Bloggers Are People


Remember this record album?  It was 1972 and what a hit it was!  With great artists like,Marlo Thomas,  Harry BelafonteAlan AldaRosey GrierCicely TysonCarol ChanningMichael Jackson, and Diana Ross.

They were trying to encourage gender neutrality and sending a message that anyone can be anything they want to be.

There were several great songs but my favorite was, Parents are People.  There is no video of the original version with Marlo Thomas and Harry Belafonte but in case you forgot how it goes, here is a video of some theater characters singing it.

Well, I though I would do a little parody for us bloggers.  Just for fun.  No offense is intended and hopefully none taken.  I love bloggers!  Go ahead and sing along with me to the tune of the original version:

Bloggers are people, people with issues

When bloggers were little they used to be kids

Like me and you

And then they never grew and now

Bloggers are whiners, whiners with egos

Busy with egos and wanting attention

There are a lot of things, a lot of bloggers could be 

Some bloggers are witty or silly or weary

Some write about pets or flowers or children

They all love the feedback and all of the ping backs

Yea, there are a lot of things, a lot of bloggers should be


Bloggers are moody, moody with multiple personalities

Busy with problems and low self esteem

There are a lot of things a lot of bloggers can’t be

Some bloggers don’t shower or get dressed in the morning

Some really hate people and want to be left alone

Some want to get published without all the hard work

Yea, there are a lot of things a lot of bloggers want to be


Bloggers are happy and document everything

They take their cameras… even to pee

There are a lot of things a lot of bloggers might be

Some can’t wait to show you their awesome adventures

Some others intrigue you with sexual antics

Yea, there are a lot of things a lot of bloggers wish they could be


Bloggers are writers, writers with passion

Busy with passion and full of ideas

There are a lot of things a lot of bloggers hope to be

Some bloggers write novels or beautiful poetry

Some stick to non-fiction or write sappy memoirs

Some show us their talents in art or in music

Yea, there are a lot of things a lot of bloggers will be


Bloggers are awesome, filled with compassion

Busy with problems but happy to read, there are a lot of things

A lot of bloggers are proud to be

Some care about others and help out when needed

Some tell you they love you and stay very loyal

Yea, there are a lot of things a lot of bloggers love to be.


I love bloggers!


27 thoughts on “Bloggers Are People

  1. Maria, I must have missed this one the first time, but I caught it at Susie’s party… Thanks for the earworm my friend. Thanks. LOL! BTW, I think I prefer your version to the creepy YouTube one.


  2. Ha! I hope I resemble the last stanzas of your song!!! I haven’t whined too much nor taken selfies peeing! What blogs are you following? 🙂
    Thanks for bringing it to the party Maria! Love you too!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Barb! Susie’s parties are always a blast and I get to meet new people. 🙂 I had fun with this post revising that song. It used to be one of my favorites growing up. You gotta have fun in life, right? I’m heading over to your place now.


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  4. While religiously documenting and tormenting everyone with every single little thing I grow or cook or eat with the stamina, energy, ambition and determination of a triple crown champion … I’ve never documented my pee… just sayin’… love the parody!! Silly Girl!!


  5. I was a little too old for that album, but somebody gave it to my parents and the younger kids listened to it, over and over. I still have most of it memorized “Ladies first! Ladies first! And so she was…and mighty tasty, too.”

    Great rendition for the blogger population!


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