Should I or Gluten-I?

I was put on this earth for one purpose and one purpose only.  To eat.

I. Love. Food.  Plain and simple.  I am one of those people who savors, licks, moans and ahhhsssss when eating.  I don’t know if my taste buds are super sensitive or what, but eating yummy food is an orgasmic experience.  In my own defense, I don’t eat a lot of junk food.  I just eat big portions of yummy real food.

I do not consider myself overweight…more like a bit over my ideal weight.  Maybe a little round, plump, hefty healthy, but not over the top.  More out of shape recently since exercising has not been possible due to my d%*#@ cervical stenosis.  It hurts when I walk or…move.

In the past, I could maintain my semi-ideal weight because I could exercise some.  This kind of sucks now.  Because I am eating the same amounts.

I have a wonderful, funny, teeny tiny, skinny, health conscious dear friend who has a teeny tiny stomach who also happens to be an awesome nutritionist.  She works with very poor families trying to help them eat better while the federal government continues to cut the program she works for.  She is compassionate and is truly making a difference in this world.

I call her, Mama.  Just for fun.  She calls me that too.  So, Mama as I said earlier, is teeny teeny teeny tiny.  She looks at food and immediately feels full.  She is basically my opposite.  We often go out to eat together and it is guaranteed that she will have a doggy bag to take home whereas me…not a chance.

Mama goes to many seminars to stay updated on the latest nutritional information.  She hates to see me suffer in pain, so she looks out for me.  She has read several articles stating that a gluten-free diet has been known to help patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  These patients have felt a significant difference once they are gluten-free.  Mama keeps gently letting me know this information and says, “I’m just throwing it out there”, for me to consider.

Ay.  Help.  Me? The Queen of bread & pasta,  gluten-free?  Me?  The one who loves ALL foods?  Me?  The one who hates grocery shopping because it is exhausting – and would now have to shop for hours looking at the ingredients?  Me?  The one who can barely muster the energy to cook because standing for too long in the kitchen hurts my feet?  Me?  Who is Puerto Rican and loves fried Puerto Rican food?  Me?

Ay.  I suppose I should try it.  If people are experiencing an improvement in their symptoms, then it must be worth it.  Maybe going gluten-free would give me more energy so that I could shop and cook more often.  Maybe…but, did I mention how much I love food?

I know it is much easier to go gluten-free these days.  There are plenty of labeled foods and special areas at the grocery stores…that’s a good thing.  It is easier to order gluten free meals at restaurants as well…another good thing.

I could try it for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.  Ay… I don’t know.  Maybe I could hire a personal chef who will buy all the food and cook it for me.  All I would have to do is to walk to the dining room, sit down and eat.  That sounds wonderful!  Ay. 

Should I, Could I or Gluten I?

41 thoughts on “Should I or Gluten-I?

  1. I loooove my food, but I, like Mama have a teeny tiny stomach. A few health issues = me loosing close to 20kgs (44 pounds? haha google told me that conversion, I hope it made sense) and I became super sensitive to food. I had to cut down my proportions and even tried gluten free but at the moment I’m just dairy free. If you can find some yummy versions of things it becomes a lot more sustainable and then if you are feeling better, why stop! 😉


  2. I know a lot of people who have gone gluten-free over the last few years and they SWEAR by it. Me? I know I should give up dairy, but I just love cheese so damn much. That said, I’ve packed on some pounds since I’ve turned 45. You say “ay” and I say “oy”! What are we to do? Seems to I appealing to cut all my fave foods out of my diet.


    1. I hear you!!! Food is too darn delicious. I am willing to cut back and be more aware of staying away from gluten. This from a girl who just got back from Little Italy in the Bronx and got some delicious cannolis! AY! 🙂


  3. Hey…Mama here. You don’t need to quit eating. It’s something you need to view as “This can help me feel better….everyday…without harmful medicine and side effects. I can still eat, I just need to replace one type of bread or pasta for another. I need to buy this brand that does not contain gluten instead of that.” It’s all how you view it…if you see it as a horrible thing you must do, it will sit on the shelf forever. Try seeing it as a wonderful option that is available to help your joint pain. Wouldn’t that be incredible if you had less pain and more energy? Can you think of anything more life changing than that? And you have that option…you don’t have to wait for research to come up with another drug that will leave your heart weak or your immune system compromised. Get psyched little lady! I can take you shopping and we can pick out the substitutes (I can tell you by experience which ones taste good) and your whole family will eat one meal…gluten free. You don’t need to make a special meal for yourself.
    OK….let’s do some cheerleading here!


  4. I don’t know much about it, but it sounds like maybe cutting gluten down or in half won’t do it? I’m like you. I’m a volume eater. I need to lose thirty pounds, but I’m just not committed to doing that enough to quit eating.


  5. I did it for about a year, and I had more energy. Be warned. The substitutes are more fattening than the gluten. I gained 10 pounds and could not figure out why. But it would be great if it helped you with your arthritis.


      1. I still do a modified GF diet, but I just must eat bread sometimes. I do high protein and veg now with minimal carbs and fats. In general, I feel much better without the carbs. I have more energy. I don’t retain fluid. My mind isn’t as fuzzy.


  6. I’d want to see scientific papers showing me the evidence first and then I might try it, if I were you. Reward yourself for trying? How are those ribs anyway? 😉


  7. I’m trying to cut back on the gluten myself since I could stand to lose weight. A friend has celiac disease and has to go gluten free. You could try it for a bit, as others have advised.


    1. I think I might be ready to start cutting back and be more conscious of my food choices. I think I can handle that. It’s not so drastic of a change and such a “permanent” overwhelming move. Maybe little by little I will see benefits and continue. Good luck with your cut back!


  8. I have my own auto-immune condition and tell myself regularly that I need to go gluten free. I also pay for a Rachel Ray subscription because I want to cook better meals but still stay stuck in the dreaming phase. Not quite making it to the planning or executing phase. I probably should try it, but I just can’t get past thinking it’s a good idea!


    1. Thanks so much for the information. I just visited and began following your blog and I love the amazing recipes. That’s great that you have taken all your knowledge and experience and put it out there for us clueless people. 🙂


      1. Thanks for visiting! There is a list of blogs I follow on the post page of the site. All but one of these are gluten free bloggers with loads of good recipes. Again, best of luck! Hope it helps reduce your inflammation.


  9. I say try it. I just went on a mini vacay with a good friend who has celiac disease and has to live gluten free. As someone who feels she needs to take lots of food and wine with her on every trip, I researched a lot of gluten free recipes. I was surprised by the wonderful things I found. I also made us Salted Caramel Pots de creme that were fantastic. Your friend sounds like great. She would not approve of the dessert with heavy cream in it though. 🙂


  10. “Mama” sounds like a good friend, Maria. With Crohn’s Disease, diet place a huge roll in how I feel. I’ve read a gluten-free diet can be beneficial. I haven’t taken the plunge, but I do know there are so many gluten-free products on the market now, pasta included. They’re pretty easy to find in the grocery stores. Having a chronic disease really stinks, but if I can alter my diet to feel better, I’m always willing to give it a try. As for the personal chef, let’s sign up your husband for that job!


    1. Mama has family members with Crohn’s and she tells me how delicious the meals are that they cook. I just don’t know if I have the energy to be so careful, vigilante and disciplined. I wish my hubby liked to cook! That would be perfect. 🙂


  11. Give it a try…set a time limit…maybe a few weeks and see how you feel. As an fyi…Hillside Pizza in Hadley has just started to sell gluten free desserts and they look fabulous!


  12. Like you I am a ‘foodie’ too. I love to eat. I love to taste things. The perfect vacation includes an all-you-can-eat buffet. That being said, at our age, if I can find something that allows me a bit more comfort I may go for it because their is no telling when some new ailment may show up and irratate me a little bit more. Butme thinks ‘in fora penny in for a pound’ If yo don’t commit to it you’ll never feel the true benefits. ~ I’ll have to eat my warm donuts all by myself this week 😦


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