The Swim to My 50s – My name is brickhousechick, and I am a blog-oholic


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How can this be?  Why me?

I cannot deny, that the warning signs indicating that I had somewhat of an addictive personality, were there.  I sort of suspected that it was not normal for me to order a case of Olde Cape Cod Poppyseed Dressing, after having night sweats and a panic attack at the thought of not having my next supply. 

Or, the fact that I hide chap stick (shh…) everywhere in my house and car so that when the uncontrollable shakes come over me, I have immediate access to my fix.


I continued to ignore my loved ones’ warnings thinking that, contrary to what they believed, I did not have an addictive bone in me.

Consequently, against the advice of other blog-oholics, on that raw March evening (last month), I  took a bite of the -oh, so tempting – blogging apple.  I, brickhousechick,  waited until my family was out, locked myself in my room, closed the shades,  googled blogging sites, came across the WordPress world and, Wham-O!  I was hooked after my first post.

Nothing will ever top that first time.  The rush I felt writing my first post. Trying desperately to figure out what on earth a Widget was and how to add a picture to my Gravatar.  I get chills just thinking about it.

I soon discovered, sadly,  that one post was not enough.  I needed to experience a higher state of excitement.  I needed more.  I had to write more.  

I began sneaking around with my laptop any chance I could, reading other blogger’s posts, commenting on them and even pressing their Like buttons.  The thrill of almost getting caught, only increased my desire to do more.

I found myself staying home all day and night.  My husband was suspicious and expressed his concerns.  Why did I need to speak or socialize with real people when my virtual enabling blog-oholic friends, were always there for me?  They understood how I felt.  They got who I really was and they, did not judge me.

Well, the consequences of my new-found addiction began to show their ugly faces.  I had bags under my eyes from staying up all night coming up with ideas for my next post.  My neck was permanently curved in a severe osteoporosis – kind of way.  My fingers became stronger than an eagle’s talons, as I grasped my laptop for dear life unable to let go. It was time I got help.

Today, I am happy to announce, I was one hour and 35 seconds sober (blog-free) until I began writing this post, two hours ago. Please do not judge me.  Writing  is part of my recovery.  I am not perfect and just because it is 1:00 in the morning, does not mean I have fallen off the wagon.  It is  just a small set back.  I blame it on my husband actually, who had to travel this weekend and left me completely unsupervised in my bed, with my laptop.  

“Serenity Now”.  Tomorrow, is another day and everyday after that, is a gift.  A new beginning.  I pray for you, my fellow blog-oholics, that you may find peace and comfort in knowing that I am always here for you (especially in the middle of the night, when my husband is asleep).

I will sacrifice my recovery so that I may be available to help those who find themselves diving off the wagon and running for their laptops.  That, my friends, is the kind of blog-oholic I am.


23 thoughts on “The Swim to My 50s – My name is brickhousechick, and I am a blog-oholic

  1. So awesome! I was the same way, totally afraid of my family and friends finding out about my blogging and kept it a secret for a couple of weeks. Busted I have been and so happy for it. Thanks for sharing your great stories!


    1. So nice to see you here, mrsugarbears! Although we are newbies, we seem to to have caught the blogging bug pretty quickly. (Now…step away from your laptop, brickhousechick!)


  2. I’m a leftover from Susie’s party. Finally found my way out of the beer tent. Tried to sober up on that cappawhatever stuff she had only to find out she spiked that too !
    I belong to Blogaholics Unanimous (or is that Anonymous) but I never go to the meetings. They’re always too far away and have too many rules for me to remember.
    Like you say…, there are worse things we could be doing !
    Best to ya,


  3. Stopping by from Susie Lindau’s blog party… You are totally singing to the choir about the blog addiction. This was problematic as I was also supposed to be working on my manuscript. I recently had to go “cold turkey” for a week or two to get work done. Now I’m having to schedule my time with WordPress. Heartbreaking! Necessary in order to get my writing done, but still heartbreaking. 🙂


  4. HOLY CRAP! This was so funny. I can totally relate to staying up until 1 a.m. and my dude expressing concerns. This was hilarious! Serenity Now. I love the Seinfeld reference. Ha! Love it. I also love your whole premise very great and the artwork at the top is hilarious I may borrow it because I’m swimming on my way to 40. You made my day. I should really thank Susie, because I was hanging out at her party and saw you there. Susie rocks. I’ll have to send her a case of something 🙂


  5. awesome!! love the chap stick fix. I had to detox. Seems I had way too many once upon a time and got a stomachache lmao. keep up the blogging. sounds like you like it and are good at it.


  6. Love it, and the addiction comes in parts, like the discovering of all those different ways of looking at the stats… And putting a flag counter on your site! Love the fun in this post!


      1. I’m still not au fait with that either (I’ve been blogging for just under a year). Referrals are also interesting – how others come across your site (and the Posts that score far beyond expectations vs the ones you thought would do better).


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