Play Ball!


My husband’s family watches, talks, breathes and dreams baseball, 24/7.

 My father in law started our town’s Babe Ruth League and ran the entire Baseball League for 60 years.  He had 6 sons and dreamed of one of them playing professional baseball.  

Well, none of the 6 ever did but his eldest grandson (my nephew), was drafted today in the second round, by the Detroit Tigers.  

At the age of 89, one of his dreams has come true.

Another example of the beauty and timeless nature of dreams.

No matter our age, we should never stop dreaming. 


23 thoughts on “Play Ball!

  1. So proud of Kev! Equally psyched for Stan to witness! I remember sitting in the backseat of his stationwagon as he drove town to town for Babe Ruth playoff baseball… toting us, the 13 year old chiclet fans along! He gladly carted us all over the place that summer to watch our buds play baseball! Congrats!


  2. Congrats to your nephew and your family. Having grown up a Red Sox fan I know the emotional joy and pain that baseball evokes. I can remember speaking with my 74 y.o. Aunt Sis when the Sox finally broke the curse. She had tears in her eyes as we spoke and she proclaimed, “I didn’t think I would live to see it!”


    1. Very sweet story about your aunt! We are big Red Sox fans as well! The funny thing was that for a while the Yankees were looking to nab my nephew – that would have been tough to swallow. Hee,hee. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


  3. Holy Crap! That’s awesome. I’m a huge sports fan, probably one of the few chicks who gears up for March Madness, Monday Night Football, Bowl Games, seventh inning stretches, and double over times on the ice. This news is way big on my radar. Congrats to your nephew and hooray for your dad-in-law 🙂


  4. Baseball isn’t nearly as big in Australia which is sad because it is a fun game to watch! When we were in Japan in April we were watching every day because that was the only thing we understood on TV.

    Congrats to your nephew!! 😀


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