Happy “Twerking” on the 4th of July!


As you gather with your friends and loved ones today to celebrate our independence, by grilling, eating burgers and hot dogs, having a huge piece of Aunt Maude’s flag-shaped cake,  downing some store-bought star-shaped cookies, having two helpings of over-mayonaised potato salad, lot’s of chips, beer, lemonade and candy, don’t forget to twerk!

Everyone is doing it and so can you.

Although Twerking has been around since the 90’s and originated in New Orléans (at strip bars),  it’s another new craze (Darn it, I should have included it in my New Craze Post,


Miley Cyrus is doing it.  



Rhianna‘s got it going on.  



Even the group, One Direction, is twerking away!  



It’s the activity of the Summer of 2013!

Never mind potato sack races or egg toss challenges.  Twerk, instead!  Here is a video demonstration: 


Got a pool?  No problem.  You can twerk underwater!


You can all thank me later for enlightening you, once again,  with the latest craze.

Happy 4th of July!

25 thoughts on “Happy “Twerking” on the 4th of July!

  1. So…uh… educational! Admittedly, I had no knowledge of this “twerking” you speak of… and now feel I may know too much. Wish I had a “badonkadonk”, maybe I, too, could twerk! Aw Heck…. my twerking days are gone… I’ll stick with burgers and fireworks today.


    1. I was not aware of twerking either until very recently. I felt a duty to share this with my wonderful followers so they too could be in the know. I would injure some part of my body if not all if I attempted to twerk! Have a great day, Lee! 🙂


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