Since You’ve Been Gone, Oh 49 – I’ve…


*Devoured the most succulent juicy and fat cheeseburger with bun and all.  Can I tell you that this must be what being in heaven is like.  I can die today and be the happiest dead 50-year-old!

*Congratulated Diana Nyad on her epic swim which occurred on the same day that I reached my destination (my 50s)!  Her swim (not unlike my swim), should be an inspiration to all to never give up!


*Enjoyed the most beautiful exotic orchid I have ever seen – it being a birthday gift from an amazing and dear friend.


*Had to pee a lot.  Nobody warned me that 50 meant wee wee!!

*Found out that I am a Rabbit, while eating at a new chinese restaurant.  


And enjoyed their killer Mai Tai!


*Tricked my family and friends and put fake piercings all over my face – including a bull ring in my nose!  They looked so real – I highly recommend doing this.  It was interesting to see their reaction and how uncomfortable they felt to even look at me.  My poor mom thought I had finally fallen off the edge and was ready to hospitalize me. LOL.

*Blown out a lot of candles:


*Received my first Alex and Ani bracelet from my beautiful daughter!  It’s the Mom one. 🙂


*Gotten myself a new giant piece (age 50 and over)  jigsaw puzzle.

*Sang at the top of my lungs – while using the facilities.

*Received a SPECIAL “gift” from another dear friend that I cannot really talk about.  Just trust me, it will help with my RA.

*Gotten lot’s of kisses and hugs and lovin’ from  wonderful people.

I leave this weekend for a girl’s getaway with 3 other crazy Latinas and then the following Sat “an event”  is taking place in my honor.

If you had told me all of this before, I would have skipped all that swimming and would have flown on the fastest jet – to my 50s!


Except that, since you’ve been gone (a whole 3 days) my dearest 49, I’ve been informed that I need a root canal! NOOOOOOOOOOO! 

35 thoughts on “Since You’ve Been Gone, Oh 49 – I’ve…

    1. The piercing thing really got a lot of people! They were so distraught for me. Pretty interesting, their reactions. Agree on the A&A & local sustainability!! I think crown put on your teeth after a root canal should be made out of recycled material! LOL. 🙂


  1. Other than the root canal, it all sounds fantabulous!! And that orchids is a beautiful and easy one to take care of. I’ve got one that must be around 5 years old by now. It blooms for about six months, lays dormant for about 4 or 5 months, and cycles around again.


    1. Thank you! And ESPECIALLY for telling me that the orchid is an easy one to take care of. I am PETRIFIED of killing it!!! Do I water it often? I killed a cactus someone gave me – now how the heck does one kill a cactus???? 🙂


  2. I think the rabbit fits you. 🙂 (I am a cock. I can never stop myself from blurting that to random people in Chinese restaurants. “Hello. I am a Cock.”)

    I wish we had a photo of the fake piercings…………..


    1. When we were at the restaurant – just the three of us since my son was at college, we read that HE was a cock. So we called him from the restaurant to inform him of his new title and we made sure to repeat the word several times! LOL. I have a photo but…I don’t think I should share it. Being in the witness protection program and all…


  3. Okay, I think we need to boot PFSTARE out of the pool! Just kidding PF, you can stay, even though you’re only 41!

    I’m so happy you’ve been having a good time, Maria! Ugh, a root canal, sorry to hear about that. I’m prescribing a couple of those yummy looking Mai Tais after the procedure.

    Keep the party going, Maria…you deserve it!


    1. Yes Jill. I already yelled at her for being 41. 🙂 WHAMMO! I turn 50 and something immediately goes wrong! This sensitive tooth thing has quite the “nerve” to be bothering me now during my celebratory stage. I thought I had to worry only about my Vagus Nerve but now my root nerve is damaged! Oh, Joy! I think I’m going to need a lot of Mai Tais and a lot of the “special” gifts my friend gave me to numb the pain.

      I think of you now every time I buy or work on a puzzle. This giant one is of a puppy. 🙂 I can take it to the nursing home with me when it’s time! 🙂


      1. Nerve pain in a tooth is the worst. I hope you get it taken care of soon. You would laugh if you could see our garage, it looks like an art gallery. We do a lot of puzzle that are actual pictures of scenery from various countries. We’ve glued them and hung them on the walls throughout the garage. We’re obsessed with puzzles! 🙂 I can’t wait to get the cupcake puzzle. Working a puzzle is very relaxing for me. Take care of that tooth!


    1. Thanks, Carrie! I am definitely stretching it and it’s stretching me out too! I’m exhausted! You all must be exhausted just from reading about my 50s. “Can’t brickhouse get over it already???” LOL.


  4. I couldn’t help but think of the song ‘Cheeseburger in Pardise’ when I saw that picture and the way you wrote about it. Good for you! Other things..they have pills for the wee-wee, I know how you like to take a pill…where can I get some of those fake face peircing gadgets…and 4 crazy Latina women loose in New England? I’m on my way! ~Happy 50th Birthday Week!


    1. Jimmy Buffet made it nearly 70 days without a cheeseburger! I would die!!! The fake piercings were quite a hit! LOL on the 4 crazy Latinas loose in NE. 🙂 I just hope the sensitivity in my d^%@ tooth does not get in the way of my fun!!! 🙂


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