Prednisone, Gin, Naproxen, Wine, Chemo & Cannabis


What a dilemma I have.  

You see, I typically visit my Rheumatologist every two months to check in on my RA and see how much damage it has caused me.  They weigh me (Ouch), take my blood pressure, give me the good ‘ol Pillsbury Boy poke in my belly, probe me, lift my limbs, squeeze some joints,  make me open my mouth and say ahhh, send me to the lab for more poking and change my medications if need be.  All in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes.

Every six months I go to the hospital for the day to have a Chemo Infusion via an IV.  They provide me with a nice comfy bed, Benadryl, Cortisone, anti nausea meds and I go in and out of a very deep Benadryl-induced sleep.  Every half hour the IV machine beeps and beeps and beeps alerting the nurse to come check on the ever so slooooowly dripping bag of, let’s call it, poison.

The medicine in the bag, called Rituxan, can also be called miraculous.  It is typically given to cancer patients in higher doses but has been known to help with Rheumatoid Arthritis!  It is the only medicine that has actually slowed down the erosion of my joints and has given me some relief.   Let’s have a round of applause for Rituxan!!  Woot!  Woot!

It’s not a cure and it’s not perfect, but I’ll take it!  I also take quite the cocktail of other drugs to help me function throughout the day.

I am usually a very good patient (kind of).  I do as I am told (sometimes).  Well, I am also rebellious by nature.  You know, don’t tell me what to do kind of girl.  For the past 4 months, I have gone on STRIKE!  I have taken a sabbatical from visiting ANY doctor.  

Like a child who refuses to go to school, I continue to have tantrums and refuse to go.  No, no and no!  I. Don’t. Wanna.

I figured, I am an adult (sometimes) and I can do as I please.  I know, tsk….tsk, you say.  Cut me a little slack pretty please,  I just get fed up with the whole thing sometimes (woe is me).

Now, I’ve got issues again.  Pain in my side, strange growths popping up in my cervical spine from Stenosis, back problems, blah blah blah.  I am due for a physical, mammogram, colonoscopy, lab work, you name it…but… I. Dont. Wanna!!!!!!  Can almost 50 year olds have tantrums?

I have been perfectly happy ignoring my pains (and blogging – which is almost as miraculous as the Rituxan),  taking my Prednisone, Naproxen, Gin, Wine and Chemo.  The Cannabis, I am still waiting for my state to get it together after they passed the legalization of the medicinal stuff!  You cannot get it yet.  What’s taking them sooo long?  

Why can’t my body leave me alone??? In peace! Just let me be, you know.  

This means I must end my strike (it was fun while it lasted) and push the speed dial button of my many doctors to pay them a visit.  I. Don’t. Wanna! I. Don’t. Wanna!  I. Don’t. Wanna!

Oh, alright.  I will put my big girl underpants on and call on Monday (Grrrr).  But, no one can ever take away my Gin, Wine or Cannabis! 

32 thoughts on “Prednisone, Gin, Naproxen, Wine, Chemo & Cannabis

  1. One of the volunteers gave me the low down on how to grow weed. I don’t smoke weed. So if it does become legal, I can now advise down to the minutest details such as the best watering systems. Hope all goes well. Bring a little pouch of wine, just in case you need a nip. 🙂


  2. Ouchie. Our healthy is that thing we take for granted until things go awry. Thinking of you, and I’m so sorry to hear that your joints are achy. And if you need a little sumpthin, go to the local high school and ask around. I’m sure someone can hook you up with some weed n about 3 seconds. (Just kidding. Don’t do that.)


  3. Gin, wine and cannabis – a fine cure all! I’m hoping they will all be legal when I get ‘to that age’. But to be serious, I hope your doc has some solutions for you. No fun at all, that kind of pain you’re dealing with.


  4. You take my breath away… seriously bring me to my knees. Your stamina and fortitude while fighting so many battles…. I can’t even imagine. Your levity and humor, strength and power, wit and candor seriously stop me in my tracks. Heroic…. strong and amazing. HOW you stay out of the “darkness”… I do not know. You are seriously and profoundly impressive Cuch!!!


    1. Lee!!!!! This is way too much to say about one person! I’m just a regular girl (well almost 50 yr old) making the best of my situation and feeling fortunate for what I do have!! I just like to vent every once in a while. As always, you are a caring and loving soul. 🙂


    1. Thank you! I am “waiting” until it is available and legal so as to set an example for my kids (teens) that if it’s illegal, you can’t do it. But….damn, it’s taking soooo long! 🙂


  5. I read this as I sit here thinking it is almost time to go see my nurse friend who sticks a needle in my butt every week (for MS). I hate it. I dread it. But I do it because when I quit doing it I had a relapse with optic neuritis (no peripheral vision at all. It was just a pinpoint I could see). That scared me enough that I went back on the dreaded meds. Lesser of two evils I suppose.

    I totally understand though. But hope you get taken care of again.


    1. Pamela, it’s nice to connect with people going through similar situations although as we know, everyone has a story and is struggling with something. I too have had scares by not taking medications and waiting too long to see doctors. Still, my stubbornness seems to take over and I have tantrums. 🙂 I’ll get back in line soon. BTW, is “Cannabis” available in your state? I hear it’s brought great relief to those with MS.


  6. Sorry to hear about the difficulty your body is handing you. Being a new card carrying club member to the 50’s myself it seems like that is some how par for the course unfortunately. That’s what I am finding in me. And I always wondered why my parents had to take all those pills after dinner. At least you get some super cool-techy cocktails it seems. I have to make up my own. 🙂


    1. Andy, I know you’ve had your share of unwanted doctor’s visits recently! It does come with age, unfortunately. It’s never fun, but it’s like taxes, we gotta do it! I’ve been going since the age of 26 when I was diagnosed and it tends to get…old! Thank goodness for the cocktails! 🙂


  7. It sounds painful! There is nothing worse than chronic pain. I will say a prayer for you.
    You go Big-Girl-Panty-Clad-Woman GO! The relief you’ll feel after making those nagging appointments will be a lack of pain in your ass… Sorry to be crass, but I couldn’t resist!


    1. Thanks, Susie! You have enough going on to worry about moi! Chronic Pain is definitely no fun, but one gets used to it. I allow myself to complain every once in a while and then I move on. I guess today was the day. I feel better. I just dread going to Dr’s. Such is life! I have a lot to be thankful for and that helps me shake the temporary tantrums. 🙂


  8. Your title is certainly an attention grabber, Maria…too funny! I feel your pain girl. I have a Remicade infusion every 6 weeks for my Crohn’s Disease. I’ve met a few people at the infusion center who are doing Rituxan. I’m happy to hear you’re getting some good results with it. I know it gets sooooo old going to doctors, but we’ve got to keep our bodies going through our 50’s.


    1. I know you know what it’s like, Jill. Usually we go along doing what we need to do but every once in a while, I.Don’t. Wanna! 🙂 I’ll get over it but it felt good venting. I hope the Remicade is working for you.


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