunion.



Mimosas Galore!


I was treated to this amazing dinner – those are fried oysters! Thank you to all my cousins – Marias

image-1 image-3 image-2

37th cake eaten

We would have eaten these two turkeys that walked through our yard also it we weren't so full!

We would have eaten these two turkeys that walked through the yard had we not been so “stuffed”!

Then, there was the other party.

Invitation Cover made by my friend's daughter

Invitation cover made by my friend’s daughter

One of my great friends had the idea to have all the ladies put on red lipstick in my honor (since I never leave home without mine on), so when I walked in the door this is what I was greeted by:

100_9044 - Version 4 100_9044 - Version 3 100_9044 - Version 2 100_9041 - Version 3 100_9041 - Version 2

A little freaky I know, but I am only authorized to show feet and lips on this post (and a few hands).

Delish food and champagne

Delish Food and Champagne

100_9053 100_9046-1

Then my dear readers, there were the presents!

Beautiful Roses & Wine

Beautiful Roses & Wine

The most beautiful Rosary bead I have ever seen!

The most eclectic Rosary Beads I have ever seen! Thanks Mami (If only it came with directions…)

Coach & More Alex & Ani, thanks to my Sis

Chocolates, Coach bags & More Alex & Ani (thanks Sis)

Beautiful cheetah-print sweater. ROAR!

Beautiful cheetah-print sweater. ROAR!

Products all the way from the Blue Lagoon, Iceland. Thanks cuz.

Products all the way from the Blue Lagoon, Iceland. Thanks, Cuz.

A donation to the Arthritis Foundation on my behalf! Wow!  Thanks, Mama.

A donation to the Arthritis Foundation in my honor! Wow! Thanks, “Mama”.

Grapefruit Vodka with grapefruit seltzer from my fav Gremlin Food Mama  check out her blog!

Grapefruit Vodka with grapefruit seltzer from my fav Gremlin Food Mama check out her blog!

A framed copy of one of my blog posts, which was published in the newspaper, what a thoughtful gift! 

And the most amazing present EVERY 50 year-old chick MUST have, given to me by my awesome “sweats as much as I do twin”!  

20130915_122256_resized 20130916_122055 20130916_122019_resized 20130916_122252

We are talking, Hot Girl’s Pearls.  “Global Cooling, One Woman at a Time”!

I kid you not.  You place these wonderful pearls (I like to call them my balls) in the freezer and then put them on and voila!  Your hot flashes – or just hotness will freeze away!  Swish!  Not your hotness as in you are “hot”, but your miserable type of hotness.  And, I even got the black and white polka dot “sac” for my balls – so I can travel with them.  Hello???!!

Here I am "modeling" the pearls. LOL

Here I am “modeling” the pearls. LOL

So as you can see, I had way Too Much Birthday (as per  my hubby when he said, “Ok, your birthday needs to end, now”.)  But boy what a ride it has been!  Almost as good as riding in Sister’s carousel!

I guess 50 does Rock!

I guess 50 does Rock!

24 thoughts on “Too Much Birthday

  1. Wow!!!! Great party, great gifts!! (I need to get some of those pearls. . . .) The food looks awesome! And I had to laugh at those turkeys speeding by. They must have known they were safe. 🙂 I’m sooooo glad you had a great time!


    1. My pearls are your pearls. Anytime you feel the “heat”, just let me know and I’ll send them your way. And, yes – those turkeys were pretty lucky. 🙂 I am still trying to recover from my too much birthday hangover. I am one lucky brickhousechick!


  2. Happy, happy birthday, kiddo! I can call you that because I just turned 54.

    It looks like your friends and family did it right for you. And The Berenstain Bears were my kids’ favorite books. I so agree about Spin The Bottle at a 6-year-old’s party – what was Mama Bear thinking????


    1. Well, Happy Birthday to you Peg!! Lot’s of September birthdays and lot’s of Virgos walking around out there! 🙂 I hope you had some fun on your day.

      My kids love every single book. One of their favorites is, The Berenstain Bears get the Gimmies (or maybe it was me who liked it because I could show them how NOT to behave in a store. 🙂


  3. Wait — you know the person who owns that kitchen? That is a real person’s kitchen? WHAT?! That place is gorgeous.

    So glad you had an amazing birthday week and were properly (and deservedly) spoiled!


  4. That is some birthday bash! Happy B-day week again. Those pearls are Gorgeous! You’ll have to turn 50 again next year too! And thanks for getting that rosary to work/ That is about the fanciest one I have ever seen. Happy B-day week!


    1. Thanks, Andy! Isn’t that quite the rosary??? And, I can’t wait to try the pearls. If I thought they would help you with your “incision” I would send them right over your way…to cool things off. 🙂 So glad things went well.


  5. Ha! I love that toes in the sand pic VERY COOL! The food looks pretty awesome too. Looks like you have a great birthday bash and birthday week. Way to ring in the big 5-0 glad to see you party it up 🙂


  6. What an awesome recap of your marathon birthday celebration, Maria! Judging from your photos, you had a great time. You’re blessed with wonderful family and friends who love you so much. I might have to borrow your balls in a year or so…what a great idea! I love the fashionable sac! Thanks for sharing all the fun!


    1. I sure am blessed, Jill!! And, of course you can borrow my balls anytime! You’ll be happy to know that I got myself another puzzle – this one is a picture of the biggest triple cheeseburger you have ever seen with lettuce and tomato and all the juices. I’m enjoying doing it since I can’t eat it! I hope you had a great week and that the rest of this one goes well! 🙂


      1. LOL! The puzzle sounds delicious! I’m hoping I’ll have no need for the balls…my thermostat seems to be going in the wrong direction. I freeze all of the time. You have a great rest of the week as well, Maria! I guess you need to start planning next years birthday! 🙂


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