Bad Days -Good Days A-Z

“Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

Bad Days:

Arthritis was never invited

Bone Spurs were never my thing

Comfort is hard to come by

Depression always slips in

Empathy comes in rare moments

Fatigue decides she’s in charge

Gambling with medical cures

Hoping the day will come

Images of painless days

Joints magically healed

Knuckles inflamed and on fire

Lungs filled with fluid and pain

Motion is what I strive for

Napping is what I need

Oxycontin becomes my friend

Puzzles become my game

Quietly enduring the aches

Refreshments to numb the pain

Stiffness is lurking near me

Trying to ruin my day

Useless I now become

Vertical I cannot be

Wondering when it will get better

X-rays reveal the unwanted

Youth has been ripped at the seams

Zero relief is in sight

Good Days:

Arthritis does not own me

Better days are ahead

Coping is what I am doing

Dancing is what brings me joy

Easing into reality

Fighting like a young boy

Grateful for what God has given me

Healing day by day

Informed and educated

Justifying my pain

Knowing I am loved by so many

Loving them just the same 

Making the best of my life

Never ever giving up

Older and wiser by the minute

Pushing along to the top

Quietly saying a prayer

Relaxing as much as I can

Sorrow does not consume me

Tenderness fills my heart

Urging others to accept

Venom will make me regress

Words cannot express my gratitude

Xs and Os for you all

Young and alive I am feeling

Zestfully plugging along

22 thoughts on “Bad Days -Good Days A-Z

  1. My heart aches for you with the pain you are in every day, but my heart is happy that you have such a positive attitude about everything. Mwah! Hope you have a day with no pain, or as little as you’ve had in a while.


  2. I love this, Maria! Great job! My favorite and something I apply to my own illness, “Making the best of my life.” Every time I go for an infusion, I meet someone who is worse off than myself.


  3. I turned 50 two years ago and still struggle with that reality. I like your suggestion of writing this, so here’s my entry.

    About age 45 I realized I was going to turn 50.
    But I wasn’t ready, I realized.
    Can’t be turning 50 already, I thought.
    Death just around the corner, I contemplated.
    Even if I have no choice in the matter.
    Fact is everyone turns 50, if they’re lucky.
    Going to keep getting older.
    However, I didn’t feel old.
    In fact, I felt the same way I did at 20, 30, 40, except for a little slower and more tired.
    Just when I thought I had life figured out.
    Kicked me in the ass, turning 50 did.
    Like nothing I’d experienced before.
    Never thought you’d look forward to that.
    Oh, sure, you say, getting older beats the alternative.
    People age, it’s the way the world works
    Quit complaining about aging and just enjoy your life.
    Sit back and keep doing the same thing I’d been doing for the previous 50 years.
    Take ibuprofen for the pain.
    Unleash you’re inner old lady.
    Visit old folks homes, get familiar with what’s coming.
    We can’t hide from aging.
    Yet I want to try.
    Zebras get old too.


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