A Day at the Beach – Another Challenge


Another fun writing challenge!  A One Hundred Word Challenge for Grown Ups.  This one courtesy of Lisa Cramer: Woman Wielding Words, a wonderful blogger! Check out her great 100 word challenge entry & blog: 


She got it from Julia’s Place @: 


The roman numeral for 100 is C so let’s make it the ‘Big C’. It can be any topic, any genre but to add a twist, each line must begin with a word beginning with the letter ‘C‘!

A Day at The Beach

Come on over and have a seat

Comfort awaits you here at the beach

Climb over the sand dune and hop on by

Careful you don’t drop that good piece of pie

Crabs may nip at your little toes

Crustaceans are among us scurrying on by

Create a sand castle is what I’d like to do

Caution to others, we cannot use glue

Covered in sand we both are now

Counting the shells way down low

Catching the waves is so much fun

Can you surf this next one, my dear son?

Cherish your existence is what I have done.

17 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach – Another Challenge

  1. Came to the beach today
    Cautionary steps on ankle sprained
    Crabs scrabble among the stones
    Colorful starfish cling to rocks among
    Caches of broken shells

    Capering dogs
    Chasing sticks they jump
    Children digging in the sand
    Castles rising above the surf
    Carry buckets at their side

    Cumulus clouds flowing by
    Can you see the floating gulls
    Calling calling
    Creating danger to those below
    Callously dropping missiles silent

    Cautious dolphins in the waves
    Carefully dodging fellow surfers
    Call each other to come and see
    Cameras click and buzz and chirp
    Capturing images for all to see

    Crashing waves, soothing me
    Currents strong
    Call to me
    Creative energy rejuvenated
    Can’t wait till I can play

    That was hard! First I couldn’t get to 100, then I ended with 113. It almost works, but the cadence is off. It’s the best I can do for the moment.


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