Fiesta/Siesta – Do Not Molesta (Disturb)

Fiesta Time

I was completely oblivious to the rumpus going on around me last week while on vacation with my husband’s family. We were staying at my amazing brother-in-law’s (and his awesome husband) beautiful house at the Cape.  We had just spent the day at the beach, it was close to dinner time and I could not be dragged away from the challenging cupcake jigsaw puzzle in the other room.

Everyone else (there were 16 of us) was running around the house doing their thing as I sat hunched over, trying to identify the tiny pieces in front of me. Someone once described getting a piece of a puzzle done, being equivalent to a mini orgasm…this cupcake puzzle had a 1000 pieces (just saying).

One of my sister in-laws had delivered a glass of the peach Sangria she had made (YUM) to me at the puzzle room – so all was good with the world.  I had offered to help in the kitchen but was secretly hoping that I wasn’t needed and they in fact (thankfully) encouraged me to stay put.

Still completely clueless, I got up when I was summoned to the dining room for dinner.  When I arrived at the dining room…SURPRISE!!!!!!!




It was like being back in the motherland!  We are talking a  Puerto Rican flag hanging on the window, balloons, salsa music playing in the background, more Sangria, rice with pigeon peas (trust me, they are yummy), my fave plantain dish, chimichurri sauce and more!!!

There were old pictures of me displayed on the buffet table as well as photo albums from the ‘ol days.

I had developed quite the buzz by then so I was completely overwhelmed with emotion and feeling the love.


Shhhh. This is really me, but don’t tell anyone. 🙂 Here I am with not one, not two but three bday cakes. The middle one being gluten-free – I tried them all.

Needless to say, the meal was delicious. My Gringa family had gone all out cooking dishes they had never cooked before, buying $8 flags at flea markets, driving two towns over looking for gluten-free cakes, slaving over chimichurri sauce and not only enduring but also dancing to the salsa music with me!  Ok, the men wouldn’t dance with me, not even my son or nephew…but us gals were really getting down and shaking our hips which most definitely, did not lie!!!

In fact, our hips were being brutally honest with us and wondering who we thought we were. I was giving hip shaking lessons to my other sister-in-law and teaching her how to pretend that her shorts were a long flowy flamenco skirt she could flap with her hands.

There was more Sangria served, wine bottles opened, muscles pulled, necks realigned, joints damaged, bodies showered in sweat, music played, grinding, laughing and collapsing – to be had.

****[Side note –  BREAKING NEWS:  I wore my new skirted bathing suit to the beach that day and lived to tell about it, people!!!]

Turning 50 is not so bad after all!!  Still 8 days to go and already the fiestas have begun!

I am scheduled to go on a two night stay with my sister and my hilarious two cousins for a girl’s getaway to celebrate more of this 50 thing, the second week in September.  There should be plenty of laughter (and peeing in our pants) at that one!

With all these fiestas, ill be stumbling to my 50’s rather than swimming.

Well, I better [Big Yawn] go take another siesta so I can rest before the next fiesta.


37 thoughts on “Fiesta/Siesta – Do Not Molesta (Disturb)

  1. I am so glad they surprised you! I love a surprise party! It was really thoughtful of them and I love all the thought they put into making the food! Love family! Happy early birthday!


  2. That is sooo cool! Happy B-day Mi amiga! I got a kick out of your story when you said you salsa’ed but the guys wouldn not. A few years ago, Ok several, I took ballroom dancing lessons and one of the dances we learned was the Salsa, One of the few I could even do! But my instructor kept on nagging me to put more of my hips into it, what he called the ‘Latin Motion’. So, determined I would get good at this, I practiced my Latin Motion. I was a Kitchen Manager in an Applebees at the time. And so when we would get a break from the orders coming in I would practice this ‘Latin motion on the cook’s line…just for grins. My staff thought I to be an idiot. lol it was funny. ~ So….Ms Brown eye…when do we get to see pictures of ‘the suit’?


    1. That’s great that you were good at the Salsa! Not many men can do it, unless you grew up doing it. My husband tries but ends up just letting me do all the shaking around and he just holds my hand and twirls me. LOL.
      Well, I showed you my second eye and a little more of me but, sorry. ABSOLUTELY NO SUIT PICTURES!!! You might un-follow me! 🙂


  3. Yay!! That would have been so hard to keep secret! One week to go, the bar seems set pretty high 🙂 excited to hear about the rest of your celebrations!


    1. You are right! I’m just like the kids. 🙂 How fantastic is that link??? Thank you so much for sending it to me!! I got all shaky and began hyperventilating looking at all those puzzles! I believe I am in trouble now and will be dealing with yet another addictive computer screen! 🙂


    1. Can I tell you we danced to Blurred Lines that night and even played it multiple times!! It’s a great dance tune. Sorry about my friend Paco with the hats, he is always taking siestas in public. 🙂


  4. I love this post! How wonderful for you to have such a special celebration. I am really glad you are sliding into 50 happily! BTW…you are beautiful!
    Love the picture of you with the cakes. if only we could share the taste in our blogs 😉 It sounds lIke you have quite an exciting month coming up! Enjoy every minute! Happy early birthday and don’t forget to share all of your celebrations with all of us 🙂


    1. You are so kind!! Thanks for the compliment. I usually don’t share pics of myself on my blog. The cakes were so delicious, even the gluten-free one was good!
      Careful what you ask for because you are all going to be so tired of my birthday celebrations if I keep going (and if you aren’t already!) 🙂


  5. Wait – so which is the pic of you? The smiling woman or the beach sleeper? 😉

    Love that your family by marriage celebrates you and your culture (andgets you liquored up too!)

    Feliz (pre) Cumpleanos!


    1. What if I said both pics were of me???? LOL. I do have a great family by marriage. They are a quiet conservative and kind bunch whose life has never been the same after this Latina entered their lives!


  6. LOL!!! Oh Maria, that last photo…too funny! Wow! What a wonderful party to celebrate the spectacular, Maria! You look so happy in the photo with the 3 cakes. 🙂 I’m glad you had a great time and the skirted suit made it’s debut. I love that cupcake jigsaw puzzle! I’m a big puzzler. Once I did a 2500 piece…it took forever to spread out all of the pieces. Enjoy the continuing celebrations!


    1. Thanks, Jill!! Another reason we get along so well, you love puzzles!!!! I’ve never done a 2500 one (that would be… exhausting). 🙂
      I got compliments on the skirted suit believe it or not. It is what it is! And I haven’t stopped siesta-ing since I got back from vacation. It was wonderful!


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